Important tips to buy safe and effective hand sanitizers for complete protection

Important tips to buy safe and effective hand sanitizers for complete protection

In the current pandemic struck world, cleaning and sanitizing ourselves is of the utmost priority. The harmful virus and bacteria can cause considerable harm to human life if not eradicated from the system. This can be done by always keeping ourselves clean by using things like sanitizers or hand wash. When used properly, hand sanitizers can eliminate 99.9% of the germs on your hands. washing your hands any time you're around food (preparing it or eating it), animals, garbage, and more.

When you find yourself in these situations, hand sanitizer is the perfect addition to (or occasional replacement for) washing your hands with soap and water. Sanitizer uses and applications can take place in many forms and very depending on the person using it. Also, the mini sanitizer helps the user to use its protection on the go and it can also be easily fitted into jeans pocket or purse.

Things to consider before buying a hand sanitizer:

Choose a suitable sanitizer according to your skin type:

Different types of sanitizers are available in the market, and not all of them will suit your skin type. Pick a hand sanitizer that will be mild on your skin and wont provoke any skin inflammation. Not that people with sensitive skin should check the ingredients properly before purchasing

Choose a safe product:

Though most sanitizers are formulated from excellent quality ingredients, some might contain damaging substances that can cause trouble on your skin. Always select the sanitizer with a pure formulation that is safe for you and your people.

Safe storage way:

The alcohol-based sanitizer is flammable and should be stored with safety. However, an arson-causing situation is very low. They should be kept out of the reach of kids.

Expiry date:

Most hand sanitizers have expiration dates, more so when there is alcohol in them. You have to both store and use the product well because alcohol being volatile, tends to slowly evaporate with time. This means that the sanitizer will lose its ability to ward off infections and fight bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

Types of sanitizer:

Hand sanitizers are essential, pocket-friendly, and germ-killing antiseptic solutions that keep you safe from infections. However, there are two types of hand sanitizer that can protect you. The types of sanitizers are:

  • Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 60% to 90% alcohol that kills germs more effectively. It is a liquid solution that requires hand wash with water and is similar to non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers. In fact, both have similar properties except that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is even more effective in killing germs.

The active ingredient in hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based is usually either alcohol or isopropanol. Both are effective antiseptic ingredients that help these alcohol sanitizers kill germs and bacteria. They share many of the same properties. Their main difference is on a molecular level. One distinct property that both of these hand sanitizer ingredients share is that they are highly flammable.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer products have long been the recommended course of action, second to hand washing by leading global health organizations. It is still the most used hand sanitizer in hospitals and other health care facilities. Its effectiveness has been proven time and time again, withstanding the test of time.

  • Non-Alcohol Sanitizer

This is a gel that has fewer amounts of alcohol content. Similar to an alcohol-based sanitizer, this too reduces infections and germs on your hands. It can be carried in your pocket and can be used anytime. Most non alcohol hand sanitizer products available today come in a water-based foam. The no alcohol hand sanitizers contain the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride, quaternary ammonium. Unlike alcohol-based products, alcohol-free hand sanitizers often contain less than a 0.1% concentration of Benzalkonium. No alcohol hand sanitizers still provide the same level of protection as alcohol-based products.

The rest of the solution is mainly water and will often be enhanced with skin conditioners such as vitamin E and green tea extract. It's non-flammable, and the low concentrations of Benzalkonium make it relatively non-toxic. However, these products are all recommended for external use only.

They also pose much less of a threat in cases of accidental ingestion. Hand sanitizers without alcohol are a low fire hazard and are non-damaging to surfaces. One other clear benefit is the extended protection that occurs. Alcohol-based products' ability to kill bacteria ends once the product has dried on the skin, but benzalkonium-based products continue to provide protection well after the solution has dried.

Importance of keeping your hands germs free:

Good handwashing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses from the common cold to more serious infections, such as meningitis, bronchiolitis, the flu, etc. doing this prevents further harmful effects of such diseases and keeps the person safe and more immune.

Top three selling hand sanitizers brands:

Lifebuoy hand sanitizer when used every day protects hands from germs and helps keep them hygienically clean. The pH-balanced formula contains pure glycerine, clinically proven to be mild on your skin, while providing trusted protection.

It gives 100% germ protection to the user. As mentioned its pH balanced liquid handwash, soothes the skin and doesn't cause any damage to it. The fragrance from the product is quite good. The sanitizer price is very affordable to the general public. Its small sanitizer, meaning its compact size helps the user to carry it around for on-the-go protection.

Bacteria accumulate on our hands constantly, so it's impossible to keep them completely germ-free. But washing your hands properly, and often, limits the transfer of germs and has many great benefits. Keeps your workplace healthy:

Anyone who has ever had a job knows how easy it is for sickness to spread in the workplace. Palmolive hand sanitizer can help to achieve this very easily. The Palmolive sanitizer price is very much affordable to the general public. Its small sanitizer, meaning its compact size helps the user to carry it around for on-the-go protection.

Mainly used by healthcare professionals, Diversey Hand Sanitizers kill the germs instantly without the use of water. Just take a small quantity on your palm, rub it and let it dry. The process hardly takes less than 10 seconds to kill germs.

It is enriched with skin conditioning emollients that moisturisers your skin after every use. This certified product is a must have to keep your hands clean and germ free.


We have seen the factors to be considered before buying a hand sanitizer, uses, and certain features of the same. The user can opt to use this product in any possible way and be safe and keep others safe around them. This helps them to maintain the cleanliness and protection needed from viruses and bacteria. Go through the online website of Moglix to find a wide collection of hand sanitizers from reputed brands..!