Highly preferred and most selling capacitors brands in India

Highly preferred and most selling capacitors brands in India

Capacitors are one of the three major passive components, along with resistors and coils. Capacitors are simple components, but almost no electric/electronic circuits are without capacitors. There is no way that the circuits of advanced devices such as PCs and smartphones can work without capacitors.

There are different brands/models of capacitors that have various features which suit the user variably. Some of the brands and their models are explained briefly for a clear idea about the products.

This Havells is a 2.5 MFD AC Fan Capacitors. it has a very high power density. It is a dry core type capacitor. It is also a reliable capacitor with 100 % Copper Wires which makes it more durable and resistant to damage.it can be used in all kinds of fans and motors which supports 2.5 mfd capacitors, Regardless of your fan and motors brand. The Havells capacitor comes in shockproof and leakproof fiber bodies to ensure the safety of the user. This also ensures that the capacitor does not have wear and tear easily and can last longer.

Havells capacitor forms an inductive load on the AC mains supply. As a result, large installations of such lamps suffer a poor power factor and resultant voltage drop. Adding a capacitor to each lamp corrects the power factor bringing it back close to unity.

This solves the problem of associated voltage drop and also, for large energy users, eliminates power factor surcharge on the bills - for that part of the load at least. It is possible to omit the capacitor on the individual lamps and to centralize them in the switch room and automatically switch in as many as required to keep the power factor within acceptable limits. This protects the circuits in every way possible. It has a plastic body that has copper wire embedded in it.

The cylinder-shaped Havells capacitor has an AC electric motor that has an inner rotor surrounded by a set of coils. A three-phase AC motor runs different sets of coils. One phase may be approaching a maximum in its cycle, the next is at the maximum, the next is decreasing from the maximum. Only one set of coils at a time makes a maximum-strength magnetic field. As each phase goes through its cycles, the maximum magnetic point rotates around the motor's circumference, driving the rotor.

Epcos capacitors have critical applications in the conditioning of power supplies. Besides, capacitors allow alternating current signals to pass but block DC signals when they are charged. They can effectively split these two signal types, cleaning the amount of power. Capacitors can let AC pass through yet block DC in a process called Capacitor Coupling. It is used in the case of a loudspeaker. Speakers work by converting an alternating current into sound, but they could be damaged by any direct current that reaches them. A capacitor prevents the direct current from damaging the speakers.

This epcos capacitor has a Temp Class: -10/D. It has a Self Healing Property. The capacitor ensures low energy consumption. If the device gets damaged due to some reason, easy and quick reparability at the site can be easily done. Safety Device in the form of Pressure Sensitive Mechanical Interrupter.

Simplified Modular Construction Using Hermetically Sealed Single-Phase Basic Capacitor Cells. The capacitor can store electric energy when it is connected to its charging circuit. And when it is disconnected from its charging circuit, it can dissipate that stored energy, so it can be used like a temporary battery. Capacitors are commonly used in electronic devices to maintain the power supply while batteries are being changed. This prevents the loss of information in volatile memory.

Epcos Capacitors must be carefully and properly applied. The purpose of a capacitor is to improve the power factor of the circuit. A capacitor only corrects the power factor from the capacitor back to the system. Capacitors have no power factor effect between the capacitor and the reactive load causing the power factor.

Improperly applied capacitors can supply more reactive current than the load requires, resulting in a leading power factor and an increase in losses instead of a decrease. That is why capacitors are located after careful system study. The capacitor has a self-healing property along with a Safety Device in the form of a Pressure Sensitive (Over Pressure) Mechanical Interrupter.

  • Keltron capacitors:

Keltron capacitors with the state of art latest technologies and extensive expertise have developed a wide range of low tension power factor correction capacitors which offer a simple and cost-effective solution to improve power quality with a reduction in energy cost.

Keltron capacitors are light-duty power factor correction capacitors of square cap construction. Capacitors confirm to Indian standard. Mounting of capacitors is with the help of a mounting stud. These capacitors are meant for light-duty application and are mainly used for agriculture pump sets with a maximum of 5% harmonics.

  • Panasonic capacitors:

Panasonic capacitors consist of an aluminum solid capacitor with a high conductive polymer. It acquires low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), excellent noise reduction capability, and frequency characteristics. In addition, it has a long life span and its ESR has little change even at low temperatures since the electrolyte is solid. High reliability, long life, low impedance, and high ripple current. high withstand voltage, and high reliability through the use of the "hybrid electrolyte" consisting of conductive polymer and electrolytic liquid.

Panasonic capacitors combine the benefits of Aluminum Electrolytic and Specialty Polymer Capacitors resulting in a Capacitor featuring high endurance, low-ESR, high tolerance for ripple current, inrush currents, and elevated temperature. They are also known for their stable electric characteristics at high frequencies while maximizing reliability. These Hybrid Capacitors are compact, allowing significant board space savings, and vibration-proof parts are also available.


We have a general idea about the capacitor, how they function, and the various brands which produce them. The features and uses explained help the user to get a clear idea about the capacitors and work accordingly.