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Kalinga Gold Products: An Excellent Range of Electrical Appliances

Kalinga Gold has established a widespread business by manufacturing wires, cables, and so on. The brand uses a formidable approach and effective marketing set up to cover a huge market share. The quality services provided by the brand make it a highly renowned electrical products dealer. It is involved in the business of exporting quality wires and cables throughout the world. It is involved in the trading business of super-safe cables and wires to ensure proper security.

What are the most Popular Kalinga Gold Products?

Kalinga Gold is involved in the business of manufacturing several types of cables and wires. There is a brief description of some products manufactured by the brand given below:

Kalinga Gold Wires

It is available in two options: house wiring and PVC flexible wiring. It is available in multiple shades as per the customer preference. It can be used for commercial, housing, or temporary wiring purposes. It is available in a quality assured material to ensure standard performance. With the presence of smart techniques, the PVC wires are manufactured with extended durability.

Kalinga Gold Cables

The heavy-duty PVC insulated cables are available with armored and unarmored control. It is manufactured in conformance with the quality standards. In the case of unarmored single-core cables, there is no inner sheath. On the other hand, the unarmored multi-core cables have a single extrusion with the presence of the outer sheath. It is easy to install without any hard-fixing methods. The XLPE insulated cables are light-weight in comparison with the PVC insulated cables.

Low Tension Cables

It is a standard wire with 1-core and voltage support up to 1100 V. It is manufactured with premium-quality copper core material for an excellent performance. It supports a current rating of 4 A and comes with 16 strands. It is designed in a sleek manner with a proper durability period. It compliances with the international standard and are helpful for industrial or office purposes.

Why Choose Kalinga Gold Products?

The brand has been in the glam light due to several factors which are mentioned below in the following points:

  • It acquired fine state-of-art technology to manufacture the products.

  • Each product can be replaced for any manufacturing fault within the specified warranty period.

  • The brand is focusing on the safety measures which make it get more customer satisfaction.