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Buy from a Wide Range of Dustbins at Economical Rates


A trash can or rubbish can is another name for a dustbin. It is a can used to hold trash. Trash is present everywhere—at home, school, or any other location. You need garbage cans that will retain germs and bacteria well because, in most situations, they thrive in environments with a lot of garbage. There are numerous trash can designs, each intended for a particular purpose. Household dustbins are frequently small so that they can fit in a variety of locations. In contrast, curbside trash cans are typically larger, so individuals can transfer trash from indoor trash cans to larger outside trash cans for routine collection. Along with standard trash cans for residential usage, dumpsters for commercial use and huge variants are also sometimes seen. Shop for good quality, reliable plastic dustbins at Moglix from various trust-worthy brands such as SBS, Nilkamal, Aura Sunshine, Fiable, KKR, and so many more.


Various Types Of Durable Dustbins to Choose From


Plastic Dustbin: Plastic trash cans are very common because of their lightweight construction, low cost, and high level of durability. Plastic trash cans are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours to meet any need. Waste comes in a variety of sorts, and each type has a corresponding colour. Therefore, plastic containers are ideal for practically all requirements.


Wheeled Dustbin: Wheeled trash cans are medium-sized trash cans that can hold a lot of trash and let you relax stress-free for practically a week. Wheeled trash cans are popular in restaurants, on the porch, in parks, and in other locations. These trash cans can hold a lot, so they become heavier when they are completely full. Therefore, wheels are useful for transporting them to the large trash cans.


Stainless Steel Dustbin: Stainless steel trash cans have a contemporary appearance, are available in a variety of sizes, and include clever functions. The lid may be easily opened and shut with the paddle. The tight sealing provides perfect isolation from the rubbish stench on the top. The only thing reducing the popularity of stainless steel trash cans is their high cost.


Factors to Consider While Buying a High Quality Plastic Dustbins


Choose the Proper Dustbin Bucket Size: It makes no sense to buy a trash can that is too big simply because you liked the design, to choose a smaller trash can because you believe it will blend in with the wall, or to select a front-end or roll-off trash can because it feels fancier than the standard one. Determine the types of items you'll be discarding throughout the day, anticipate future needs, and then pick the appropriate size.


Pick the proper bin material: A dustbin is typically composed of one of two types of materials: metal or plastic. The modest-looking, thick plastic trash canisters known as plastic dustbins can be positioned anyplace in the home. The plastic bins are simple to transfer, handle, and keep clean. The materials used to create the metal bins are aluminium, iron cast, stainless steel, and galvanised steel. Metal bins are strong, able to support a load, odourless, and recyclable.


Choose a trash can that complements your decor: Choosing a trash can that complements your decor is essential if you're very particular about the colour, texture, and aesthetic appeal of everything in their home. And rightfully so, as choosing the furniture and decorating the home are crucial and should be carefully considered so that problems like mismatched colours or being trapped with furniture that is less useful do not frequently arise for the ensuing several years.


Easy to clean, and maintain: When picking a trash can, you should choose one that is simple to clean, move, and maintain because that is precisely what it is designed to do keep the atmosphere hygienic and incredibly clean.


Credible Brands that Sell Cost Effective Plastic Dustbins


SBS Dustbin: After doing a thorough market analysis, the most reliable and approved vendors are chosen to supply the components required to create SBS dustbins. Due to its reliability and vast selection, customers favour SBS dustbins. The company offers durable and high quality dustbins with lids.


Nilkamal Dustbin: Nilkamal Dustbins’ unique products are made from durable virgin plastic and are perfect for use in your home or office. They have sleek, modern designs and come in beautiful colours. Their bins have great capacity and also come with a warranty for your peace of mind. The Nilkamal dustbins are excellent products for those who are looking for easy and effective ways to manage their waste.


Aura Sunshine Dustbin: Aura dustbins are perfect for busy households or commercial establishments. Their dustbins are made under the legal quality standards. Aura is one of the top manufacturers of dustbins. Each Aura dustbin is made with high-quality material and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Following thorough market research, the materials are procured from the most reputable and authorised suppliers.


Fiable Dustbin: Fiable dustbins are high-quality premium dustbins. They are renowned for their wide product selection and capacity to create product lines for both domestic and commercial use, allowing our customers to realise their visions. They provide dustbins buckets that are reasonable, durable and aesthetically pleasing to look at.


KKR Dustbin: If you want durable dustbins, the KKR brand ought to be your top option. The brand works with a wide variety of dustbins. The brand produces consumer-friendly goods. Additionally, this company's extended warranty allows you to put trust in the brand. KKR is famous for delivering high-quality products and offering rapid customer service.

We also have a plethora of dustbins from other brands such as MPS, Sel, Speed, Alinco, Oxygen, Cello and others.


Buy Superior Quality Dustbins at an Affordable Price from Moglix 


Brands have begun making affordable dustbins without sacrificing quality as a result of the rise in demand for suitable quality dustbins. With our simple-to-use website and filtering features, we at Moglix strive to assist you in choosing the best brand and appropriate dustbins for your home or company. We ensure that all products go through quality checks before they are shipped out to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We also give specials on bulk purchases of plastic dustbins at reasonable costs here. We offer you a selection of dustbins with different sizes and prices to meet all of your demands. So check out our site to see the most economical dustbins.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dustbin

What are the three types of dustbin?

Segregated waste is now dumped in specific dustbins of the colours green, blue, and yellow. The green dustbins are intended for wet and biodegradable trash. Blue bins are intended for the dumping of plastic wrappers and other non-biodegradable debris. Yellow trash cans are for papers and glass bottles.

What is the proper way to use the dustbin?

We should toss the trash in covered bins because if we throw garbage everywhere, various forms of pollution and diseases would occur, so we should throw garbage in covered bins to avoid these problems.

Dustbin - Price Range

DustbinMin PriceMax Price
SBS Dustbin₹226₹8111
Nilkamal Dustbin₹1499₹4999
Aura Sunshine Dustbin₹1739₹43269
Fiable Dustbin₹369₹33040
This data was last updated on 12/3/22.