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Purchase Efficient Contactors at Economical Costs

A contactor is a portion of an electrical circuit that can be used as a starter or as a stand-alone power control device. They are used to connect and disconnect power supply lines that run through power lines, as well as to establish and interrupt electrical power circuits repeatedly. These are used in low-load, complex machine control applications. They are used in conjunction with motors, transformers, and heaters. Because the control circuit controls it, it can be thought of as an intersection point between the control circuit and the power circuit. It also controls the circuit between power and loads. They are used to connect and disconnect power supply lines that run through power lines, as well as to repeatedly establish and interrupt electrical power circuits. These are used in light loads and complex machine control. They are used with motors, transformers, and heaters. Because the control circuit controls it, it also controls the circuit between power and loads. Barcode 3 phase contactors from renowned brands such as L&T, legrand, C&S, Eaton, Hager and many more are available at low prices on Moglix.


Types of Best Power Contactors Available

Magnetic Contactor:  A magnetic switch contactor runs purely on electromagnetism and doesn't need any external help to reliably carry out its task. Electromagnetic switching is one of the more effective and dependable methods because it just needs a little amount of power. It also allows for full remote control of the contactor. Today, almost all electrical contactors operate on this principle.


Manual Contactor: This contactor was designed to replace and improve on the knife blade switch. It does, however, still require manual operation. Other important characteristics are that they have double break contacts which can open the circuit in two places simultaneously, allowing for more current in smaller spaces. The inner parts are protected by a properly enclosed unit, have improved safety and are compact inside.


Features to Take into Consideration when Buying 3 Phase Contactors

Contact (switch) Ratings: There are two types of contact ratings. The maximum switching voltage is one, and the maximum switching current is the other. The maximum switching voltage that a switch can withstand is determined by the circuit or motor ratings on which the contactor will be used. Similarly, a contactor's maximum current rating is chosen per the motor rating. When choosing a contactor, the maximum inrush current during a motor's startup is also taken into account.


Auxiliary Contacts: Auxiliary contacts are used for various functions between contactors and circuits. When selecting a contactor, the auxiliary contacts must be considered.


Electrical Properties: The electrical properties of a motor should be thoroughly studied before selecting the appropriate contactor for the motor. The motor comes with a datasheet that can be used to choose the best contactor for the motor. The common and basic electrical properties are sometimes mentioned on the motors with appropriate tags.


Brand: The brand is an important consideration because it may have an impact on the quality of the products you receive. When you buy from a reputable and established company, you can be confident that you will receive excellent and timely customer service if the need arises.


Budget: There will always be a high-quality alternative within your price range, but you must do your research and select one made by a reputable company with dependable components and a lengthy warranty.


Top Brands that Sell Best Electric Contactors

L&T ContactorsThe L&T Power Contactors are an excellent choice for those looking for dependable and long-lasting contactors. They are built to last and are made of high-quality materials. The L&T contactors are high-quality, double-pole electrical devices with a wide range of applications. Their products are reasonably priced and come with a high quality guarantee. The contactors are available in three-pole and four-pole configurations, with rated operational currents ranging from 5 A to 95 A.


Legrand Contactors: Legrand Power Contactors are an excellent choice for your electrical requirements. They have a 9 amp rating and a tough design. The Legrand contactors are an excellent electrical device for those who require a dependable and durable contactor. The current rating of this contactor is 9:00 AM and the voltage is 220 VAC. They also have ones with a TP pole (Triple Pole). Legrand products are well-known for their high quality in the market.


C&S ContactorsC&S contactors used to reduce the effect of switching overvoltages created when inductive circuits are opened. They are typically installed outside the body of the contactor relay and connected in parallel with the coil terminals. Various techniques, such as the RC element and the varistor, can be used to suppress switching over voltages. The materials used to make C&S electric contactors are sourced from the most reputable and official vendors, who were chosen after conducting extensive market research.


We also carry electric contractors from well-known brands like Schneider, Entes, Indoasian, ABB, C&S, Hager and others.


Efficient & Cost-Effective Contactor Switches by Moglix

Many well-known brands produce electrical contactor switches of excellent quality and dependability. Our comprehensive selection of switches and contactor accessories is supplied by some of the most sought-after vendors, including L&T, Schneider, Entes, C&S, ABB, Indoasian, Legrand, and Hager. Buying a 3 phase contactor or contactor switch from a reliable brand can quickly allay your worries. Consumers have regularly received durable, high-quality goods from the Moglix brand. You can trust that the electrical contactors and other electrical protection devices you purchase from Moglix will be effective, durable, and of the highest quality. You can count on Moglix to offer affordable products that improve your life.

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ABB Contactors₹514₹267118
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