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Safety Harness

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Buy Safety Harness & Accessories online!

People involved in the construction industry often have to work at great heights. The dangers associated with falling are often quite high. To ensure that they are safe from fatal accidents, we present the newest range of safety harnesses for sale. The products sourced by us have been manufactured by brands such as Life Gear, Karam, Heapro, FreeFall etc.

These harnesses offer a high level of protection to industrial workers from injuries and fatal accidents. The use of a harness ensures optimum safety from mishaps as they offer support and comfort to the body. They help in protecting individuals from injuries or shocks. A high level of safety within factory premises plays a major role in enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of workers. Therefore, companies across different industries have realised the importance of safety harnesses within their workplaces.

Work At Great High Levels Safely Using Safety Harnesses

Wearing safety harnesses has been made mandatory across a wide range of industries. We have followed the changing safety trends across industries to ensure that the products which we have on offer meet up with the expectations of our buyers. Therefore, they are highly valued by people who are involved in industries such as real estate, warehouses, petrochemicals, oil & gas etc.

The fall protection equipment has been selected after close study of the major problems faced by professionals. These safety harnesses come with a number of user-friendly features and can be used over a considerable period of time. We are well aware of the importance of worker safety for enterprises cutting across industrial barriers. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with the newest range of harnesses to match up with the expectations of industry based users.

Assortment of Full Body Safety Harnesses Available Online At Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in the latest range of full body safety harnesses. The harnesses which are available as a part of this collection include models which come with normal and Z-tech stitching. The adjustable shoulder and thigh straps of these harnesses makes them ideal for usage over a long span of time. These harnesses come with a waist belt and soft padded cushion with buckles & frame.

We also deal in fall protection safety equipment which come with high flammability resistance. Equipped with nylon or polyester straps, they do not break under test load of 2000 kg. These harnesses come with nylon or polyester straps. The life gear waist belt which forma part of this collection come with an extender and an elasticated tools holder. They are compliant with all existing IS specifications and can be used over a long span of time.

Our body harness collection is suitable for usage in infrastructure projects, building construction sites, culverts etc. They make the users feel at home while working for long hours. They are therefore highly valued by professionals who intend to acquire the newest range of harnesses from safety equipment suppliers.

USPs Of Our Range Of Safety Equipment Suppliers

Some of the distinctive features of our range of body harnesses are mentioned below: -

  • Our fall arrestors move both up and down in a vertical line. Therefore, they help users to avert falls while working in high-rises and skyscrapers.
  • The safety harness belts are made from the best quality of stainless steel. They generally work on platforms and roofs to ensure that the worker doesn’t suffer from fall caused by slipping.
  • The presence of especially supportive back-padding and leg loops ensure maximum comfort when they are suspended. Therefore, they can be used for long hours.
  • Front and rear-fall adjustment attachment of these arrestors make them suitable for usage over a long-time period.
  • These safety harness belts are equipped with tool holding loops. They come with rings for tool holding loops and rings for tool holders and bolts bags.

We also deal in other types of roof arrest fall systems which are used in skylight screens, rigid rail systems, economical permanent lifeline systems and freestanding guardrail systems. They are available in multiple configurations to meet all requirements. The flex guards which form a part of this range include a freestanding guardrail system with modular design. They do not penetrate the roof.

Highly Sturdy Polypropylene Ropes For Multi-Purpose Usage

Our collection also includes polypropylene ropes are strong and lightweight. They are therefore widely used in warehouses, construction sites etc. They are resistant to mildew, chemicals, and marine organisms. These ropes are therefore suitable for usage as pole rope, pool rope, electric utility rope, safety barrier rope and construction barrier rope.

Buy Ladder Fall Arrest Systems Online

Ladder fall arrest systems are ideal for usage in a wide range of industries starting from telecommunications to real estate, logistics, petrochemicals etc. The ladder arrest systems which form a part of our collection are made from galvanised corrosion resistant/stainless steel. Therefore, they can be used over a long period of time without any need for change in industrial applications and infrastructure based projects.

Leading Brands of Full Body Safety Harnesses Online at Moglix

The safety gear which are available here have been sourced from leading brands in the market. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference: -

Heapro fall protection safety harnesses - The Heapro fall protection safety harnesses which we have on offer come with a pleating of 8 microns per minute. Made from special grade steel, they have high tensile strength and polyester webbing with high breaking strength. The safety harnesses from Heapro which we have on offer come with high-quality threads and sewing. The harnesses enable easy upright body positioning. The presence of secure T-bars prevents the user from falling off.

Equipped with zinc plated metal parts, they support the body during as well as after a fall. They come with a one d-ring for fall arrest attachment fixed to shoulder straps at front or back. All metal components need to be forged or solid so that the joints remain visible. The metal’s joined part doesn’t affect the quality or strength. The fall basic fall arresting harnesses have been designed with comfortable thighs, chest straps and thighs with dual colours.

Karam fall protection safety harnesses - The Karam fall protection safety harnesses are equipped with an adjustable shoulder and thigh-straps. The harness is made from the best quality of polyester and polyamide rope. Both of them are compliant with the latest industrial specifications. The presence of the ideally positioned sit-strap positioned for ensuring long term comfort. Some of these harnesses are equipped with adjustable chest, shoulder and thigh-straps.

Life Gear protection safety harnesses - Life Gear protection safety harnesses which form a part of our collection are equipped with one dorsal attachment D-ring. The adjustable thigh straps with buckles and frame ensure hassle free usage while working outdoors. A high level of comfort is ensured by the sit strap which ensures long term comfort. The presence of self-locking buckles ensures a high level of comfort to the users. It comes with a secondary chest strap with self-locking buckles.

We also deal in safety harnesses from other brands such as Udyogi, Irudek, Extra Power etc. To meet up with the ever-changing needs of industry based users, we have created a supplier base to ensure the availability of the newest range of safety harnesses available in the market. Our range of safety products are widely used by industrial workers across a wide range of industries. They comply with the latest recommendations laid down by OSHA.

Why Buy Safety Harnesses Online at Moglix?

The safety harnesses which we have on offer have been quality tested by experts using stringent measures. The safety harness price has been kept within a wide price range. Therefore, buyers can opt for the safety harnesses which they are looking for online without having to go out of the budget. We also deal in other types of products within the safety category such as safety footwear, safety head wear, safety goggles etc. The presence of reviews and rating systems on our site simplifies the product search process for our buyers.

Our category is updated with new products on a regular basis. Therefore, buyers can select the safety harnesses which they require by having a look at the products we are offering. Each of our categories have been divided on the basis of discounts, brands, price etc. Therefore, buyers can easily find out the harnesses whose price and specifications meet up with their requirements. Stay safe, stay protected with safety harnesses that we have on offer.

Safety Harness - Price Range

Safety HarnessMin PriceMax Price
Karam Safety Harness₹1299₹8849
Allen Cooper Safety Harness₹729₹2599
UFS Safety Harness₹1450₹4734
Udyogi Safety Harness₹1335₹6079
This data was last updated on 11/26/22.