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Karam 2m Work Positioning Safety  Lanyard with Grip Adjuster, PN 242
3.5 (1 Review)
By: Karam
₹5,99953% OFF
  • 3-strand Twisted Rope

  • Has a convenient Rope-grab adjuster for easy length adjustment

Karam Safety Rope Grab Fall Arrested pn 2000 A
By: Karam
₹5,34049% OFF
  • Steel Karabinar Pn 112 As An Attached Gravity Locking System

  • It Prevents Incorrect Use Double Security Opening System

Heapro Fall Protection Hooks & Carabiners, HI - 224 K (Pack of 2)
  • Heapro-11714/HI-224K.jpg

Karam 2m Twisted Safety Rope E.A Forked Lanyard, PN 351
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Karam
₹3,24326% OFF
  • 3 strands Twisted polyamide rope

  • PN 112 with Energy Absorber PN 300 at one end

Kong 24016NOO0KK Frog Advance Connector
By: Kong
₹7,00037% OFF
  • Quick & Easy to Set Up & Unlock

  • Increased Extension

Kong 801040400KK Indy Evo Plus Manual Descender
By: Kong
₹50,00063% OFF
  • Light Weight, Compact Size & Low Maintenance

Karam 1.8m Twisted Safety Rope E.A Forked Lanyard, PN 351
  • PN 112 with Energy Absorber PN 300 at one end

  • 3 strands Twisted polyamide rope

UFS Safety Steel Connector with 16 mm Opening, USP H-6
  • Self closing manual screw locking

  • Opening: 16 mm

Karam PN 351 Shock Absorber Safety Rope, Length: 2 m
  • Made of Twisted Polyamide Rope

  • Made of High Quality Materials & is Very Durable

Karam Silver Finish Steel Screw Safety  Locking Karabiner, PN 112 (Pack of 5)
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 25 kN

Heapro Fall Protection Hooks & Carabiners, HI - 224 S (Pack of 2)
  • Heapro-11714/HI-224S.jpg

Karam PN 112 Golden Yellow Galvanized Finish Steel Screw Safety Locking Karabiner, (Pack of 5)
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 25 kN

Kong 411120ZL1KK XL Steel Screw Black Lock Carabiner
Kong 730ONO6AOKK Aluminium Alloy Orange & Black Oval Carabiner
Kong 712ONO6AOKK Aluminium Alloy Orange & Black Oval Carabiner
RSH 12mm Nylon Work Positioning Lanyard Fall Protection Rope, RG3
  • System Consisting of Two Pulleys with a Rope Running Around

  • Shortest Length Lanyard Allows the Worker to Perform their Work

RSH Nylon Fall Protection Single Lanyard Twisted Rope, FRL3501
  • Made with a Lightweight, Heavy-Duty, High-Strength Outer Polyester Webbing &

  • Double Leg Internal Shock Absorbing Safety Fall Protection Lanyard with

RSH Nylon Double Lanyard Braided Rope, RSH3051
By: Rsh
Available on Request
  • Pure Transparent Heat-shrinkable Tube Wrap Makes the Rope More Wear-Resistant

  • Safety Rope Lanyard with Shock Absorber & Large Alloy Hooks,

RSH Alloy Screw Lock Safety Clip Hook Buckle
By: Rsh
Available on Request
  • Allows Fastest Connection & Disconnection of Heavy Duty Usage for

  • Durable & Eco-Friendly Material

Prima Fall Arrester PFP-01
By: Prima
Available on Request
RSH Aluminium Alloy Grip Descender for 10.5mm Kernmantle Rope
  • Equipped with Polymer Coated Cover Which Prevents the User From

  • Ideal for Descent on a Single Rope

Karam PN-112 18mm Steel Golden Carabiner Hook Gate Opening

Safety Hooks and Connectors to Keep You Safe

If you are someone who works on height than you must be aware of the importance of hooks and connectors. These are also used in numerous industries such as logistics, iron and steel production, etc. for moving heavy loads. These also help a person to be safe when working on a certain height. It prevents a worker from trips and falls and save from various kinds of injuries. A steel karabiner is made from high-quality polyester material and most of them come with D-rings on both ends.

How Hooks and Connectors are Used?

  • --> These can be used to move or carry heavy loads in different industries.

  • --> A person working at height for cleaning or other purposes can be prevented from any fall injury.

  • --> These are also used in the oil industry as the platform can be slippery and there are chances of slips, trips and falls and to prevent that you can use hooks and connectors.

  • Buy the Best Brands of Hooks and Connectors

    Heapro - Heapro is one of the top brands in the manufacturing of hooks and connectors. Heapro is the name of prominence, reliability, and trust in the market of personal protective equipment. For over a decade now Heapro is a leading brand, manufacturing protective equipment for personnel working at heights. You can buy the best Heapro hooks and connectors online at Moglix at a very reasonable price range.

    Karam - Karam has been in the market for a long period of time and they are known for the best quality products. They manufacture a range of CE marked hooks and connectors that are made from alloy steel and are lightweight. You can buy these Karam hooks and connectors online at Moglix at an affordable price.

    UFS - UFS is a Unicare fire safety PVT. Ltd. and they manufacture the best quality safety products. The products that they manufacture pass extreme quality checks at various levels of productions. They have a team of highly experienced personnel that monitors the production line. If you are looking for UFS hooks and connectors online visit our website Moglix and get the best deals of products.

    Why Buy Hooks and Connectors Online at Moglix?

    Moglix has come up with a new range of hooks and connectors to satisfy the ever-rising needs of industry-based users. We have an extensive collection of hooks and connectors. At Moglix, we have a clear understanding of the changing needs of industry-based buyers. Therefore, we have sourced the best brands available in the market. The product price has been kept within a reasonable range to suit the needs of customers. Apart from hooks and connectors, you can also buy other fall protection equipment like rope access and rescues, fall arresters, safety nets, safety kits, etc. at the best price.