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Fall Arresters

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Buy Fall Arrestors Online!

Fall arresters are a type of fall protection system which comes which protects a person who is already falling from heavy injuries. Keeping in mind the high level of risks which people involved in construction work are exposed to, we at Moglix have come up with an exciting fall arrest system range. The products which we are offering as a part of this collection are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We have come up with an assortment of options to make sure that you don’t face tough time selecting the fall arrests of your choice.

Keeping the concerns related to quality in mind, we have sourced these fall arrestors from eminent brands such as Karam, Udyogi, Life Gear etc. All the products sourced by us adhere to the latest industrial specifications. Therefore, you can be assured that the fall arrestors which you acquire from us are complaint with all safety recommendations. Therefore, these fall arresters will prove to be suitable additions to your safety kit.

What Makes Our Fall Arresters Special?

The fall protection equipment which we have on offer includes models which have an anchorage eye with swivel on action. This prevents undue twisting of the rope while the user is working or while falling. Made from the best types of polymer, they can be used over a long span of time while working outdoors. Our online collection of fall arrestors range also has a number of blocker retraceable fall arrestors. Made from tough nylon casting, they bear a high level of load even when used at great heights while working outdoors.

These fall arrestors have been manufactured keeping in touch with the latest industrial specifications. Therefore, they can be used as a full body harness to ensure a high level of safety while working at great heights. The steel karabiner attachment makes these harnesses easy to use. Keeping up with the changing safety needs of the users, the new range of online safety harnesses has been equipped with a double opening security system. Any type of incorrect usage can be avoided through the use of the gravity locking system. The weight of the fall arrestors tend to vary according to their weight.

Leading Brands of Fall Arresters Available at Moglix Online

At Moglix, we deal in life gear fall arrester models of leading brands online. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference:-

Karam Fall Arresters

Our range of Karam fall arresters includes models which have been tested according to procedures which have been laid down in relevant EN norms. They can sustain a static load of 15 KN for a period of three minutes without showing any signs of damage to metal parts or webbings. When stored in ideal conditions, these fall arrestors can be used up to 10 years. They can be used as long as users do not come across any visible signs of wear or damage to any part of the harness. In order to take the best care of the harnesses, you should keep the harnesses free from grime and dust. This will make sure that the fall arrestors can be used over a long period of time.

Life Gear Fall Arresters

The Life Gear fall arresters which form a part of our online collection come with steel karabiner attachments. To ensure that there is no incorrect usage, the fall arrestors of this type have been equipped with a gravity locking system. They enable users to have complete freedom of operation since the block can be anchored with a suitable fixture. The wire rope can be connected to the full body harness. If there is a voluntary extension the cable can be freely extended from casing. On detecting a fall, the braking system will automatically check the fall from happening. The blocker compact and light weight models which we have on offer come with weather proof ABS casing. In case of a fall, the webbing with the fall arrester’s packing will automatically tear. Therefore the impact force of the fall will be reduced to a great extent.

Udyogi Fall Arresters

The Udyogi fall arresters which form a part of our online collection are of the guided type. Made from alloy steel of the highest quality, they grip the rope in case the user loses his balance and starts falling. They are detachable from rope and come with an inbuilt gravity lock which makes them suitable for usage over a long period of time.

These fall arrestors are light weight and therefore can be used in a hassle free manner by the users. The anti-panic feature of the arresters makes them ideal for usage in outdoor applications. Tangle free movement is ensured by the inbuilt rope guided wheel. The life gear price has been kept within a range which suits the spending power of the buyers.

Why Buy Fall Arresters Online at Moglix?

At Moglix, we maintain a large stock of the newest range of fall arresters online to meet up with the expectations of buyers. The fall arrester price quoted online has been fixed keeping in touch with the spending power of the buyers. We have maintained a wide price range to ensure that you don’t feel a pinch in your pocket while buying them. All the products which are sourced by us undergo quality tests and are stored with a high level of care in our warehouses.

To ensure the safe, timely delivery of our products, we have tied up with some of the leading logistics companies in India. From safety shoes and safety helmets to fall arresters, we deal in a wide range of safety products meant for use in industrial settings, workshops and DIY projects. We also deal in other types of products such as hand tools, power tools, security products, electricals, plumbing products, lightings & luminaries etc. To make buying more time saving and simplistic, we have added all specifications for each specific model.Therefore, to ensure a high level of safety while working outdoors, count on the fall arresters which we have on offer.

Fall Arresters - Price Range

Fall ArrestersMin PriceMax Price
Karam Fall Arresters₹13499₹37799
Hook Strength - 12 Kn Fall Arresters₹13499₹20299
This data was last updated on 9/24/22.