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Rahul Professionals Plastic & Nylon Blue Industrial Safety Net, 4587
By: Rahul Professionals
₹2,9993% OFF
  • Does Not Block Air or Light & Proper Visiblity

Techno 10x5m Blue Industrial Safety Net, TECHNO21
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Techno
Available on Request
Ziota 10x5m Industrial Safety Net, GKN04
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Ziota
Available on Request
Ziota 10x3m Industrial Safety Net, GKN05
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Ziota
Available on Request
Safari 10x5m Industrial Safety Net
4.5 (10 Reviews)
By: Safari
Available on Request
  • Extensively Used to Keep the People Safe & Arrest Fall

  • Inner: 2 Mm

Safari 10x3m Polypropylene Industrial Safety Net
4.3 (19 Reviews)
By: Safari
Available on Request
  • Double Density Pu Sole for Durability & Longer Endurance to

  • High Ankle Shoe Apt for Walking, Trekking, Heavy Duty Works,

Techno 10x8m Blue Industrial Safety Net, TECHNO22
By: Techno
Available on Request
Techno 10x3m Blue Industrial Safety Net, TECHNO23
By: Techno
Available on Request

Safety Net: Equipments to Ensure Safety and Manage Disasters

A safety net is used to protect people from injury after falling from heights by limiting the distance they fall and deflecting to dissipate the impact energy. Industrial safety nets are widely used in construction sites for people working on high-rise buildings, building maintenance, or other industries. A safety net is an element that is responsible for checking that safety is not compromised in industries like construction. It provides safety to workers in the sense that it prevents injuries that a falling worker could suffer from. It often reduces the fall distance and acts as a strong barrier that absorbs the energy with which a worker would likely fall. 

Since safety nets reduce the possibility of injuries to workers, they are mostly used in construction sites of high-rise buildings. A building safety net is very important as there is a high likelihood for workers to harm themselves while working in extreme conditions.

What are the Construction Safety Nets?

Construction safety nets are used at high-rise building construction sites to prevent accidental fall of people or objects from the site. These nets are the safest and most cost-effective fall prevention systems in the world. Construction safety nets are flexible plastic nets made from high-density polyethylene raw materials. Construction safety netting system is also known as debris netting which can be installed both horizontally or vertically as per your requirements.


Types of Safety Nets that You Must Learn About

Debris netting safety nets:

  • This safety net ensures that the debris cannot cause any damage or harm to a worker when he falls from a distance.
  • It comes in different lengths and widths and you can choose the size according to the requirement.
  • It is very durable. 


Knotted construction nets:

  • A knotted safety net for construction which tightens its nodes whenever there is an increase in the pressure load. 
  • The absorbing capacity of this kind of safety net is generally lower than the knotless model.


Knotless construction nets:

  • A safety net for construction can also come in the knotless version which overcomes the drawbacks of the former.
  • It is perfect for avoiding facial injuries in falling workers.


Anti-fall safety nets:

  • Going by its name, this construction safety net specifically serves to prevent massive falls.
  • It avoids the chances of injury due to falls and is largely used in every construction site.


Factors to Look at When You Buy a Building Safety Net

Mesh size: Safety nets are available in different lengths and widths. If your area spread is large, you should go for a net that has a wide coverage. Make sure you have a good estimate of the rough size of the safety net you would require.


Durability: A construction safety net should definitely be durable because this is equipment that should ensure safety. Since it is responsible for preventing injuries, you must go for a net that is durable and meant for long-term usage.


Weather resistance: Since a construction safety net is spread over a construction site where they have to bear all kinds of weather conditions, they must be weather-resistant. They should not be affected during extreme weather like rainfall. So make sure you check the resistance factor before you buy a safety net.


Type of net: As discussed above, there are several types of building safety nets that you can explore according to your purpose. While knotless ones offer good protection against injuries, anti-fall are specially made to prevent falls. 


Price: There are many options available online, some of which are quite affordable and offer value for money. The price also depends on the size and strength. 


Brands to Choose a Construction Safety Net from

Safari safety nets:

  • Safari is a pioneer in manufacturing durable industrial nets.
  • They have longer endurance to wear and tear even during tough situations.
  • They are made from strong materials that make them apt for withstanding the load.


Techno safety nets:

  • Techno is an authentic brand that is known for its blue industrial safety net.
  • The net length and width are 10 m and 5 m respectively.
  • It offers durability and strength. 


Ziota safety nets:

  • Ziota manufactures quality safety equipment, and its industrial safety nets are no exception.
  • The net is meant for long-term use without any inconvenience.
  • It is highly durable.


Rahul Professionals safety nets:

  • The plastic and nylon industrial net from this brand is a good buy.
  • It allows proper visibility and prevents blockage of air.
  • It is affordable and lightweight.


Visit Moglix to Discover the Ideal Safety Net

Moglix brings to you a plethora of options for the best safety equipment, of which safety nets are one. Choose from the most well-known brands that don’t allow you to settle for less. Meet affordability and utility together with the best brands on Moglix today.


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