Popular SmartWatch brands in India

Popular SmartWatch brands in India

The world is becoming smart, we have everything from smart TVs to smart cities. So what exactly does smart mean? A smart device is an advanced electronic device, which is connected to other devices through technologies like Bluetooth or WiFi. Smart devices are self sufficient i.e., once configured, they require minimal interference to operate. These may or may not be aligned with artificial intelligence.

We have for long used smartphones followed by smart TVs, now we even have smart washing machines and microwaves. One of these wonders of technology is a smart watch, extremely popular among the youngsters, almost everyone is seen sporting these on their wrists. However, these are equally valuable to every other age group and definitely a trendy fashion statement!

A smart watch is a mini computer that one can wear on their wrists, they come with a touchscreen. These smart watches provide multiple functions. These can either be set up on their own, or be connected to an app. Smart watches can operate apps like Whatsapp, attend calls, operate maps, monitor your health and the list goes on.

Smart watches are especially popular with health enthusiasts who like to track their entire routine, like the number of steps walked. These watches are a very good addition to people who have health issues and require a constant monitoring of parameters like pulse rates. Most of these watches have slots for a sim and micro SD card. Smart watches generally have a LCD or OLED display. Most of these use Lithium ion batteries as well.

Smart watches are a hit with everyone: kids, young adults, health freaks, office workers...these are indeed a great help, especially keeping in mind the fact that your smartphone may not be always with you, so this serves as a great filler. However with so many options available in the market, the competition is tough and the choices even tougher. Especially an android smartwatch, being the most commercial, has many competitors. Some of the best smart watches available in the market are touched here, which might be of great help to anyone wanting to make a purchase.

Realme Smartwatch-

Realme is a brand known for their targeted product towards youth. Realme watches are also made to suit them. Realme watch has a 3.4 cm touchscreen, shaped as a square, it provides a large display. It also has a real time heart monitor and blood oxygen level monitor. It also has 12 inbuilt watch faces, which are basically themes. Realme has two designs and four colour options. Realme watches are also great for sports lovers as they come with 14 sports modes which track various sports activities. The best part about Realme watches is that you can connect these to other devices like TV, air purifier, speakers etc. and control them from your wrist.

Xiaomi Smartwatch-

Xiomi has covered every device possible and is really aiming to make a smart world. Xiomi offers various designs and models with Mi watch and Mi watch lite being their most popular smartwatches. Mi watch has a 1.39 inch 326 ppi high resolution display. It comes in 3 strap colours and 3 watch colours and an impressive 100 watch faces. It also offers blood oxygen testing and 24 hour heart rate monitor. With 50 hours of battery life for sports and GPS, it is one of the best options for intensive users and what better than 117 sports modes! Mi watch lite on the other hand has a stylish 1.4 inch display. It has a built in GPS. It comes with 125+ watch faces and supports emojis too! It provides heart and sleep monitoring and has 9 days of battery life. It is also water resistant. Both of Xiaomi Smart Watches are great options suited for different purposes.

Oppo Smartwatch-

The Oppo watch series is designed to impress. These have 4.85 cm AMOLED display, thus providing vivid and attractive colours. The dial also has a 3D design making it look good from every angle. Oppo watch does every job- messaging, playing music, schedule management, exercise monitoring, heart rate monitoring and mobile payment. It has a 21 day battery life in power saving mode. Oppo watch not only has stylish looks but also all the necessary functions required to aid your daily work.

Samsung Smartwatch-

Samsung has been the leading brand in smartphones for ages now, and they have expanded to watches too! Samsung watches, thus, assure you of their quality and can prove to be an investment which does not require much thinking. Samsung Galaxy smart watch is known for its perfect amalgamation of all the features of a smartwatch and the classic feel of an analog wrist watch. These have a round shape with plenty of watch faces to choose from and even a ticking sound to give a wholesome experience. There are two variants available- 42 mm (midnight black or rose gold) and 46 mm (silver). These have a sAMOLED display. It offers to measure upto 39+ activities and also has a number of apps available to suit your needs. Samsung smartwatch is also water resistant with waterless charging, truly smart!

Apple Smartwatch-

The Apple smart watch has been in the market for a long time, it is indeed one of the oldest. Apple watch series 6 is the latest in the race. When it comes to health apple watches measure your blood oxygen and can also take ECG at any time. These also measure all exercise activities and provide every app available on the apple store. What is unique about these are the safety options available like SOS and fall detection. These come in stylish colours and designs, thus making these look extremely aesthetic.

Fastrack Smartwatch-

Fastrack has focused upon smartbands, which are smartwatches in the shape of a band and perform most of the functions that a smartwatch does and can pass for one. Fastrack smartwatch come in trendy colours and attractive watch faces, made to appeal mostly to the younger generation as fastrack is a brand that is targeted towards them. Reflex 3.0 is their most renowned smartband, it has a heart rate monitor, music player, phone finder, camera control, notification alerts and is also water resistant with the price being relatively lower than other bands.

Lenovo Smartwatch

Lenovo is mostly known for its model Lenovo Carme, which has a 1.3 inch LCD display with a rectangular curved dial. It offers fitness tracking like steps tracking, heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring. It has a find my phone feature and can show notifications for major apps. Lenovo smartwatch has bluetooth connectivity and also can be connected to an USB. It is not the best in smart watches, but is good for first time users.


Tic Watches are smart watches by a company called Mobvoi. It is a relatively new name, but since its inception in 2012 it has reached great heights at a very less time. Ticwatches have a philosophy Go Beyond, and are the first wear OS by Google, since Google smartwatch is yet to roll out, this is the closest that one can get to it. Some of their models are TicWatch Pro 3GPS and TicWatch C2+ on the higher price range and on the lower they have TicWatch GTX. All of their watches provide advanced fitness tracking, phenomenal battery life, attractive personalized watch phases and useful work modes.

Sonata Smartwatch-

Sonata also has joined the competition and buckled up to meet the trends. Sonata Stride Pro Hybrid is their prominent addition in the market. These can be called budget smart watches as these come at ultra affordable prices with a reliable brand name. Sonata smartwatch offers activity tracker, call notifications and camera control with a 1 year battery life.

Diesel Smartwatch-

Diesel is known for its trendy styles and the options that just don't cease. Diesel has smartwatches targeted at men and women separately. Their smartwatches are named Axial and are also powered with Wear Os by Google. Besides providing fitness tracking, calling and notification alerts, Diesel Smart Watch also has a swim proof speaker. With the google assistant the voice operation becomes super easy. Diesel smartwatch has every google app from google fit to google pay. So, if you are someone who really is into all things Google, this is the watch for you.

Sony Smartwatch-

Sony smartwatch was especially popular in the 2010s. After which they were discontinued. Although these can still be bought and have some good features. This does not have cellular connectivity and card slots, but it does have bluetooth connectivity, notification alerts, voice commands, MP3 player and is OS compatible.

Motorola Smartwatch-

The motorola smartwatch or the Moto 360 smartwatch is one of the best watches available now with their glamorous display they surely will get heads turned. These come in three main colours, phantom black, rose gold and steel grey. These are also IOS compatible and are powered with Wear OS by Google. Motorola 360 smartwatch has google play which means everything available on your phone will be available on your wrist. Motorola also provides 60 minutes fast charging which is very unique. The dial has gorilla glass coating and scratch resistant PVC coating. With a round dial and analog watch-like watch faces, these look elegant are definitely a thumbs up!

Casio Smart Watch-

Casio has been a reliable name when it comes to watches in the Indian market, they have entered into the smartwatches section with Pro Trek Smart, which mainly has three models WSD F30, WSD F21 HR and WSD F20. These come with GPS and LCD display, and provide health and exercise tracking. As the name suggests the specifications of Casio smartwatches are especially good for trekkers or fitness freaks.

Fossil Smartwatches-

Fossil is a huge name in the watch industry. It has been here for very long and has an impeccable goodwill all over the world. Their Hybrid smartwatch is a splendid addition to their already alluring inventory. Fossil smartwatch offers app alerts, calendar alerts, notification alerts, social media apps and texting. These also provide activity trackers and attractive watch faces. Fossil, as known for their majestic designs, have their smartwatches available in colours like rose gold, silver, black and brown. Also, these come in many materials like stainless steel and leather. Indeed a hybrid of their speciality and new technology!

Vivo Smartwatch-

Vivo is a Chinese tech company known for their affordable smartphones. They have ventured into smart watches. Vivo smartwatches have an AMOLED display of 42-46 mm made of stainless steel and are Android OS compatible. These are also water resistant. They offer blood oxygen monitoring and heart rate monitoring. They offer bluetooth and wifi connectivity and also have 2GB RAM. Vivo is a good option for daily users and users who do not require advanced functions.

Nokia Smartwatch-

Nokia is a renowned company all over the world and has recently revamped itself. Their Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch is definitely a good product to give them a push in this market. Nokia smartwatches not only come in extremely eye catchy styles but also offer some of the best features. With sleep monitoring, activity tracking and a long lasting battery, these fulfill all the needs.

IG Smartwatch-

IG stands for Intelligent Galaxy, although a lesser known name, it does fulfill all the criteria for a useful smartwatch. IG smartwatches offer heart rate monitoring with EKG readout, Siri control, sports tracking and activity tracker. These also offer gesture control, which is indeed a bonus compared to the big fishes in the sea!

Puma smartwatch-

Puma is a luxury sports brand and hence caters luxury smartwatches. Puma offers in three colours- Black, Yellow and Rose gold, with the rose gold smartwatch being a hit among the ladies. Not only do these have fancy looks, but also provide functions like notification alerts, heart rate tracking and weather updates. These also let you connect to spotify and groove to music while you work out. Powered with Wear OS by Google, these also have google assistant to help you use your voice to control the watch when in a rush. Their tracker is known as Pumatrac which helps you track activities without needing your phone. It is a great choice for people who are loyal to this brand and even otherwise.