Buying A Smartwatch Consider these Factors to pick the Best One

Buying A Smartwatch Consider these Factors to pick the Best One

Smartwatches are smart devices worn on one's wrist. Their pace of evolution, when compared to smartphones, is slowly but they are likely to gain more prominence due to the features that are offered in a compact design. With every new model, new innovations in areas like battery, design software, and other features are introduced. They don't just tell the time anymore but also provide some of the other features that Smartphone provides. Some advantages of smartwatches are-

  • Most smartwatches have the ability to set alarms and use calculators.
  • Some even provide oral direction and GPS navigation. This makes it easier as the person would not have to look into their device.
  • Finding a phone or other electronic devices is possible.
  • They have high-tech fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, or cadence sensors enabled in them.
  • Replying to calls and messages is made easier.
  • Some smartwatches let you view your social media notifications.
  • They can be used while cycling, running, and even swimming.
  • Their battery lasts longer than smartphones.
  • They have inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Some of the best smartwatches are sold by companies like Apple, Samsung, Pebble, Goophone, and Sony. However, while buying a Smartwatch, one must consider certain factors to pick the best one in the market. You do not want to spend a huge sum of money on some watch that is not worth it. Some of these factors are listed below.

  • Solid Built Quality

A good Smartwatch should be durable as well as have a good and sturdy build. Most of the cheap or bad smartwatches will have unsteady or weak buttons, loose straps, and bad display quality. Pick watches with a sturdy metal build or hard plastic frame and dial. An AMOLED display panel provides a better colour display and has the option to change the straps. The display matters a lot as it needs to be seen in broad daylight. Check whether it has good quality screen brightness and contrast. Apart from its solid build; it should also look good and attractive on your wrist. Ensure that you buy a waterproof watch in case you want to use this for outdoor activities that might expose you to water or even sweating.

  • Touch-screen on Buttons

This is purely a personal choice. Whether you want a touch-screen or physical controls depends on what is more convenient for the user. One might be used to the physical controls as they might have used regular watches before. For such people, there are smartwatches available with physical controls but these watches dont have the touch-screen facility. However, if you plan to work a lot on the watch, a touch-screen is more convenient. Either way, ensure that the screen sensors and the buttons are in proper working condition before you buy the watch.

  • OS used by the smartwatch

Android phones and iPhones are available in the market and each uses a different type of operating system. You cannot use an Android OS for an Apple phone. The same applies to a smartwatch. This is one of the important factors while buying a smartwatch as you require one that can get connected to your phone. Android Wear is an OS produced by Google which functions both on Android phones and iPhones whereas Watch OS which was developed by Apple only works on Apple watches.

Certain other manufacturers like Fitbit and Garmin introduced their own operating systems that work on most phones. Good operating software is needed for steady functioning and updating. The companion app that is required on the phone should also have a good user interface to provide smooth functioning.

  • Features

Apart from the clock feature, there are certain basic features like a heart rate sensor or a step track sensor that is installed in all smartwatches. These are the bare minimum but not worth the huge amount you spend on it. While buying a smartwatch, look for other features like:

  • SpO2 sensor,
  • sleeping tracker,
  • auto-brightness sensor,
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity,
  • GPS navigator,
  • NFC feature which makes pairing, answering calls, and even payment easier.

Some of the latest watches also have the eSIM support feature that makes calling more convenient. While you consider buying one, also check the apps that can be installed in your smartwatch. If your main aim for buying a smartwatch is its fitness features, then you can consider buying a fitness band as it is sturdier and is enabled with more fitness features. Smartwatches can be bought for this purpose as they include fitness features but the primary function of a smartwatch is to act as an interface for your phone. Also, ensure whether the fitness tracking produces accurate results.

  • Battery Life

Another important factor one should consider while buying a smartwatch. Ensure that the battery life in a single charge is for a minimum of 15 to 20 days if it is a newly bought watch. There are certain watches that will last only 3 to 7 days with a single charge. This might be due to the number of apps installed, bright display, or large screen. Decide the kind of battery life you need after considering your intended use. For basic use, pick one that has lesser but basic features and good battery life whereas select watches with smaller standby time for other purposes.

  • Smartwatch price

After considering all the features, one must also look at the price. Sometimes buying an expensive one might be worth it if it has high-tech features. Prices vary from brand to brand. Currently, the most expensive one is Apples Hermes which costs about Rs. 94,186.33 and the least expensive one is Letsfit Smart Watch which costs about Rs. 2,176.28. Choose a smartwatch that is worth its features.

Are you searching for a smartwatch to accompany you on your travels? Then browse through the online website of While buying, make sure you consider the above features and buy one that suits your taste and preferences.

Smartwatch: FAQs

Q. What is the best watch ever?

A. Stylish design, brilliant performance and amazing features makes Apple watches one of the best and most preferred watches across the globe.

Q. What are the top 5 watch brands?

A. Apple definitely leads the table, while other popular brands include Samsung, Realme, Fitbit and TicWatch.

Q. What are the disadvantages of smart watches?

A. Although smartwatches are loaded with amazing features, limited battery life, small screen, high price, data inaccuracy are a few negative traits.

Q. What's the point of a smart watch?

A. Besides serving as a wrist watch to display time and date, a smartwatch also allows you to monitor your heart rate, track fitness activities, record blood pressure, display calories burned and send reminders.