Smart watches and their classifications

Smart watches and their classifications

Remember the days when a watch used to be a simple device that tells us the time but this is 2020 when everything from our refrigerator to our bedroom mirror can be a computer.

Thanks to Moore's law each year the number of transistors that we can pack in an IC chip doubles, so in accordance with that law by each year electronic gadgets like smartphones and smartwatches are getting more powerful and smaller.

We all remember watching shows like inspector gadget and men in black where the protagonists wear those fancy watches that allow them to do anything from activating a neuralyzer on top of the statue of liberty to the watch used by penny in the inspector gadget series that allows her to do anything from video chat with her uncle to keep tabs on him when he goes missing.

The smartwatches that are currently in the market won't allow us to do anything crazy like shoot lasers or emit emp blasts but they can still do a lot more than tell you the time.

The ones that are currently in the market are like a Bluetooth adaptor that is capable of integrating the user's smartphone with their watches. These watches will allow the users to do anything from answering phone calls to listening to music and even have their own personal voice assistants.

What makes a watch a smartwatch..?

To put it in a one-sentence if a watch were to carry a microprocessor it can be called a smartwatch. These watches come with a range of sensors that allows them to track anything from their user's heartbeats to their sleep cycles.

A digital smartwatch can be cited as the perfect example for convergence, as they fall into the category of wearable tech that allows users to monitor all aspects of their life.

After that the smart algorithms will go through these data in the cloud space and will arrive at new insights about that person like for instance whether their sleep cycles are off track, whether they are prone to a heart attack, etc.

Gone are the days when the fanciest thing a watch can do was do calculations or show calendars. These touch watches or screen touch watches can do anything from keeping track of their fitness regimes to playing YouTube videos .

What makes a smart watch special..?

Instant notifications

Checking our notifications even when we are not getting one has become a habit for most of us as these notifications are like our connections to the wider social worlds. With these notifications from anything as mundane as how many people have seen our statuses to the comments posted by our followers on our latest tweets and snaps are also shown to us.

As we are constantly exposed to these notifications we get used to them and when we are deprived of such opportunities some people may find it hard, despite most of our objections we can't be with our smartphones all the time.

In instances where we are attending classes or meetings, we may not be able to carry our smartphones, but with a smartwatch we will be still receiving the notifications, and the notifications from these Bluetooth smart watches are not limited to Twitter tweets and WhatsApp texts.

The apple smartwatch comes with a fall sensor that detects the user's movement in cases when the user were to fall it will be on the lookout for any movement when there is no movement the watch may send alerts to the concerned authorities.


When it comes to wearable tech what makes them special is their so-called apps. When the smartphone revolution started users' loyalty to a particular brand depended on its particular app ecosystem and the same applies to smartwatches also.

The apps that come with a smartwatch will sometimes depend on whether it's a regular smartwatch or niche products like fitness smartwatch or GPS smartwatch. In the case of digital smart watches with specific features, they will come up with dedicated apps for such functions.


Nowadays when we go out for jogging or workout we may come across people with a digital smartwatch that allows them to do things like control their playlist as they work out by using the intuitive touch interface of their smartwatches.

Voice assistants

The latest range of fossil smart watches for men and women like the Gen 5 and Gen 5E comes up with os that supports voice assistants, with these touch watches users can do anything from asking about the weather to any random queries you want to google.

Good battery life

The latest smartwatches in the market like the fossil smartwatch for women and men that will get their users through an entire day with normal usage and the watches like the pebble can even last up to 2 or 3 days.

A Smart Watch for everyone

Smartwatches that are currently in the market will fall into two categories. The one type of digital smartwatches will fall into the category of general-purpose smartwatches most google and apple smartwatches will fall into these categories.

This smart watch for girls and boys is launched into the market to replace the existing wrist watches currently in the market. These watches act as a bridge between the users and their smartphones.

The other variant of smartwatches in the market is niche devices that are like a cross between fitness trackers and phones. Hiking watches, Diving watches, etc fall into this category.

Simple smartwatches

These are simple smart watches for boys and girls that allow them to do simple things like check incoming messages by pairing it with smartphones and The Casio g shock GBA-400 series falls into the category. Normal kid's smart watches also will fall into these categories.

Sport smartwatch

These watches have become athlete's best friends, these sport smartwatches can do a lot of things like counting the number of steps a person walked in a day to measure their heart and pulse rates.

These waterproof smart watches can help the users track their swimming activities with great accuracy as they are waterproof 50m and 5 ATM. These watches are used mostly by divers and swimmers.

Classic smart watch

These watches are like an extension of peoples smartphones connected through Bluetooth. These smart watches with calling features, calendar entries, and voice recognition can act as the user's personal voice assistants.

Smartwatch with calling function

What differentiates these smartwatches from classic smartwatches is that they come up with built-in sim cards that allow them to do all functions of a typical phone like calling, texting, etc. albeit with small limitations owing to their small batteries and small screens.

Smart watches for the lady and the gentleman

Like in every other product when it comes to smart watches companies are also offering different smart watches for men and smart watches for women, companies like a fossil, apple, etc are offering the same models to men and women but with different variants of straps that appeals to each of the different sexes. Despite the difference between straps and their colours, there aren't any differences between the offerings for men and ladies smart watches.

So there are a lot of smartphones currently in the market and in the coming years the number of offerings will keep on increasing as more and more start-ups and traditional watch companies are entering this product category. Go for one that offers you a great lot of value for money and don't burn a hole in the pocket.