Reliable and high performance Bajaj Fans available in India

Reliable and high performance Bajaj Fans available in India

A fan is a necessity almost everywhere. This cooling device is of supreme importance as it helps to regulate the airflow in the room. Fans are an integral part of our lives and are present almost everywhere. Be it restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, homes, offices, etc. You will find them everywhere..!

The 18th century was surely a century of inventions. Apart from all other discoveries, electric fans were also invented in the 18th century. Fans have become a necessity that can't be denied. Roughly, every household has an electric fan. But then advancements were made to electric fans and their quality was improved.

These days we can get no noise fans with super fast speed and the least functioning issues. In the early 1930s, Bajaj took a step into the world of electric fans under the guidance of Mr. Kamalnayan Bajaj. Ever since then Bajaj fans have never disappointed their customers.

Be it portability, designs, features, oscillatory movements, energy consumption, light in weight, and cost-efficacy. Bajaj fans have got you in all of these categories performing successfully amazing.

Bajaj Table Fans:

Table fans are minimal in size and amazing in power. These are perfect for those afternoon naps when you don't want extra cooling but neither can you melt away in the scorching heat. Bajaj table fans have a wide range of models to choose from with incredible features. Bajaj Elite fan, Bajaj neo-spectrum fan, Bajaj Ultima PT01 fan are some of the top recommendations.

Bajaj Ultima PT01 table fan comes with one year warranty and is easily portable. It comes with 2300 RPM power which clearly defines its high-speed nature. This fan is energy efficient as it utilizes merely 34 watts and is a multipurpose fan. It is best for small office cabins, hostel rooms, kitchen areas, etc. It is also referred to as a Bajaj rechargeable fan.

Bajaj Ceiling Fans:

Mystic blue, subtle pink, delightful white, and chocolaty browns! Bajaj surely has a range of colors to choose from when it comes to purchasing your ceiling fans according to your room decor. Bajaj ceilings fans are extraordinary in features but now they are extra safe as well. These fans come with an anti-bacterial coating that protects your surrounding air from any sort of bacterial contamination.

Bajaj high speed fans with antibacterial coats are revolutionary in the current era. Bajaj Euro NXG AVAB models come with a simple and elegant look in mystic blue, chocolate brown, and drupe green colors. All have an ISO-certified antibacterial coating and utilize minimum power. These also fall under the category of Bajaj anti dust fans.

Other features involve a powerful 14 pole motor and no noise performance. Due to its aerodynamic design, you will get a fresh breeze in every corner of your room without any resistance. The blades have a supreme metallic finish which makes them appear classy. The body of these ceiling fans is made from aluminium which makes them lighter and durable.

If you are more into designs and want decorations for your fans as well then you need to check out the Bajaj June AVAB range or Bajaj Edge HS Deco series. These come in color combinations i.e., you won't have to settle with plain colors anymore. Choose from Astronaut Blue Champagne Fizz, Black Currant Rose Copper, or Autumn Mist Sizzling Brown.

These fans have both antiviral and antibacterial coatings which are a must in current situations of covid-19. Also, the diamond-cut edges and color combinations make them aesthetically appealing. These are 1200mm, complete aluminum body, and high RPM fans that provide instant cooling with their dynamic power.

With a flowery design and even powerful technology Bajaj presents to you the Baja Floweret AVAB 1200mm full aluminium body fans. These have anti-dust properties and high air delivery with evaporative cooling as well. They have two classic colors duck white and chocolate brown.

However, aesthetics can sometimes be compromised when you need to purchase bulk. Bajaj edge ceiling fans are extremely cost-effective and show best in class performance as well. These have ribbed blades, double ball bearings, a high torque motor that provides a quick start, 1200mm sweep power, 205cmm air delivery, and a 2-year warranty. The color options available are Bianco, White, and Brown.

The Bajaj Edge HS versions have a full copper motor and anti-rust technology. The durability of these fans is increased because of the super clean surface that provides protection against rusting.

If you are thinking bajaj settles at 1200 mm then you are wrong..! We have many options under the Bajaj ceiling fan 1400mm range as well. These are high-speed fans with sleek and stylish looks that are perfect for modern homes. These also have electric steel lamination for longer life and low energy consumption. Despite high power and high-speed functions they also show no noise performance as they have superior ball bearings.

Bajaj Wall Fans:

Wall fans are lightweight and heavy-duty fans which are a must in places with public gatherings. These fans come in exotic color ranges and are powerful as well. The blades are aerodynamically structured and made for no noise performance with high air thrust. They are also packed with a full copper motor and are available in dual-tone colors.

The color options are white, black, blue, and grey. They have a sweep area of 400 mm. These fans are economical, ergonomically designed, adjustable, and convenient. Bajaj wall fans are a must-buy because of all the amazing features in a small space. Some of the top-grossing Bajaj wall fans are Bajaj Neo wall fans, Bajaj Elite double string wall fans, and Bajaj Esteem wall fans.

Bajaj Tower Fans:

Bajaj tower fans are your ultimate portable cooling devices. These tower fans come in two exquisite color options that are blue and grey. These are also ergonomically designed so that the speed and swing controls are easy to use. Moreover, they are light and portable hence, can be moved from one corner to another easily without any wear and tear. You get three speed selections and a tough blower to throw maximum air everytime you switch it on. The tower fans are corrosion resistant as well.

Bajaj Pedestal Fans:

These fans also go by names like Bajaj stand fans and Bajaj Farata fans. Pedestal fans have always been a modest way to style your rooms. These fans are powerful and can be placed in a suitable corner as per your need. Bajaj pedestal fans come with silent operation, full copper motor, and enough power to cool the rooms quickly. Bajaj esteem pedestal fans, Bajaj farata tez fans, Bajaj neo spectrum pedestal fans are some of the models in this series. All of these are powerful and possess sufficient sweep area.


Now that you have a clear idea about the different models offered by Bajaj fans, we hope you browse through Moglix online website and pick the best ceiling fan that best fits your budget and other requirements.