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Moglix offers superior quality and genuine Medical Accessories from a renowned brand Alis. Easily browse through our assortment and explore more about price, specifications, availability, and deals online for Alis Medical Accessories .. Buy these productsat best prices and get them delivered at your doorstep across India.

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Alis No. 7K BP Handle, A-GEN-012-7K
By: Alis
₹85053% OFF
Alis Miller Set of 2 Blades Paediatric, A-GEN-857-04
Alis 20cm/8 inch Osteotome Curved with Fiber Handle 20mm, A-GEN-761-03
Alis 2.0mm, 15cm/ 6 inch Cushing Straight Shaft, A-GEN-705-15
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch Volkmann Round Shape 1, A-GEN-776-05
Alis 29cm/11 1/2 inch Penfied Fig. 4 Dissector Slightly Curved Ends, A-GEN-677-05
Alis 20cm/8 inch Crile-Wood, A-GEN-328-20
By: Alis
₹6,50057% OFF
Alis Fiber Optic Mikulicz, A-GEN-887-01F
By: Alis
₹13,00057% OFF
Alis 22cm/8 3/4 inch Hohmann 43mm Widht, A-GEN-742-03
Alis 27cm/10 1/2 inch Masson, A-GEN-332-27
By: Alis
₹8,90057% OFF
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Vickers 350g with Fiber Handle, A-GEN-743-22
Alis 17.5cm/ 7 inch Penfied Fig. 1 Dissector Double Ended, A-GEN-677-01
Alis 26.5cm/10 1/2 inch Clutton with Tapering Ends Set of 12, A-GEN-568-26
Alis 4.8mm, 12cm/ 5 inch Weil-Blakesley Upward Shaft, A-GEN-713-03
Alis 28cm/ 11 inch Nerve & Dura Hooks Cushing, A-GEN-679-28
Alis 25cm/10 inch Spongiosa Gouge Curved with Fiber Handle 5mm, A-GEN-763-01
Alis Fiber Optic Sims, A-GEN-894-01F
By: Alis
₹10,00057% OFF
Alis 15cm/ 6 inch Toennis, A-GEN-686-15
By: Alis
₹1,50057% OFF
Alis 17.5cm/6 3/4 inch Partsch-Chisel Narrow Fine 2mm, A-GEN-752-01
Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Brian Spatula Malleable 12mm Wdth, A-GEN-668-20
Alis 19cm/7 1/2 inch Frazier S.S No.2, A-GEN-827-02
Alis 24cm/9 1/2 inch Leksell-Stille, A-GEN-786-24
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Vickers 700g with Fiber Handle, A-GEN-745-22
Alis 2.0mm, 18cm/ 7 inch Kerrison Jacoby 90 Deg Downward Cutting Shaft, A-GEN-697-02
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch Volkmann Oval Shape 000, A-GEN-777-02
Alis 18.5cm/7 1/4 inch Sachs, A-GEN-688-18
By: Alis
₹1,50057% OFF
Alis No. 3 BP Handle Round Grip, A-GEN-013-03
Alis 18cm/7 inch Ryder, A-GEN-333-18
By: Alis
₹6,10057% OFF
Alis 28cm/ 11 inch Lister with Olive Ends Set of 12, A-GEN-569-28
Alis 5.0mm, 18cm/ 7 inch Ferris-Smith-Kerrison 90 Deg Downward Cutting Sharf, A-GEN-699-03
Alis 19cm/7 1/2 inch Frazier S.S No.1, A-GEN-827-01
Alis 4.0mm, 18cm/ 7 inch Ferris-Smith-Kerrison 40 Deg Downward Cutting Shaft, A-GEN-703-03
Alis 3.0mm, 15cm/ 6 inch Love-Gruenwald Upwadr Shaft, A-GEN-709-15
Alis 17cm/6 1/2 inch Mathieu, A-GEN-343-17
By: Alis
₹12,50057% OFF
Alis 14cm/5 1/2 inch Farabeuf Curved, A-GEN-770-14
Alis 2.0mm, 18cm/ 7 inch Kerrison Jacoby 90 Deg Upward Cutting Shaft, A-GEN-696-02
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch Volkmann Round Shape 00, A-GEN-776-03
Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Davis, A-GEN-676-20
By: Alis
₹2,55057% OFF
Alis 24cm/9 1/2 inch Brain Knife Metal Handle Length Of Blade, A-GEN-875-24
Alis 26cm/10 1/2 inch Groningen, A-GEN-680-26