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Moglix offers superior quality and genuine Surgical Instruments from a renowned brand Alis. Easily browse through our assortment and explore more about price, specifications, availability, and deals online for Alis Surgical Instruments . Buy these products at best prices and get them delivered at your doorstep across India.

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Alis 15cm/6 inch Magill Catheter Introducing Forceps Infants, A-GEN-858-15
Alis 26.5cm/10 1/2 inch Adson 3: 4: Teeth Sharp, A-GEN-490-26
Alis 12cm/ 5 inch Adson, A-GEN-215-12
By: Alis
₹89057% OFF
Alis 13cm/ 5 inch Standard Tissue 1: 2 Teeth, A-GEN-210-13
Alis 17.5cm/ 7 inch Diethrich Vessel Scissors 90 Deg, A-GEN-175-17
Alis (0.3mm) 15cm/ 6 inch Micro Suture Tying Forceps with Platform 1: 2 Teeth Curved, A-GEN-266-15
Alis 15cm/6 inch Baby Roux 24x20/20x28mm, A-GEN-432-15
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Doyen with Ring Handle 3 inch, A-GEN-404-22
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Langenbeck 14x70mm, A-GEN-399-22
Alis 18.0cm/7 inch Metzenbaum Curved, A-GEN-312-18
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch De Bakey 1.5mm, A-GEN-244-16
Alis 15cm/6 inch Nerv-Praparierschere Nerve Dissecting Scissors Straight, A-GEN-147-15
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch Desmarres Fenestraightated No.2, A-GEN-365-16
Alis 30cm/ 12 inch Dissecting Scissors Metzenbaum Straight, A-GEN-133-30
Alis 28cm/ 11 inch Dissecting Scissors Metzenbaum Curved, A-GEN-134-28
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch Senn-Green 10x6mm, A-GEN-369-16
Alis 15cm/ 6 inch Heath Ligature Scissors, A-GEN-163-15
Alis 11cm/ 4 inch Micro Forceps 0.2mm, A-GEN-249-11
Alis 15cm/ 6 inch Debakey-Allis, A-GEN-078-15
By: Alis
₹5,70057% OFF
Alis 21cm/8 1/4 inch Fergusson, A-GEN-734-21
By: Alis
₹15,00057% OFF
Alis 22cm/8 3/4 inch Volkmann Sharp 3 Prong, A-GEN-387-22
Alis 19cm/7 1/2 inch Potts-De-Martel Vessel Scissors 40 Deg, A-GEN-179-19
Alis 24cm/9 1/4 inch De Bakey 3.5mm, A-GEN-248-24
Alis 10.5cm/4 1/4 inch Dissecting and Tissue Forceps Standard Sereated, A-GEN-206-10
Alis 17.5cm/ 7 inch Diethrich-Hegemann Vessel Scissors 45 Deg, A-GEN-173-17
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch Senn-Green 20x6mm, A-GEN-370-16
Alis 15cm/ 6 inch Standard Straight Sharp+Blunt, A-GEN-128-15
Alis 12.5cm/ 5 inch Halsted Mosquito Curved, A-GEN-024-12
Alis 23cm/ 9 inch Lahey, A-GEN-048-23
By: Alis
₹2,91057% OFF
Alis 18cm/ 7 inch Kocher Ochsner Curved, A-GEN-071-18
Alis 19cm/7 1/2 inch Lahey, A-GEN-048-19
By: Alis
₹2,51057% OFF
Alis 15cm/ 6 inch Debakey-Babcock, A-GEN-082-15
Alis 18cm/ 7 inch Standard Curved Sharp+Blunt, A-GEN-131-18
Alis 24cm/9 1/2 inch Cushing No.3, A-GEN-376-24
Alis 9cm/3 1/2 inch Spencer Ligature Scissors, A-GEN-162-9
Alis 14cm/5 1/2 inch Liston Straight, A-GEN-792-14
Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Deschamps Blunt Left Hand, A-GEN-110-20
Alis (0.6mm) 23cm/ 9 inch Micro Suture Tying Forceps with Platform 1: 2 Teeth Straight, A-GEN-269-23
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Morris with Ring Handle 3 inch, A-GEN-409-22