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Crompton Greaves is an Indian multinational company which manufactures products to power generation, transmission and distribution. Based in Mumbai, it is a part of the Avantha Group. The company was established in 1937 as a wholly owned Indian subsidiary. Following the acquisition of Belgium-based Pauwels Trafo/ Pauwels Group in May 2005, the company was ranked amongst the top electrical transformer manufacturers in the world. In recent years, it has acquired several companies such as Ganz (Hungary), Microsol (Ireland), Sonomatra (France), ZIV (Spain) and MSE Power Systems (USA).

As one of the leading manufacturers of engineering corporations in the world, the company has been a pioneer in creation electrical appliances which serves the needs of both home and industry-based users. The company’s diverse portfolio includes a vast range of products online ranging from fans to circuit breakers, switchgear, network protection & control gear, HT and LT motors, drives, turnkey solutions and power automation products. The company’s entire portfolio has been divided into 3 SBUs-Power Systems, Industrial Systems, and Automation.

At present, Crompton Greaves has manufacturing bases in Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Hungary, US, and Indonesia apart from twenty manufacturing locations within India. It has a total workforce of 8000, from different countries around the world. The company has a vast marketing network of more than 150 representatives across the globe who offer a vast range of products, solutions, and services from the company.

Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fans-Optimum Quality of Cooling Guaranteed

Crompton Greaves ceiling fans are highly valued for their ability to offer a satisfactory level of cooling across all parts of the room. The Crompton Greaves ceiling fans available online come with aerodynamically designed waves which oscillate noiselessly. The newest range of ceiling fans which have been launched in the market come with a strong motor. They are highly compact and therefore can be installed with comparative ease.

The Crompton Greaves ceiling fan online collection which includes being available here, has undergone numerous quality tests. They have a long lifespan and doesn’t require a very high degree of maintenance. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, they match well with the existing interior décor trends. These fans are highly energy efficient and can help users minimize the energy bills of users over a long period of time. Made from the best quality of materials, they can be cleaned in a hassle-free manner.

To meet up with the changing needs of buyers, the company has come up with new models such as Crompton Greaves Aura, Crompton Greaves Avancer. Crompton Greaves also deals in the newest range of industrial fans.

The Crompton Greaves fans in India can be used in homes, offices as well as commercial establishments. They are equipped with three blades and have been designed keeping in touch with the existing trends in the industry.

In order to get an idea of the price of Crompton Greaves you can have a look at the price list of Crompton Greaves fans.

Keep Electrical Appliances Safe Using Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers play a major role in keeping electrical appliances safe from voltage fluctuations. Crompton Greaves voltage stabilizer models which are available in the market operate using IC technology. They can be used on the floor and walls. They are compatible for usage with air conditioners.

The overvolt protection feature of the Crompton Greaves voltage stabilizers available online ensures a high level of protection. They have a long lifespan and can be used in offices, homes and commercial establishments.

These voltage stabilizers can help users regulate the fluctuations in input power voltage. The prices of Crompton Greaves voltage stabilizers has been kept within a wide range. Therefore, buyers can acquire the voltage stabilizers of their price without having to go out of their budget.

Ensure Availability of Power Using Inverters

Inverters are essential for ensuring the availability of the power even when there is a power cut. The Crompton Greaves inverters models which have been launched in the market operate using highly efficient Mofset technology. They have a DSP based design and come with features such as high charging protection, deep discharge protection, reverse phase protection, thermal protection etc.

The Crompton Greaves inverters offered online act as AC can be stored and used during the time of emergency for supporting normal activity at home or office. Because of their lightweight design, these units can be installed within a limited space without putting in too much of effort.

The Crompton Greaves sine wave home UPS inverter models which are being offered as a part of this range come with the features of wide input voltage range and reverse phase protection. The presence of selector switch enables these appliances to be used in normal and UPS mode. They come with a thermal protection feature also. A close view of the Crompton Greaves inverters and UPS prices online will enable buyers to plan their budget.

Crompton Greaves batteries are eco-friendly and have deep cycle abilities. They have more densities and have a long life cycle. These batteries have an excellent reserve capacity and have a lower self-discharge of plates, leakage of current seal proof and leak proof.

The Crompton Greaves flat tubular battery range which has been recently launched in the market come with the features such as battery back-up. They come with emergency power and depending on the topology, line regulation and connected equipment by supplying power from a different source when utility power isn’t available. The prices of Crompton Greaves has been kept within a wide range to meet up with the buying capacity of buyers.

High Efficiency the USP of Crompton Greaves Pumps

Crompton Greaves pumps have a high level of efficiency and a long lifespan. They have a high flow rate. The motor housing of these pumps have been created using stainless steel and cast iron. They can be easily maintained and are suitable for water pressure boosting in industrial & sprinkler systems. The Crompton pressure pumps are suitable for water circulation for cooling towers in air conditioning, cold storage plants, industrial and commercial plants.

The Crompton water motor models which have been launched recently can be used in domestic bathrooms, shower cubicles, kitchens, washing machines etc. It can be fitted with an automatic pressure kit that switches which can be pumped on and off by turning the tap on and off. It is ideal for running 3-4 bathrooms and is perfect for usage in home-based applications. A brief look at the Crompton Greaves pumps price list will enable buyers to acquire models of their choice within a reasonable range.

, Crompton Greaves Geysers a Necessity for Every Owner

The newest models of Crompton Greaves geysers can be horizontally mounted and come with the thermal cut off feature. They have an adjustable thermostat and come with the automatic shut off feature. These geysers have a compact size and can be easily installed without having to use too much of an effort. Crompton has also launched a new range of Crompton Greaves water heaters as a part of this range. These heaters are equipped with a steel tank and have a long lifespan.

Ensure High Quality Illumination with Crompton Greaves Lightings

Crompton Greaves lighting fixtures are highly suitable for usage in homes, industrial plants as well as commercial establishments. The Crompton Greaves industrial lightings which are being offered as a part of this collection are suitable for usage in parking lots, battery rooms, skywalks and storage areas. They come with a polycarbonate housing and are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum.

Keep Sweating at Bay with Crompton Greaves Coolers

Coolers play a major role in ensuring a high level of cooling within rooms during the summer. The Crompton Greaves air coolers models which have been recently launched in the market come with air fragrance balls. The presence of on and off switches makes these coolers easy to operate. They have an ultra-quiet pressure and are lightweight. They consume a limited amount of power also.

To stand apart from the other retailers who deal in products manufactured by Crompton Greaves, we ensure that all grievances of customers were replied on time. The product price has been devised to ensure buyers acquire what they are looking for without having to go out of their budget. The product offered by us undergoes numerous quality tests. To ensure a high quality of cooling and ensure presence of power within your property.

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