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OLEX: Your Trusted Partner in Health Care

OLEX is a child company of Vats Medical-Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. The company manufactures, imports, and exports different types of medical equipment, household appliances, and healthcare products. OLEX has been providing services since 1995 with the philosophy of improving people’s health. Its products enable the environment of healthy living. These products are known for prevention, treatment, and home care.

At OLEX, they understand the various needs of customers and offer optimum solutions to different problems of people. These medical products help people live better lives.

The brand ensures remarkable quality and helps people in monitoring the health of consumers. With its hard work and advanced technology, the company has developed the brand gradually and tirelessly. They work with the aim of “A way towards healthy life” and help people by providing various health care products at affordable prices.

Why is OLEX the Best Brand for Health Care Products?

OLEX offers various medical supplies such as mattresses with pumps, limb therapy systems, blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, hot water bottles, steam vaporizers, stethoscopes, pulse oximeters, infrared thermometers, gel heating pads, and more.

All these products match the national and international manufacturing standards. There are various teams that are truly dedicated to just ensuring the quality of the products. OLEX products are known for their accuracy, reliability, and durability.

OLEX Products Available at Moglix

Nebulizers: These medical devices are effective to fight various breathing issues and respiratory problems. Olex nebulizers are ideal for children as well as adults. These fit easily and offer proper medication.

BP Monitors: These devices help to assess the health of a patient and warn against various diseases in the initial stage. OLEX BP monitors are lightweight, portable, and easy to use. For the accurate readings, these are a perfect choice.

IR Thermometers: These are used to measure the temperature of an object or human body from a safe distance. These Olex infrared thermometers are accurate, handy, and available at reasonable prices.

Hot Water Bottles: These are helpful in winters and in reducing pain. Olex hot water bags are of two types, manual and electrical. You can find both of them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.