Best Interior Paint Colours for Home

Best Interior Paint Colours for Home

Brought a new house and confused about the wall colouring? As there is a huge variety among the shades in the market, it is quite difficult to choose one that you like. There are many light and dark shades and each one produces a unique look. Colour can set the mood in the room. It can either be warm, and pleasant looking or bold and vibrant looking. The way you design your room tells a lot about your character and taste. A few of these vibrant paint colours are listed below.

White Paint or Off-White Paint:

When we think of white or off-white, we just get one particular shade in our mind but surprisingly there are different varieties when it comes to these hues like Behr Falling Snow, Rust-Oleum Linen White, Farrow Ball All White No. 2005 and many more. It brings a lovely, bright, spacious, and clean appearance to your room. However, the colour shade might be altered due to the lighting and flooring in the room. It can produce a warm and calm mood or a cool and neutral mood.

Black Paint:

Unlike the white paint, this gives a bold and fierce look. It produces a dark, mysterious yet dramatic mood in the room. Black paint can make the whole room look chic and classy. While using this shade, ensure that you do not paint the whole room black. Paint it on one side of the wall to produce a dramatic effect. Few shades in black include Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black, Magnolia Blackboard, Benjamin Moore Black Beauty, etc.

Blue Paint:

The colour is known for its relaxing and calming effect. Blue is a versatile colour that can produce cool and tranquil moods to dramatic moods. The shades range from pale blue shades to dark navy-blue shades. The colour matches with cream, beige, white, yellow, and green. Some lovely blue shades are Sherwin Williams Atmospheric SW 6505, Valspar Memory book Blue 4007-5C, and Magnolia Under the Stars.

Red Paint:

Red is known for passion, love, power, and vibrance. Apart from black, red is one of the best bold-looking colours. It pairs well with other warm shades or earth tones or neutral shades. If painting the whole room bright red seems too much, then you can always paint one wall and the rest of it with a white shade. An earthy touch can be produced with Eating Room Red and Incarnadine by Farrow and Ball. Pleasant shades of red include Berrylicious and Brick Facade by Valspar. Go for a bold bright shade with Atomic Red by Little Greene.

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Purple Paint:

Purple symbolizes loyalty, royalty, richness, and creativity. This beautiful blend of blue and red produces a dramatic yet cheery atmosphere. Bright spacious feel can be brought out through light lavender shades whereas vibrant energetic mood through deep, rich plum colour.

Purple can be paired with hues like yellow, orange, green, grey, brown, black, and white. A cosy atmosphere can be attained through Benjamin Moore French Lilac 1403 and Benjamin Moore Peace and Happiness 1380 whereas Benjamin Moore Dark Purple 2073-10 and Valspar Rare Wine 1011-9 produces the mysterious atmosphere.

Pink Paint:

This is a cheerful, bright, comfortable, and appealing shade. The different varieties in pink paint go with any kind of home interior may it be contemporary or classics or even peppy old fashion. The colour looks beautiful with shades like teal, aqua blue, white, off-white, and black. For classy contemporary shades, choose Farrow and Ball Calamine 230, Behr Rose Sorbet 150A-2, and Valspar Sweet Pastel 1007-8C whereas choose Benjamin Moore Hot Lips 2077-30 or Behr Hot Pink 100B-7.

Orange Paint:

This is another shade that can create both a vibrant and energetic feel as well as a calming and soothing atmosphere is orange. It goes with colours like red, yellow, blue, black, purple, white, brown, teal, and even muted hues. The cosy comfy atmosphere can be produced using shades like Orange Mist and Champagne Orange by Valspar. Fruit Orange and Orange glow by the same company produces a vibrant pure orange look.

Yellow Paint:

A beautiful and delightful shade that brightens your mood. Waking up to this lovely shade can produce a cheerful and uplifting outlook. Like blue, this is yet another versatile shade where a soft and calming look also bold and daring look can be attained.

It goes well with white, pink, brown, grey, as well as any shades of red. Are you a pastel person? If so, Valspar Saffron Ivory is definitely your pick. A bold atmosphere can be produced using shades like The Spruce Best Home Wax Pepper SPR-06 and Valspar Yellow Mustard.

Metallic Gold Paint:

Metallic colours have a unique, shimmering look due to the light reflected on them. These paints are often water-base for easier application and clean-up but it costs twice more than the regular paint due to its unique nature. The metallic gold shade has a very vibrant, classy look.

Gold paint goes well with warm, deep-tone neutrals like charcoal, grey, chocolate brown, beige, and olive green. Asian Paints Metallic Gold Texture Paint is one of the best to produce this rich apparency. This can also produce a glitter wall paint look.

All of these shades can be in the form of satin or glossy paints that produce a shining look, matte paint where everything has a low sheen, and radium paint that usually glow in the dark. Radium paints are generally preferred by young kids who love the sight of shining stars on their ceiling.

Due to this, these types of painting are usually seen in the kids room whereas the glossy or matte finish paints are coated in all the other rooms. Glitter paints are yet another type of paint that children prefer. Radium paints and glitter paints are typically used to draw small decorations or pictures on the wall, not to paint the whole wall.

Aluminium paint and concrete paint are two types of paint with functional properties. Aluminium Paint is a type of coating material made from a mixture of aluminium pigment and oil varnish and comes in the form of thin flakes. It can retain heat in tanks and pipes due to its capacity to reflect the sun's radiance.

The resin present in the paint makes it lucid yet durable and strong whereas the flakes provide a shiny metallic finish. It is usually used to paint metal, wood, roofs, steel sheets, oil and gas tanks, pipes, etc.

Cement Paint or Concrete Paint is another water-based paint applied on the exterior walls to prevent water penetration and dirt collection. It is suitable for coating concrete as well as decorating interior and exterior walls.