Top 5 Leading Paint Brands in India

Some of the biggest paint companies have their origin in India. With the vast amount of paint companies, one will never have a shortage in the selection, style, colour, texture, etc. Apart from offering aesthetic beauty, painting the walls also has functional uses like providing protection to the house from severe weather conditions like rain, dry weather, heat, and many more. Most companies offer different finishes with respect to the reflectiveness of the paint.

  • There is flat or matte paint which has the least amount of shine. They provide great coverage but aren't durable. It can get damaged easily.
  • Eggshell finishes are more lustrous than a matte paint finish. Even they provide more coverage and are more durable than the former one.
  • Stain finishes produce a velvety sheen. It is more durable than the other two and can't be easily cleaned.
  • Semi-gloss provides shine, reflection, and durability. It has resistance to mildew formation so can be used in rooms that contain more moisture.
  • High-gloss is the shiniest one of the lists. The most durable, the easier to wash and handle.

Apart from the beauty aspect, different paints are designed to give different outcomes. Some paints provide protection against rain and other arid climates, some against corrosion and degradation. Some of them are suggested to use in bathrooms and kitchens whereas others in bedrooms and living rooms. Each shade can create a different environment in the room. Some produce a more vibrant look while others have a warm and inviting appearance. There are numerous companies that produce multiple shades like a regular matte finish, aluminium coating, cement coating, and many more. The top five leading paint companies in India are-

    Asian paints colour

They are considered to be the largest painting company in Asia. Founded in 1942, they have more than 75 years of experience in producing paints and giving highly professional services. They have a set of extremely trained professionals who excelled in texture and specialty paint finishes. They offer expert guidance and also provide painting service and consultation regarding their product. The customer service and feedback provided by the company are outstanding. They offer services in areas like interior design, safe painting services, sanitation services, wood solutions, waterproofing solutions, and colour consultancy online.

They have about 2200 colour sections, wood paints, metal paints, numerous interior and exterior textures as well as stencil designs. They have waterproofing services for terraces, tanks, bathrooms, interior, and many more.

    JSW paints

JSW Group started through steel, and cement, then they moved onto furniture and now paints. They manufacture and market both industrial coating as well as home decorative paints. They offer water-based paints for both interior and exterior paints, wood paints, and metal paints. The brand promises high quality water-based decorative paints which is the only company with such a portfolio in the country. They have about 1800 shades which are tested and certified for best performance with a life expectancy of 3, 5, or 7 years. They ensure that there is a smooth and consistent relationship between the company and the customer. To ensure that this takes place properly, a JSW Paints Buddy is available in the painting area to assist customers and the painting specialist.

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    Royal paint

Established in 2010 with the aim to provide complete satisfaction with its multiple variety products to customers. They have a 24/7 customer service support centre. It provides both interior and exterior services like surface repair, custom paint selection with full protection for different surfaces, while removal of wallpapers, paints, and stains, power washing, faux finishes, cabinet refacing, and many more. Royal Paints produce decorative paints, marine paints, industrial paints, wood paints, traffic signal paints, and alkyd resins. They value their standard for high quality products produced thanks to novel technology and equipment.

    Apex paint

Functioning in Pune, Apex Paint is one of the foremost painting and coating companies in India. They have a quality policy that ensures high quality products alone are delivered to their trusted customers. Their products and services include decorative interior and exterior paints, precise automated shade matching, wood polish, paint, and other accessories, and painting accessories like turpentine, brush, and polish. They work with trained and experienced painters to produce finished and precise work. Apex paints use advanced machinery and technologies to automatically match shades. With Apex paints automated shade matching service, you can achieve your dream home colour.

    National paints

In 2008, National Paints established their new plant in Kochi, Kerala. They emphasize an environmentally friendly policy to protect nature and to keep it clean. They aim to produce high quality products using scientific methods and techniques to satisfy their ever-growing customer needs. They focus on decorative paints, protective and industrial coatings, wood finishes, floor coatings, automotive, powder coatings, marine and yacht coating, National PVC foil, all of which are environmentally friendly products. Their traditional decorative paints like Emulsions, Acrylic, and Polyurethane can be used for both interior and exterior coatings. Their protection and industrial coating provide protection for steel materials against corrosion.

After painting the walls, one of the major problems we face is that it gets dirty, especially when it is light-coloured walls. To keep the walls like the first day of painting, one should regularly maintain them by dusting, washing, and removal of stains. Dust the walls to remove dust, dirt, and cobwebs. Wash kitchen and bathroom walls regularly. If the walls are coated using paint that is safe to wash, then you can wash these walls too. You need not wash the entire wall, just the high-traffic areas where it gets dirty really quick.