Some tips and tricks to wall painting

Some tips and tricks to wall painting

India is a land of colours and we absolutely love them and we incorporate this philosophy when we are painting our living spaces and offices and other establishments all around us. Colours have the ability to transform these spaces in a way nothing else can, whether its a fresh coat of painting or different designs for our homes these colours are not just having the ability to affect our moods but they also have the ability to infuse life into these living spaces.

Painting is an important thing to consider whether we are renovating our current house or moving into a new apartment. If people are familiar with these different concepts and know hows surrounding the painting world we will be able to make the most out of our painters when we hire them for painting our homes.

When you are painting either your office or your living space some of the things you may ponder in the back of your head will be which is the best combination for my dining room should I go for marble paint or should I go for stucco paint that appears to have more lustre and more depth added to it?

In such instances instead of pulling your hair out just google your queries like a smart person of the 21st century you will come across various blogs or articles like this that will explain to you things in a brief and concise manner like-

How to choose the right colour for your walls

When it comes to painting your walls choosing the right colour is never an easy choice to make, there are so many things to consider like for instance whether the colour goes along with the lighting of the room, if it's like an already used room then the new painting should go along with the various objects that are already there in the room like the dining table chairs cushions like, the curtains, etc.

Always keep in mind it's better to find a colour that agrees with the various dcor of your home than to find suitable furniture and fabrics that go along with your new wall paint.

When it comes to painting your home don't limit it to few generic colours that come in your paint contractors brochures explore more try to get your inspirations from multiple places like online painting blogs, magazines and you are bound to get more inspiration.

How technology can simplify wall painting

Thanks to digitalization nowadays almost all leading paint companies around the world like Dulux, Kansai, PPG are providing colour visualization tools through their apps and websites, with this you will be able to decide whether to go for a chrome paint or a marble paint when it comes to painting your walls. So the next time you are confused about choosing the right paint for your walls, use one of these apps to fire up the inner artist inside you and fire up your imaginations one by one till you find the right paint for your walls.

How to Choose Dominance and Subtleness with a Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is a circular chart that shows an abstract arrangement of colours around a circle, it shows the relationships between these various primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours etc.

In the colour wheel, the colours adjacent to each other will blend along with each other and will look harmonious when seen in unison. At the same time, the colours opposite to each other in the colour wheel will complement each other and will create a vibrant look.

But keep in mind this in mind when choosing vibrant colours, one of them should be used as a dominant colour and the other should be used as a subtle one to avoid any disturbing results.

So whether you are going for terracotta paint, rubber paint or even latex paint for the matter use a colour wheel to come up with great combinations for your wall paintings.

Before using these online visualization tools or the colour wheels the first question you should be asking yourself is what kind of mood the room should be created in, should the room give you this calm and soothing feel whenever you enter it, or should it fill you up with energy whenever you are stepping into it. It has been proven by psychologists that colour has the ability to affect a person's moods and personality.

For instance the colour of most Indian bathrooms will be blue and why not green paint ever wondered why is that? The colour blue is chosen over others owing to its calm and serene effect on people.

How to choose from a wide variety of paints

Any pigmented liquid or a liquefiable solid mastic solution that gets converted to a solid film after being applied to a substrate in a thin layer can be called a paint, but despite this, there are so many variations to them. To cite an example a rubber paint is different from latex paint and these two are completely different from electric paint.

Water-based paints

A majority of paints available in the market will fall into this category, the water-based or latex paints despite their names don't have any latex inside them instead they contain vinyl and acrylic.

When you are buying latex paints know that the more acrylic they contain the better quality paints they are.

Oil-based paints

People mostly use oil-based paints for painting surfaces like floors, woodworks, furniture, and doors. Compared to the water-based paints the oil-based paints will take longer to dry and since they are having a shiny appearance they won't be able to hide the imperfections well.

Some other paint variants

Putty paint

This is powdered white cement that is mixed with water and other additives to create a solution that is applied to walls to fill cracks, imperfections, and gaps in walls.

Varnish paint

Despite the name the varnish paint is neither a paint nor a stain, in their native state they don't have any color but they can be pigmented as desired.

Pu paint

PU paint is short for Polyurethane paintings, for a long time these paints are used as finishing coatings in automotive industries, offshore and onshore steel structures, etc.

ICI paint

ICI is now part of the Akzo Nobel, ici paints are mostly used for decorative and performance coatings.

Chalkboard paint

living up to their namesake these paints are having the ability to turn any item or wall in which they are applied into a chalkboard or blackboard in which you can write and draw to your heart's content.

Com paint

These are aerosol paints that are used for leaving quick and semi-permanent markings on construction and surveying areas.

Fluorescent paint

These paints are available in a wide variety of colours, the fluorescent paintings are mostly used for creating theatrical lightings, effects and entertainment. The chemicals present in these paints will absorb the invisible UV radiation and then emit lights that have longer wavelengths belonging to a particular colour.

Going for the finishing stroke

Now that you are familiar with the different types of paints and the various techniques and tools you can employ while making your choice of paints now you should learn about paint finishes to give a befitting masterstroke to all your rooms.


These water-based or latex paints are having a reflective sheen with a velvety texture because of this they are really good at hiding the imperfections of the wall. However, it's a nightmare when it comes to cleaning as they may come off on the clothes or sponge being used to clean them.


Compared to water-based paint and mirror paint these paints are having a shining appearance that is more reflective than matte-based paints. The marks will still be visible but these are good choices for common areas in homes like living rooms and dining rooms.


Satin-based paints come in both oil-based and water-based paints compared to the above two options. Satin paints are one of the best options as these paints are having the right amount of shine to them and they are also easy to clean up after spills.