Guide to White Washing and Types of paints available

Guide to White Washing and Types of paints available

Be it your home sweet home or a place of work, a little sprinkle of colour only makes things better. Painting has been an important step in construction of buildings. Nobody likes to step in a box of dull walls. Since time immemorial humans have been painting their houses through naturally extracted colours. If you go to the countryside in India you would come across these beautiful huts painted in baby blue, whatever may be the status or the scale, everyone likes to decorate their houses.

If you think that painting buildings is all about decoration then you are extremely wrong. Colours play a vital role in influencing us psychologically. Hospitals have different colours for different rooms depending upon the kind of patients to keep them positive; A company office may have a theme that it needs to follow and align with the national policies; schools have a color scheme that keeps the environment vibrant and motivated.Thus it is imperative that you put a lot of thinking on what you want to paint your walls with.

Lastly, the most significant factor is the kinds of paints available. Different kinds have different levels of endurance towards naturally occurring chemical processes or daily wear and tear, as such it only makes sense for you to find the type of paint that suits your maintenance cost or stays up to the next white washing cycle. We have discussed some of the options which are in trend now for you to make the best choice-

Distemper paint-

Distemper paint is the most used and most cost effective paint. It is made up of water, chalk and pigment, bounded by animal glue or casein. Also known as cement paint, this can be applied directly to walls without any prior coating of primer. These look fine for 3 to 4 years.

However, distemper paint is neither completely washable and is not mark resistant. So if these things are not a factor to you, this seems like a great choice especially considering the money vs life span factor.

Plastic Paint-

Plastic paint as the name suggests gives off a plastic like shine, smoothness and look. It is oil based and is expensive. This is used mostly in show rooms, auditoriums, theatres, basically a building that commands fetching attention or to give an eye-catching look.

A lot of households use plastic paint for highlighting doors and windows. Plastic paint uses water for thinner. However, plastic paint is prone to scratches and has a odour that does not suit everyone, which luckily fades over time. In conclusion these are a great choice for places that need to look chique and shiny.

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Primer Paint-

Primer paint is a paint that is used as an undercoating before painting them with colours. Primer paint makes the walls even and smooth, and helps the colours stick well and come out blooming. Using primer paint also helps reduce the number of coatings of the colour thus reducing the overall cost. Generally two coats of primer are enough to conceal all the damage. Primer paints are cheaper and should definitely be used if possible.

Charcoal Paint-

As the name suggests a charcoal paint is a paint greyish black in colour made out of charcoal. Charcoal paint is a niche product and is generally used to paint things like the black board. But if used creatively and wisely, charcoal paint can be used in buildings for various purposes or to simply elevate a wall of a room, with a texture engraved upon it. Definitely a unique choice, but a great one if rightly used!

Epoxy Paint-

A latex acrylic product, epoxy paint was originally designed for industrial usage. Epoxy paint was used for flooring application. It is known to provide a protective coating that stays for a long period of time and requires less maintenance. It is resistant to corrosion and chemicals, thus making it a great choice for places that witness heavy wear and tear like factories, garages and so on.

What better than the fact that it also provides a shine to it like the plastic paint, thus making it a complete package. So if you are looking to paint an area with high engagement, this would be the right fit!

Duco Paint-

Duco paint, popularly mispronounced and known as deco paint, is a paint essentially used for wood and metal. It dries faster and retains the colors for a longer span. It is also water resistant. It comes in gloss or matte finish. Wooden furnitures require finesse which is provided by duco paint. Initially duco paint was only used in automobile industries but became popular over time.

Duco paint is different from polishing of wood, thus it can serve as an alternative and a better one at that! However, duco paint hides the natural texture and grains of the woods, so if you are yearning to have a more rustic and authentic look, duco paint might not be a good option. But, if that is not an issue and you would in fact like to experiment with colours, duco paint is good to go!

Waterproof paint-

Waterproof paint is a necessity, especially outdoors or indoor if you have notorious kids. Waterproof paint is like the primer except used above the paint. It is oil or latex based. Once you are done with colouring your walls a coating of water proof paint is applied to seal the colours and protect it from water.

Waterproofing is also important for areas that witness a lot of retention of water in the walls like the bathrooms if you live in apartments or basements. However, it must be noted that no paint guarantees 100% waterproofing. Nonetheless it is better to have some cure than none at all. Although, waterproof paint translates to additional expenses, it is a wise investment in the longer run.

This was the directory that was required for you to figure out the best choice of paint for you. Most of these products are available at reasonable prices, with different companies offering a variety of options and price range. White washing is a once in a while process and hence one should not compromise with the quality here as not only will these have visible effects but also affect your health. That being said, have a safe and budget friendly whitewashing..!