Types of Different Paints and Their Applications

Types of Different Paints and Their Applications

If there is one thing that cannot be not seen or neglected, its colours. Everywhere you turn your head, there is a different colour captivating your eyes and enhancing brightness to your surroundings. For a while, Humans thought that colours can only be seen in the environment, which was indeed proved wrong later.

Smashing bright berries and other bright coloured items from nature, colours were formed manually. One of the highest usage of colours was found in fashion, art and of course construction. Different colours were incorporated in paints, making them highly desirable to shade things humans.

Starting from basic colours, various vibrant shades were developed and later it was made into a huge industry with high sought after produces. One of the commonly found uses of Colours, is in Paint.


Paint has been around the world for several years. They are found being used in art, to paint beautiful paintings, turning canvas into a piece of wonder, or in fashion, where beautiful colours are mixed to create new colours and later put into threads and outfits. One of the major industrial uses of paint includes the painting of buildings in construction.

Since the development of paint, buildings have been painted wonderful colours to make them look more attractive and bright. They make the built houses more magnificent and sometimes even the usage of right paints can make a house look royal. People use paint to personalize their homes, to input some of themselves in their houses.

Paints are normally classified into many types. Some of them are as follows:

  • Enamel Paint
  • Oil Paint
  • Emulsion Paint
  • Cement Paint
  • Stone Paint
  • Wood Paint
  • Metal Paint and much more.

Based on the techniques used and the surface on which the paint is used, the texture of paint tends to differ. The textures stimulate 2 senses of a human, sight and touch. The texture depends on Paint and its application, or the addition of other exterior materials like leather and such.

Texture painting is one of the great ways to cover up drywalls and tends to have heavy consistency. It creates a rough pattern on the wall, yet making it look attractive. It consists of gypsum and sand, bound by a water thinned binder.

Some Types of Paints and Their Applications:

Stone Paint:

Since Stones are highly porous, when painted,they get soaked into stones. So people don't normally use basic paints to paint stones. People normally use acrylic latex primer to cover up a darker stone and paint them in light colours.

People also use spray bottles to lightly mist the surface, so that the paint doesn't get soaked into the stones. Hence, to avoid these tedious works, Stone paints are used to make them last longer and stronger.


  • Used to paint on natural stones
  • Used to paint stone buildings.

Enamel Paint:

Enamels, one of the best inventions in the field of paint, is highly used to coat the buildings to give them a glossy finish. Normally, the term Enamel Paint is used to describe oil based paints that are used to gloss materials or hard surfaces. They have a significant amount of gloss in them.

Some enamel paints on the other hand, are made by adding varnish to oil based paints. The vitreous enamel is also used in art as commercial enamel paints. They can also be called nitrocellulose based paints, yet which have been majorly replaced by alkyd, acrylic and vinyl, due to its safety.

Enamel Paint are further classified into:

  • Floor Enamel
  • Fast Dry Enamel
  • High Temp Enamel
  • Nail Enamel
  • Epoxy Enamel and much more.


  • Used to paint on Concrete, stairs, basements, porches and patios.
  • Used on Refrigerators, Counters and other industrial finishes.
  • Has Waterproof and RotProof properties.
  • High Temp Enamel may be used for Engines, brakes, exhaust and BBQs.

Wood Paint:

The water based formula of wood paints are much less toxic than the other ingredients used in other types of paint. They last long, dry quickly and have less odour. The most commonly used wood paint is acrylic or mixed media paints. Yet, even before using wood paint, you must prepare the surface before you paint.

The main ingredients in wood paint include unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, etc. Wood paint can be used with brushes and also sprays.For some paints, Primer must also be applied.


  • Enhances the appearance of the surface.
  • Keep the surface moisturized and prevent rotting.
  • Hides the original surface of the wood.

Metal Paint:

Metal Paint colours include White, Gray, Black, Beige, Natural and many more. Metal Paint is found in a variety of vibrant colours too. Metal Paints are normally paints based with special features. Oil Based and Water Paints can also be used as Metal Paints.

While Oil Based are the most durable, Water based offer fewer fumes and dries fast too. Spray Paint, on the other hand, can be used to cover irregular surfaces.

Rust Resistant Metal Paints are used to paint surfaces of moisture prone surfaces, while high heat paint can also be used in heat generating surfaces. They are painted on metals to give them a sparkling look and also called as metal flake or polychromatic paint. Surfaces are evened and primers are also used at times.


  • Used to paint automobiles.
  • Used to Paint on metals that need protection from rusting.
  • Metal Paints are normally used to paint metallic surfaces to keep the metal from corroding from moisture
  • They make the metal gleam and makes it look attractive
  • They are used on high heat generating objects like engines, vehicles and much more.

Emulsion Paints:

Emulsion Paints are one of the most popular paints used in recent times. With the pigments trapped tiny polymer particles, when suspended in water, they fuse together. When the particles are fused together, they create a film of paint on the wall making it look attractive and even in vibrant colours. In Emulsion Paints, vinyl or acrylic is added for long time durability.

Emulsion Paints are subjected to a variety of finishes, that include:

  • Gloss
  • Satin
  • Eggshell
  • Silk
  • Flat and
  • Matt.

Since they are water based, they are easy to apply and dry soon. They are also washable and moisture resistant. They are even stain resistant.


  • They are used to paint walls and ceilings.
  • They are used in the maintenance of houses, by painting them with water resistant emulsion paints.
  • Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint gives the wall/ceiling a matt finish, which evens the small imperfections on the surface, making them look good to paint.
  • They are moisture resistant, weather resistant used for both interior painting and external surface coating of buildings.

Cement Floor Paint:

Otherwise known as Masonry Paints or Concrete Paints, Cement Floor paints are paints which are designed specially for concrete and cement floors. They can change the uneven concrete floors into something even and attractive.

The most special feature of cement floor paint is that it contains binders, allowing the coat of paint to expand and contract, along with the cement during different weather conditions. These low luster acrylic paints are designed to conceal imperfections of the concrete surface.


  • Used to paint Cement Porches, Patios and any kind of concrete surface.
  • Painted on concrete surfaces to avoid cracking,UV damage, Fading and of course scuffing.
  • Used to paint cement indoors, indoors,basements, practically anywhere concreted to keep them attractive and safe.

Paints are normally known to be used to paint the houses with gorgeous colours to make them look attractive, yet they have many other advantages that are added bonuses to their colours. New discoveries are being made in paints, making them more and more enhanced as day passes by. Some of the renowned paint companies of India include:

  • Asian Paints
  • Berger Paints
  • Kansai Nerolac Paints
  • Akzo Nobel India
  • Nippon Paints
  • Shalimar Paints and much more.

Choose the right paint with perfect quality at affordable rates, painting your house colours and make your dream come true in flying colours.