Best Submersible Pump Brands Available In India

A submersible pump is one of the essential devices used in household and commercial sectors nowadays. It's been almost a decade since the use of submersible pumps has advanced in our country. Every sector faces some or other Water shortage issues, and to make your life easier, brands are working hard to cope with the latest technology and come up with different submersible pumps for different uses to satisfy the customer's requirements. Earlier the installation cost of submersible pumps was quite high, but in today's time, it is comparatively low. So it is quite affordable for household sectors in both rural and urban areas. Submersible pumps are used to pump out underground water from a well or a tank to solve the water shortage problems. They are even used for irrigation purposes.

Choosing the right submersible pump as per your requirement is cumbersome and a very tricky job that too when there are so many different types of submersible pumps manufactured by different brands. There are different types of submersible pumps manufactured in India, i.e., utility submersible pumps, bladder submersible pumps, fountain submersible pumps, borehole submersible pumps, well submersible pumps, and grinder submersible pumps. Before choosing the submersible pump, always know your purpose behind buying it. After that, check the features of the submersibles, the kind of water you are planning to pump out, discharge height, pump flow switch, and the backup system. One should always check the reviews and ratings of the products on various e-commerce sites to make a comparison. Based on certain factors, we have curated for you a list of some of the best submersible pump brands available in India.

Texmo Submersible Pumps

If you want to buy a pump, which is easy to install, easy to maintain, and is an extremely low weight to power ratio, then you should consider buying a Texmo submersible pump. Texmo submersible pumps are also known by the name of Taro. Texmo offers a wide variety of pumps to meet diverse requirements. Submersibles manufactured by Texmo are noiseless. Some applications of Texmo submersible pumps are:

  • Used in the extraction of water from bores of the dimension of diameter 3 or more
  • Supplying water to hotels, hospitals, and other commercial establishments.
  • Domestic water supply to multi-story apartments and big residential areas.
  • Pressure boosting applications.

Kirloskar Submersible Pumps

Kirloskar is the brand, which is known for its water submersible pumps and power generators. Kirloskar provides you with numerous variants of submersible pumps that are known for their reliability and durability. The submersibles are made up of stainless steel, making them durable for use. Kirloskar is one of the largest pump-making companies in India. If you want to buy a pump for domestic use, which is easy to use, you should plan to buy it from Kirloskar. The main advantage of buying a Kirloskar submersible pump is, you can save a lot on electrical consumption. Some applications of Kirloskar submersible pumps are:

  • Used in fire fighting
  • Farming and irrigation projects
  • Drinking water application
  • Water supply to urban areas.

CRI Submersible Pumps

CRI is a very well-known brand in India and is famous for its submersible pumps. The brand is known for its enormous sales and service network. The submersible pumps are made up of stainless steel and are rust-free. Talking about the pumps used in CRIs submersible pumps, the pumps are highly efficient to use. The company offers a wide range of submersible pumps. The submersible pumps consume extremely low power and have minimal operating noise. Some applications of CRI submersible pumps are:

  • Used in ponds, clean water fountains, and gardens
  • Water supply in irrigation in rural areas
  • Domestic water supply
  • Industrial and mining work