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1.5 Hp Submersible Pumps

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Want a top-quality submersible pump? 1.5HP Submersible Pumps are here!

1.5hp submersible pumps are an ideal option for a good pump. They are easy to install, easy to use, and efficient in pumping water from wells. Likewise, they are usable for irrigation purposes and can operate in ponds or lakes. These types of pumps are more powerful and have an open design which makes them suitable for outdoor and indoor use. 1.5 hp submersible well pumps are helpful in residential applications where the pump is installable inside the house or building, such as basements, crawl spaces, and garages. Besides, they can also work below ground level as per the requirement.

A submersible pump plunges into the fluid that needs pumping. It can be either an open or secure well type of submersible pump. According to application requirements, they are available in different sizes, power ratings, and flow rates. The 1.5 hp submersible well pumps operate flawlessly in open wells and efficiently pump water from deep underground.

Brands Offering 1.5HP Submersible Pumps

Damor: The 1.5 hp submersible water pumps by Damor contain an in-built overload motor shielding with auto-reset for the split capacitor. The Noryl impeller, along with rotors and shafts of superior steel, enhance the durability of the pumps. The mechanical seal includes carbon ceramics for reliable performance.

Kirloskar: This brand offers highly efficient submersible pumps with energy-saving configurations. The 1.5 hp open well submersible pumps by Kirloskar have an innovative design. Their energy consumption is pretty lower, leading to electricity bill savings. The pumps are lightweight, compact, and have a wide voltage design with rotating parts.

Sameer: The submersible pumps by Sameer are famous for their sturdy designs in the segment. They have durable motor life along with a control panel. In addition, they also protect against thermal overload. There is a PP impeller of heavy-duty with vane-type fins to boost lifting capacity.

Crompton: The 1.5 hp submersible well pumps by Crompton function effortlessly and require lesser maintenance. Their power requirements are relatively lower to deliver energy-efficient performance. The mechanical design is reliable, strong, and robust, which enhances the consistency of pumps. Moreover, the submersible pumps can resist the backpressure easily without any damage.

Havells: The submersible pumps by Havells feature an energy-efficient motor that performs well at higher temperatures. Their pumps are installable in underground water tanks. Further, the suction power of the pumps is relatively higher and provides superior discharge in the operating range. The pump casting includes high-grade materials to withstand rust, wear, and tear.

Compatible Features of 1.5HP Submersible Pumps

Ideal for residential purposes: The 1.5 hp submersible water pumps are an affordable option that homeowners can use when they need to install water wells in their backyard or property. These pumps are perfect for small-scale projects that do not require much power and are utilizable for irrigation, such as watering flowers, vegetables, or lawns.

Suitability: The submersible pumps are great for use in small to medium-sized ponds and waterways with an open bottom or concrete casing. However, the 1.5 hp submersible well pumps are compatible with wells having plastic casings, typically found in smaller ponds or waterways with less than 3 feet of depth at the intake point. These pumps require an open well system to provide adequate suction power.

Energy adeptness: The 1.5 hp open well submersible pumps come in handy for applications without access to an electrical power source. Likewise, they are suitable for use in ponds and wells containing water that is not potable. They are also ideal for small irrigation systems where electricity would be too costly or impractical.

Comprehensive application: The submersible pumps are suitable for a broader range of applications than other pumps because they can easily fit in well of any size. They have a higher flow rate and come with various options for installation.

Compact and easy-to-use: The 1.5 hp submersible well pumps have an output capacity of about twice that of 1hp open well submersible pumps. They are more portable and easier to install and require lesser maintenance.

Where to purchase the best 1.5HP submersible pumps?

The 1.5 hp submersible pumps are suitable for pumping water from wells, lakes, ponds, and other sources. These pumps are primarily utilizable for irrigation, industrial and municipal needs. Their usage is common in locations with high groundwater levels and low rainfall and irrigation, industrial uses, and firefighting. Typically, the 1.5 hp submersible well pumps can help rid excess water from your garden or pool. In particular, they deal with high groundwater levels with optimal efficiency. Moglix has a striking collection of authentic and top-quality 1.5 hp submersible pumps.