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Single Phase Submersible Pumps

With changing times, our pumping needs have also changed. Now, we look for less power consuming and more output producing water pumping solutions. Such requirements can be easily fulfilled by single phase electrical powered submersible pumps. These pumps are easy to use and can handle the heavy load easily. Also, browse our full range of Submersible pumps online.

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Single Phase Submersible Water Pumps: Best Water Pumping Solutions for Homes

Single phase pumps are commonly used in household applications and run on a single phase power. These can start easily and do not need a strong starting torque. These pumps can be attached to different power motors and connected directly to the supply line. Usually, these are small-sized, durable, and sturdy pumps. However, carelessness and improper maintenance can lead to a smaller lifespan of these pumps.

You can check the features and characteristics of these pumps here:

  • --> Can be used for both domestic and industrial water supply

  • --> You can easily use these in small and medium-size plants

  • --> These can be fixed easily with sprinkler and drip irrigation systems

  • --> These single phase submersible pumps are available with booster systems

  • --> These can withstand a wide voltage range

  • --> While running, these generate less vibration and lower noise level

Single phase submersible pump price list shows that these pumps are affordable and available at varied prices. You can choose the pump as per your budget.