Know About Submersible Pumps that Can Make your Life Easier

A submersible pump is an airtight sealed motor, which is connected to a pump and is submerged into the water that needs to be pumped. Those are used in both commercial buildings, and household sectors in urban areas as both sectors undergo a swift flow of water supply. In Rural areas, submersible pumps are used to reduce the problem of water shortage. Nowadays, they are also called electric submersible pumps as per the functionality they provide. Submersible pumps are placed in a water reservoir, which needs to be pumped out. They are generally used to pump out sewage, and drainage of floodwater, empty the ponds, and infiltrate the pond. There are many types of submersible pumps available in the market as per the venue of usage. Submersible pumps are used in agricultural fields and wells to fetch the water out. The submersibles have the advantage that they are noiseless. They are highly used for irrigation purposes.

Different types of submersible:

  • Bladder submersible pumps:

    Used in industrial and municipal water testing.
  • Well, submersible pump:

    Used to carry underground water for residential and commercial use.
  • Borehole submersible pumps:

    Used in irrigation, underground mining, or construction pits.
  • Fountain submersible pumps:

    Used to aerate waste from water produced by manufacturing concerns.
  • Utility submersible pumps:

    Used for a lot of household jobs like empty clogged sinks, removing standing water due to rains in the yards, etc. it's the most versatile pump of all.
  • Grinder Submersible Pumps:

    Used to remove garbage disposal from the water

Submersible Pump Price

There are numerous types of submersible pumps available in the market sold by different brands. You have to choose submersible pumps according to your requirement. The selection depends on the purpose first. Based on your purpose, you will get to know which type of submersible pump you want, for example, bladder, fountain, borehole, and grinder submersible pumps. Further, also they have been categorized. So depending on the size of the motor, the pricing varies. Submersible pump costs between INR 5,000- INR 90,000.