Check out the Types of Commercial Chairs and Their Uses

Check out the Types of Commercial Chairs and Their Uses

It's 2021 we live in an age where smartphones have become ubiquitous and even pets are also having their own Instagram accounts but still some of the things still remain the same in the world.

They may undergo changes in their form factor and sizes but their underlying function has always remained the same one such thing is our chairs.

They have been around for a long time, the first one came in 3100 BC at that time it was only used by the royals like the pharaohs, and by 700 BC the Romans came up with the divans which were used by the wealthy Romans.

Then by 532 BC chairs for the common people arrived, and by the time of the renaissance chairs gained mass popularity, and chairs of all shapes and sizes that match with the aesthetics of most homes started arriving. That was how chairs became ubiquitous.

Like we mentioned earlier there are 1000s varieties of chairs across the world, for people with untrained eyes spotting the difference between them can be a task. People all over the world use chairs for mostly a common purpose that is to sit.

And the type of chair you have in your room or office will depend on the design and aesthetics of your place, your use sense of style etc.

Some of the different types of chairs and their uses

Gamer chair:

These gamers are a peculiar bunch. They have a lot of things that are specific to them from laptops to mouses and now they even have a chair unique for their activities called a gaming chair. What makes a gaming chair special more special than a regular office chair is that it can support proper posture while sitting.

When we are sitting in a normal office chair our spine has to support our arms, torso, head against gravity. In our modern times, most people who are in the service and it sector spend an insane amount of time sitting in slouchy positions for so long till it becomes their default position. And a gaming chair was invented to prevent this problem.

Rocking chair:

Also called Aram chair, a rocking chair is a type of chair that has 2 curved bands attached to the bottom of legs, connecting the legs of each side to each other. And rocking chairs or rockers are a favorite among many adults and little children because of their universal ability to generate a rocking motion that can take the user asleep. In a way, the kids rocking chair imitates the process by which a parent rocks a child to sleep.

Wooden folding chairs:

Best suitable for both indoor and outdoor seating, the wooden folding chairs are versatile in nature and a best addition to your furniture list:

Lounge chair:

The lounge chair is known by a number of names throughout the world. In some parts of the world, it is called a long chair and in the united states, the lounge chair is called a reclining chair. And as implied by their name the lounge chairs are mostly used for lounging and leisure, and these chairs are not designed for work or productivity but for only one thing relaxation.

Bar chair:

Bar chair or a bar stool often comes with a footrest to support the feet. The height and the narrowness of the bar chairs make them ideal for use at bars and high tables in pubs and bars.

Student chair:

Whenever we hear of student chairs it brings memories back from our own school and college days, student chairs usually come in sets and will come in generic colors like Red, blue, green, etc.

Rest chair:

Rest chair as their name implies is used for just one thing mostly resting and anything from a sofa chair, rocking chair, lounge chair, steel chair will fit into that description.

Restaurant chairs:

Next to food what adds to an ambiance is the furniture: everything from a single sofa chair, fiber chairs, steel chairs to a wooden dining chair can serve as a restaurant chair. Bar stool chairs can also be found near the bar counters. These chairs ( stool + chair set) are carefully designed to maintain its height, such that they are comfortable to sit on.

Beauty parlour chairs:

These are a common sight in saloons and beauty parlours, the beauty parlour chairs have been designed in such a way that as to provide max satisfaction to the customers.

Parlour chairs:

Were common sights in American and Victorian homes during the colonial times and the presence of parlor chairs in a room signified the family's wealth and fluency.

Saloon chairs:

The saloon chairs are made of a heavy-duty frame and padded with a heavy density sponge and covered with PU leather. Because of the ergonomic design of the salon chairs, the users will be able to comfortably lean back against the chair and rest their legs against the footrest.

Beach chair:

A beach chair is simply a foldable chair that comes with a folding frame and a piece of canvas that serves as a seat and back. Beach chairs are a common sight in beaches, shops, yards, etc.

Recliner chair:

Despite there being so many wide varieties of chairs out there, the ones that can give you an overall relaxing feel are a few. Recliner chairs have been specifically developed keeping in mind the comfort of their users.

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