List of Chairs that suits your Home Decor

List of Chairs that suits your Home Decor

Perhaps the most important furniture we all prefer to have in our living room, reading room, or even in the garden or balcony is a comfortable chair. These are the easiest furniture that can be easily shifted to any of the rooms as per your convenience and freshen up the space.

Well, there are countless chairs in the market, we have prepared a short list of chairs that can be a great addition to your home and grace the aesthetics of your interiors. Read them carefully.

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are a common sight in most homes, and like all other chairs they are also used for a number of things other than just sitting, dining chairs serve a lot of purpose than just a place to rest your legs. Dining chairs can be used as a place to hold our clothes, books and other such things, etc.

Bean bag chairs

The Sacco chair or the bean bag chair is what may be called an anatomic chair as the shape of the chair is determined by the user who is sitting on it. Despite becoming popular among the mainstream masses for a long time the real origin of the bean bag chair can be traced back to the post-war phenomenon that happened in Italy.

Wooden dining chairs

Wooden dining chairs are basically a dining chair that usually comes in sets of 2,4,6etc that is usually housed in the dining rooms of most homes. Wooden dining chairs are a sight among the richer and fluent and come in a range of varieties depending on the type of wood used to make them.

Balcony chair

As their name implies the balcony chairs are chairs that are kept outside at their homes in their garden, in their balcony where they can sit and enjoy the beauty of the outside world.

Sofa chair

The sofa chair is a combination of a sofa and a chair, a sofa being a piece of furniture that can seat 2 or more persons whereas the chair is a piece of furniture usually used for sitting purposes.

Relaxing chair

With a name like relaxing chair it is pretty evident that the chair can be used in a process that results in relaxation. It can be anything from sleeping to watching your favorite movies. So anything from a single sofa chair to a lounge chair will fit into that description.

Bedroom chair

Since chairs have become quite ubiquitous people have started to put them even in bedrooms. And when it comes to bedroom chairs, anything from a single sofa chair, dining chair, the reading chair can be classified as a bedroom chair.

Tub chairs

Tub chairs are known for the comfort they are able to provide for their users. Since the tub chairs are constructed in such a way that allows us to sink into their cushions, the tub chairs can serve as a reading chair, rest chair, sitting chair.

Cane chair

The cane chairs or bamboo chairs are made from bamboo sticks which makes them extremely durable and lightweight. It is this light weightiness of cane chairs is why most people use bamboo chairs in their lawns as outdoor chairs, sitting chairs, reading chairs, etc.

Baby rocking chair

Baby rocking chairs are a baby-friendly version of an Aram chair and they have become a common sight in most homes with toddlers because of their prowess to rock them to sleep.

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