Types and How To Choose a Chair That Suits You The Best

Types and How To Choose a Chair That Suits You The Best

Whether it be an exclusively chic restaurant, a backyard garden, office cabins, school staff rooms, or even our household practically chairs are everywhere. Chairs are like water; we don't pay attention to it but we do need it. Some may use plastic chairs as a crop for dancing while others may be used to comfortable chairs in the office. It's mesmerizing how a kids chair will hold memories of a youngster and an old wooden chair has grandma's memories embedded in it. Every chair has a story of its own. Every chair is designed to meet your needs. Wanna discover a chair as per your need? Keep reading to find your ideal one!

What's up with this chair mess?

The four-legged furniture meant for our sitting isn't merely movable, it means a lot more than that! Although it is a known fact that we should be seated only for 4-8 hours per day, a wrong seating posture may cause serious risks to your health. Sitting causes the hip flexors to shorten and a wrong stance eventually leads to back pains.

Chairs are the comfy places after a buzzing day. They symbolize grandeur when they are explicitly designed for the king and his queen. They also hold spiritual importance as they are considered not only a place for sitting but also a place to calm the mind. The sole reason why you need a good chair is it provides you the comfort you need thereby increasing your productivity. Imagine being seated in a ridiculously uncomfortable chair and working for 6 hours straight! Disgusting isn't it?! This is where you need a good-quality ergonomic chair.

Now the question arises which type of chair do I need? Should I buy chairs online? What's the chair price that fits as per my budget? Let me answer your queries amigos.

Types of Chairs

  • Plastic Chairs:

    Let's start with the simplest of all the plastic chairs. These are the most extensively used furnishings. They are both durable and cost-effective. One can clean them using soap and water and it won't affect their quality at all. They are perfect for everyday use in the kitchen area, or in your backyard gardens, even a perfect fit for living rooms.

    If you are starting home tuitions and need a comfortable seating arrangement then plastic chairs are worth a buy. They come in several designs and a variety of colors to choose from. There are armed or unarmed plastic chairs as well. These are the ultimate budget-friendly, durable, long life, and most versatile of all.

  • Wooden Chairs:

    If you wish to opt for a sleeker and classier look then I bet wooden chairs are your go. Of course, wood is one of the toughest and concrete materials of all. But, at the same time, it gives your room a more warming look as compared to the plastic chairs.

    Certainly, wooden chairs are more expensive than plastic ones but once you purchase a strong built wooden furniture it lasts long! Keep them in sun or wind so they wont get damaged or cracked. Therefore, wooden chairs are surely durable, voguish, expensive (They're worth the price though!), sustainable, versatile, and long-lived all at the same time.

  • Kids Chairs:

    Mickey or Minnie? Blue or pink? Barbie or Hot wheels? Oh dear talk about kids and there are so many varieties to choose from! There are chairs for all age groups whether it be a toddler who needs an armrest and front belts for safety or your young lady and monsieur who can sit and jump from the chair on their own.

    They come in various themes and colors as per the likings of kids. Their material may however vary as you can get a plastic chair or even an inflated rubber chair. The chair price for a kids chair varies according to the theme, material, and durability you choose.

  • Comfortable Chairs:

    Tired of your old and antique couches then it's time to style your rooms with comfortable lounge chairs. These are uniquely designed to provide you the relaxation you need while lying on them. Comfortable chairs are often adjustable and come in a range of patterns one can select from. These are the easy chairs with soft seats that ensure you a cushy and cozy feeling every time you sneak into them. Moreover, they have this elegant look that gracefully fits into your room. If you are a reader and have a library of your own along with a classy taste then a Royal chair is a must for your library, don't you think so? Why fit into sturdy couches and sofa sets when you can bring the charm with a trendy comfortable easy chair.
  • King Chair or Royal Chair:

    The pristine way to feel like royalty is to treat yourself like one. Why imagine being seated on a throne when you can buy one? These flawlessly and exquisitely designed King chairs not only look royal but also change the view of your room dramatically. Royal chairs come with antique designs and styles along with soft cushions to assure you the comfort in a royal way. The chair price for a royal chair depends upon the type of fabric you choose (eg: the leather will have more price), type of design, and quality of wood, etc.
  • Designer or Modern Chairs:

    As the name reveals these are modern chairs to suit your modern homes. Recently the definition of a modern look is everything art must represent a class within itself. No vibrant colors, no extravagant designs and ornaments but pure subtle colors with sleek shiny surfaces and minimal designs. Modern designer chairs come with various sitting patterns. Some may be armed while others are unarmed; egg chair, swan chair, diamond chair are some of the most contemporary designer chairs that will never go out of trend. Imagine yourself sitting in a sophisticated modern chair reading a book and sipping your Sunday coffee. Purely lavish and self-satisfying!


Chairs are totally a must whether it be in terms of comfort or in terms of luxury. If you live alone then you surely want a space to sneak into and get some rest; even your modern rooms and antique libraries look incomplete without a four-legged mode of accommodation. So why wait and ponder whether to get one or not? A chair with comfortable cushions, design of your choice, durable material, and sustainable quality is what you need in your space.

Get yourself an ergonomic chair and notice the change in your productivity levels as you are going to work with double the zeal you've got. Buy a chair for your baby and their levels of happiness will be on cloud nine. Get a set of wooden chairs for your garden area and enjoy the fresh air while seated on your lovely chair. Oh yes, don't forget the Royal chair because everyone amongst us deserves to be treated like royalty by themselves. There's a chair for every need for every room for every space for every feeling! All you need to do is browse through the website of moglix and buy the best chair..!

Chair: FAQs

Q. What does chair mean?

A. A chair is a furniture used for sitting comfortably either in your home and office. Basically, a chair is supported by 4 legs, a supportive back and comes in many different shapes/sizes. Apart from home and office, the chairs are also used in many other places such as hotels and restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, etc.

Q. Which is the best chair?

A. Liberty Chair by Humanscale, Mirra 2 Chair by Herman Miller and Freedom Chair with Headrest by Humanscale are some of the best chairs available in the market.

Q. Which is the best plastic chair?

A. Nilkamal ArmChair, Supreme Plastic Chairs and Ikea ADDE Chair are some of the best plastic chairs available in the market.

Q. What's the most comfortable chair?

A. Steelcase Leap (overall comfortable), Eurotech Vera (best back comfort) and Steelcase Gesture (best for arm comfort) are the most comfortable chairs among others in the market.

Q. What is the best chair for sitting all day?

A. Herman Miller Embody and Steelcase Leap Chair are the top chairs available in the market for sitting comfortably all day.