Different Types of Chairs for Your Home

Different Types of Chairs for Your Home

Chairs are one of the oldest pieces of furniture. It would be interesting to know that chairs were once a symbol of class and opulence, before it became a commodity of common use. Chairs used to be made of carved woods and leather. Over the years, chairs have seen many changes in design. Furniture in the 21st century does not confine to any single purpose, a furniture needs to satisfy a user's aesthetic, health and daily usage needs.

Chairs now are not just made of wood but can also be found to be made of materials like metal, stones, marble and plastic. The design of chairs are based upon ergonomics (which are psychological and physiological principles that govern the engineering of a furniture) and non ergonomic requirements (Like the weight, size, portability, stain resistance and so on). Chairs are essential to any home be it of a bachelor or a family, be it a school or be an office, chairs are everywhere!

Here is a guide that will help gather you information about all the options available and make a sound decision about the one you require at your place.

Chairs for Home:

While looking for chairs for home one needs to keep in mind the room and the space available for the chairs, also whether they are to be used for seating purpose or for display. Sure, chairs serve as an amazing show piece, but one need not spend on the extravaganza if the space does not permit it. Lately minimalistic designs are also in fashion which add little chaos to the room and flawlessly fulfill the purpose.

There are separate chairs available for the dining room, living room, porch and bed rooms. But the best part about chairs is their multiple and interchangeable purposes. Someone who is on a tight budget can buy chairs which fit their dining table but also serve as seating alternatives in their living room, one can always go for chairs which are neutral in design and purpose.

Also, with so many options being available in material it has become quite a task to choose the best. Someone who has a proclivity for decor can go for wood or stone, but someone who has little children in home or needs chairs that can withstand daily wear and tear can go for plastic and metal respectively. Thus, a plethora of options are available to pack your home with chairs!

Lounge Chair for Bedroom:

Gone are the days when bedrooms meant a room with a bed to sleep in, with an increase in the space and modifications in design, bedrooms now can hold a few beautiful furniture items that can make your bedroom look classy! One such furniture is a lounge chair, a lounge chair for bedroom as the name suggests is for lounging or in simpler words relaxing. It is a recliner with an ottoman (a small mattress or cushion) and may or may not have arms. These however are fixed in a reclined position and no alterations can be done.

One should not expect any other use from this as the structure makes it unable for a person to sit on it and be productive, it is meant for relaxing and confines to that. However, these do beautify the bedrooms and serve as great friends in leisure time.

Accent Chairs for Living Room:

Accent Chairs are known to provide a glamour to the room. These chairs are picked up in a different colour and material than the theme of the rest of the furniture of the living room, this difference creates a much needed highlight that catches the eyes the moment one enters the room.

These are used to add a little drama to the living room as they have a theatrical appeal to them with a hint of professional aura. Generally these are mounted upon strong wooden legs, with a high density cushion and glued sturdy arms. However, going by the concept any chair that has a uniqueness to it that separates it from the furniture of the living room can be used as an Accent Chair.

Table Chair for Kids:

Kids have different requirements than adults, therefore it is unfair to make them use the same chairs as the adults. Not only the chairs for adults do not match childrens height, they are also not well adjusted to support their back straining their posture at a very young age. Table Chair for kids encourages them to study for longer sittings and give them a sense of possessing something of their own.

Using and studying on the same chair everyday creates an environment surrounding the place which automatically transfers them to the attentive mode making it easier to concentrate. Some of these chairs also come with storage making it easier for kids to organize their stationery. While buying table chairs for kids one needs to focus upon the space that would be required to accommodate the books, the height of the kid and the time for which the kid will be using the chair.

Chair for Back Pain:

It is no shock that sitting for longer hours is harmful to the backbone, neck and ruins the overall posture. After the COVID-19 pandemic there has also been a rise in the demand for chairs that obey the health requirements and put less strain on the bones. Sitting in the wrong position for that matter is the reason so many cases of spondylitis spring up every day. Not only that, sitting in the wrong position on a chair that does not align with your health needs can also result in severe headaches.

Therefore choosing a chair for back pain that provides the right support is very vital. Luckily there are chairs in the market that are catered to gratify such needs. These chairs are built upon the advice of healthcare and medical professionals. Some of the features of such chairs are an extra support to the lower back, an adjustable height that helps you take care of the eye level and your subject, a headrest that is made to move with the movement of your head. For someone who works for longer hours, constantly sits in front of a screen or is already dealing with backache, this chair is the ultimate solution!

Best Chair for Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain has become a very serious issue even in youth. Most of the chairs provide sufficient back and arm support, but not the same can be said about the lower back. Structurally a space is left between the lower back and the back support of a chair which strains the ligaments.

The best chair for lower back pain would be the one which provides a soft upholstery assisting the lower back and uses a memory foam to adjust to the sitting position of the user. It should also have a lever to adjust the height of the chair with a supportive headrest to cushion against the neck strain.

Some of the best chairs for lower back pain available in the market are- GODREJ INTERIO Ergonomic Motion High Back Executive Chair, Wipro Adapt Executive Ergonomic Office Chair and AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair.