Types of Professional Chairs Available Online

Types of Professional Chairs Available Online

Office chairs are not only a significant product that can affect our productivity but it also is a factor to decor your office into giving a new look. This has become a popular accessory as they come with an elegant and sophisticated design. Even though we all take office chairs for granted and decide to purchase one only when it's broken, we must not ignore the fact that they also leave an impact on our health directly. Office chair prices have a diversified range depending on their type and purpose.

In today's market, there are countless types of office chairs suitable for every kind of preference and taste and are designed specifically to serve a particular purpose. In this article you will be provided with an overview of the kind of office chairs are emerging as a trend along with their suitability and availability.

Types of office chairs:

  • Ergonomic Chairs

These chairs are also known as study chairs. As we know an office worker has to spend almost 9 hours sitting at a desk which creates a great deal of strain and pressure on the body which may result in having several diseases including heart risk, diabetes, and deep vein thrombosis. This study chair ensures you have the perfect posture throughout the day which also lowers the risk of having back pain, neck pain along hip pain due to prolonged sitting.

These chairs are designed to improve your blood circulation and boost your productivity that's why these chairs are both suitable for a student as well as an office worker. These chairs have lumbar support, an adjustable headrest, armrest, and seat height along with a padded seat and back. They come with nylon carpet casters and a stable base.

  • Executive Chairs

The executive office chair is not only comfortable but is also an icon of a bygone era where the height and quality of one's chair are correlated with the superiority of one role. This chair has an excellent way of adjusting to provide support in all the right places along with a premium look and next-level build quality.

If you are looking forward to creating a lasting impression on your clients or workers the executive office chair is worth it all. Especially for tall people, an executive chair is suitable as it gives support to their entire upper body which reduces back pain and long-term heart problems. Also called the high-back office chairs they have backrests that stretch to the upper back.

  • Computer Chairs

Computer chairs, also known as task chairs, are invented specifically to be matched with computer desks. These chairs usually feature some ergonomic adjustments to ensure the customizable comfort of every user. They come with rolling casters to ensure smooth movement around the chair and also have a base of five stars which keeps the perfect body balance.

  • Drafting Chairs

These types of office chairs are best suited for those who often need to stand while they work. Standing for too long has a significant negative impact on the body which can lead to serious health consequences. The drafting chairs are created to match with drafting tables and standing desks as this chair allows you to easily transform from a relaxed sitting posture to a standing position hassle-free.

It supports your back along with your upper and lower body and body weight. These chairs are lightweight hence are easy to move and may even come without a back along with a foot ring where you can comfortably place your foot.

  • Leather Office Chairs

These chairs are elegant as well as sophisticated and command respect and status. These chairs are office chairs covered with leather and are a litter more expensive than the rest of the office chairs. There are different kinds of leather office chairs:

  • Polyurethane (PU) Leather :

    PU leather or faux leather does not include leather components, but its appearance and texture are alike to real leather. They are the most economical among the three varieties of leather office chairs and are normally fade-resistant, watertight, simple to clean, and long-lasting.
  • Bonded Leather :

    Also recognized as reconstituted leather, bonded leather is formed by bonding leather byproducts with polyurethane. They are cheaper than natural leather and the ones that are alike. Nevertheless, bonded leather is not long-lasting as it tends to peel off. It shouldn't be disclosed to direct sunlight which may result in dryness and fading of the leather skin.
  • Genuine Leather :

    This is the costliest out of all the kinds of leather office chairs. It's unbeatable when it comes to breathability, support, stability, and aesthetics but it's also the most difficult one to sustain. Like bonded leather, always keep your genuine leather chair away from direct sunlight to withdraw drying and fading.
  • Balance Ball Chairs

Balance ball chairs are also known as yoga ball chairs and stability ball chairs include a giant inflatable ball which is removable along with a secure base at the seat. Some balance ball chairs have casters and even a backrest to simulate the perspective of traditional office chairs.

These chairs strengthen the core muscles and leg muscles along with better blood circulation around the body. They also seem to improve concentration and productivity helping to burn calories throughout the day as you work. The idea is to get a mini-workout while working and engaging your core muscles while promoting the blood flow.

  • Leaning Sit Stand Chairs

Leaning chairs have become a widespread accomplice with standing desks and in work situations where standing is normal, such as art studios, retail stores, and banks. They implement a way to take short breaks while standing, by helping your bottom as you lean backward. Also named sit-stand chairs, they are height-adjustable to enable you to completely sit down for brief periods.

A leaning sit-stand chair can be an answer to improve various kinds of sitting postures for optimal health. It lets you quickly shift between sitting, leaning, and standing postures. It comes with both an adjustable seat tilt and an articulating pedestal which make these shifts in posture achievable. The elevation of the chair can also be customized to accommodate the different heights of its users or complement the rise of standing desks.

  • 24-Hour Chairs

Also recognized as intensive-use chairs, 24-hour office chairs are intended for extended hours of work. They are different from any other office chairs as they withstand harsh testing and need to establish certain limits before they can be identified as an intensive-use chair. Some of these tests carried are for the posterior tilt, backload, upright armload, seat and base load examination, and swivel bearing fatigue test. It can be said that they are significantly more long-lasting than distinct types of office chairs.

These chairs are best suited for hospitals, call-centers, control rooms, and police stations. Apart from having strong mechanisms and extra sturdy frames and bases, intensive-use chairs usually come with standard ergonomic characteristics such as adjustable height, headrests, and armrests, and lumbar support, all fundamental features for long-term sitting.