What are the different chair types according to built up?

What are the different chair types according to built up?


Different types of chairs are required for different tables/desks and for doing different works. Hence, it becomes pretty hectic for choosing the right chair which suits the best for your desk and also to aid with your task. To make this task easy, we have listed here a wide range of chairs and their uses...

Ergonomic chair

Since most of us as part of our work are spending an awful long time sitting which can in the long term affect our health so ergonomic chairs or desk chairs have been designed in such a way as to improve our body posture.

Folding chairs

When it comes to events like marriage, funeral, sports events it's tough to put regular chairs because of constraints like space, weight etc and Folding chairs are those types of chairs that are usually used in such situations as they are lightweight, foldable, and very easy to move around.

Revolving chair

Revolving chairs or Rolling chairs or moving chairs are a common sight in offices all over the world. The main reasons responsible for the universal popularity of these rolling chairs or moving chairs are because of their ergonomic design and the convenience they provide to their uses when it comes to mobility.

Steel chairs

Steel chairs are used for a number of purposes from serving as dining chairs to chairs used during functions. People mostly prefer steel chairs for their low cost and they are sturdy built.

Wing chairs

Wing chairs are something we see normally in western movies and tv series near the fireplaces, the wing chairs are so-called as they come up with wings attached to the back of the chair and may in some cases extend down towards the armrest also. The wings are placed to shield the occupant of the chair from the drafts and trap the heat coming from the fireplace.


Mostly chairs are used for one purpose that is sitting then there are exceptions like armchairs, recliner chairs, wooden armchairs, etc can be used for more than just sitting. You can curl up in them and sleep peacefully. Armchairs have been carefully designed in such a way as to provide good levels of comfort to their users.

Round chair

The furniture that occupies a room is what improves the ambiance of a room and based on the type of furniture that occupies a room the whole look and feel of the room will change. And round chairs are mostly found in houses of gen z occupants who prefer to use them for their peculiar large rounded bowl shape that can be adjusted to different angles.

Balloon chair

Balloon chairs are something which we usually see in preschools and kindergartens. Balloon chairs come in different shapes and sizes but mostly in the form of characters that are appealing to toddlers.

Fibre chairs

Fibre chairs are nowadays becoming the new favorites among the middle class when they are on the lookout for home furniture. Fiber chairs come in a number of shapes, colors, and people prefer them because of their ability to support huge loads of weight and their durability.

Steelcase chairs

Steelcase chairs are preferred by those who don't want to make any compromises when it comes to quality. People are willing to pay a premium for steel case chairs because of their ergonomic design and their extreme durableness.


Well, this was the list of different types of chairs and their uses. Make the best use of this ultimate guide article for buying your ideal chair. For more information just log on to the moglix where you can find still more types of chairs from the top brands.