Crompton Fans India for unmatched cooling experience

Crompton Fans India for unmatched cooling experience

With summer down the corner, a lot of people are looking to buy or renew their fans to fight the heat. Operating AC or a cooler 24*7 is not a good idea, for basic needs we do require a fan. Fans not only provide air but are also essential in maintaining the air quality, humidity and ventilation of the area. No wonder these are used all year long!

And not to forget, fans also fetch much attention in the room, so these have to be pleasant looking. Many people now look for fans that match the theme and colour scheme of their home or office. Having an alluring fan design and colour can really provide an edge to your space.

Whenever one thinks of fans in India, Crompton is the first brand that comes to mind. Crompton has created a legacy that is going to remain unmatched in the coming years. Crompton is known for its energy efficient and stylish electrical appliances. Crompton fans come in a wide variety that can embellish your home, some of these are mentioned below for better understanding and a wise decision!

Crompton BLDC fans:

BLDC stands for brushless DC electric motor. Crompton uses this technology which results in their fans being highly efficient and less power consuming. With the use of BLDC technology, 50-60% of energy can be saved in comparison to a regular fan. Crompton BLDC fans have many models and are available in multiple designs and sizes. These are indeed the need of the hour and one must look for a BLDC fan as far as possible!

Crompton Ceiling Fans-

The most used and of course the most in demand fan that Crompton offers is a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans, as the name suggests, are fixed on a ceiling with a switch and a regulator for speed mounted in the switch board. These do not require external plugging. These are considered to be the most elegant and efficient fans. Crompton ceiling fans are not only aesthetic but these are energy efficient, as these use Active BLDC, which cuts down power usage by 50%. These are also aligned with technologies that make them noise less and reduce the dust accumulation and are often known as Crompton Greave fans where greave stands for the covering on the fan blades. Some models also have underlight making the fans look ultra glamorous!

Crompton Table Fans:

Table fans are portable and can be carried to places. Thus, these are extremely useful for people who have temporary residence like students or in places where multiple people use the fan. Table fans are great for small rooms. These require external plugging. Crompton table fans also come in a number of designs and colours that will gel well with the aesthetics of your room. Table fans are also very economical and require less maintenance. These fans also come with a metal grill, so do not worry about anyone touching and injuring themselves with the fan blades. Crompton offers upto 5 blades of table fans with their blades covered in plastic protection. These also come with thermal overload protection thus ensuring all round safety.

Crompton Wall Fans:

A wall fan or a wall mounted fan is a fan fixed on the wall, these are usually seen in office buildings. Wall fan Crompton come in extremely attractive designs and features. These fans are popular due to the space they save. They also provide a different look to the room. Crompton wall mounted fans also come with neck tilting features, thus the air is circulated in every direction. These also have finger proof grills to make them safe. These are extremely economical and compared to ceiling fans and are a tough competition to them!

Crompton Exhaust Fans:

Exhaust fans are used to remove moisture and odours from rooms. These are especially used in kitchens and bathrooms. It might sound like a small deed, but these fans are of utmost importance if you do not want your home to be smelling like curry. Crompton exhaust fans come with 3 and 5 blades and have a strong metal body. Crompton Kitchen fans or bathroom fans are also rust proof. These offer automatic odour removal, dust protection, aerodynamic blades and also have a long shelf life. One must not think much and spend on these for a healthy air environment.

Crompton Stand Fans-

Stand fans or Pedestal fans are portable and easy to handle electrical fans. These are in a huge demand lately because of their sleek design. Crompton stand fans can be carried to any room and be used effectively. Crompton pedestal fans are especially popular among buyers because of their durability and low maintenance. These are easy to clean and can be used in multiple places. The USP of Crompton stand fans are that these are noiseless and also can be operated via a remote.

Crompton Anti Dust Fans:

Cleaning ceiling fans can indeed be a tedious task! As such to have a fan that is dust repellant can be a huge relief. Crompton anti dust fans are a hit among the buyers due to this reason. These use duratech technology, where the blades are coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating after being coated with the colour. This coat reduces friction and repels water and dust particles. This anti dust technology reduces 50% of dust attraction and makes the fans easier to clean. These anti dust ceiling fans also use CRNGO steel which increases the efficiency. Beside these features these also work on ActivBLDC technology.

Crompton Tower Fans:

A tower fan is a long fan, which is mounted on the floor on which it oscillates, these are also known as kitchen fans as they are used in kitchens. Crompton tower fan is not only stylish looking but also comes with personalized air flow. It has a speed of 2600 RPM and is designed such that it does not affect the stove flames. This Crompton kitchen fan is named Crompton Air buddy and would indeed be a buddy when it comes to cooking in summer with additional heat.

Crompton Remote Fans:

Cromton is known to be ahead in technology, thus Crompton offers a remote controller for easy access and control of the fan from any place in the room. Be it a ceiling fan or a stand fan, Crompton has an option for remote in every category. Crompton remote fans let you control their power, speed, and also offer modes and times. These can indeed be of much importance when you have a huge space, as in the case of offices.

Some of the best Ceiling fans offered by Crompton and their prices are mentioned below:

Crompton Silent Pro:

As well established, Cromton is focussed upon providing noiseless experience to their customers. Crompton silent pro fans are the best of their lot. It is 2 times more silent than a regular fan. It has a 240 CMM air delivery. It uses Active BLDC technology, thus reducing the power consumption by 50%. It also comes with a point-anywhere remote with multiple pairing. Add to this the ultra sleek and modern design and you have the perfect fan!

Crompton Aura:

Aura is one of their best sellers. It is a traditional looking and economically available ceiling fan. Crompton Aura fan has a high speed of 380 RPM. It has 100% Copper winding thus making it durable and long lasting. The blades are designed aerodynamically to provide higher air flow efficiency. It also has a double ball bearing for smooth functioning, while the two piece construction enables noise free operation.

Crompton Aura Prime

Another of their best sellers is Crompton Aura Prime. This uses anti dust technology to reduce the dust settlement. It has a speed of 380 RPM, thus will definitely give a cool environment. It also comes with double ball bearing and two piece construction. It has a 100% copper winding. It comes in 10 colours option as well to mix up with your rooms colour scheme.

Crompton High Speed:

One of their most renowned models is Crompton high speed fan. True to its name, this fan has a speed of 370 RPM. It is a classic model, which comes with copper winding for durability and wide blades which provide higher air delivery. It is a simple looking budget friendly ceiling fan.


Hope after reading this article you will have a clear picture in your mind about selecting the right fan for your home or office. We at Moglix offer an extensive range of ceiling fans, pedestal fans, table fans, wall mounted fans, and more. Buy now to grab some amazing deals..!