Different types of Fridge in the market

Different types of Fridge in the market

This is one of the important home appliances in this modern world. The average life of a refrigerator is between 14-17 years. It lets you store food at a lower temperature to lower the reproduction rate of bacteria which directly lowers the chance of food spoilage. A refrigerator has components like a thermally insulated compartment and mechanical or electronic or chemical components which are used to transfer the heat inside the fridge to the external environment.

Refrigerators are designed specially for commercial and home use. Commercial refrigerators have a larger cooling system compared to the ones designed for household purposes. Numerous brands are competing in the market for the sales of their product. As a result of this, there is a great variety when it comes to its size, design, and use.

Different types of Fridge in the market:

Mini fridge:

A mini fridge is usually designed to hold small cans and other snacks. A lot of brands like LG, Videocon, Haier and many more produce good quality mini fridges. These types of fridges are usually used in hotels or small kitchens or mini home bars. The top three are listed below.

The capacity of this mini fridge is 47 litres. It uses about 220-240 volts and has a 2-energy star rating. Some of its features include a single door, temperature control knob, anti-bacterial removable door gasket, extruded bottle supporter, an ice cube tray, and much more. Videocon refrigerator operates without a stabilizer and has a warranty of a period of one year on the product and 5 years on the compressor.

LG is a widely recognised brand for almost all its products. This LG mini refrigerator has a stylish recess handle and a separate freezer compartment and operates without a stabilizer. The voltage consumption comes up to 140-290 volts and has one energy star rating. It can store up to 45 litres.

Haier offers a glass door mini fridge with a 100 litres storage capacity. This mini fridge has a European A+ energy star rating and provides fast chilling thanks to its heavy-duty metal fan. It uses an air cooling compressor type and has the option to set the temperature range from 0-10.

Small fridge:

Small fridges are those that are smaller than the standard size of a refrigerator. They are usually preferred by bachelors or couples as the storage space is comparatively lower than the regular fridges. Some of them are listed below-

Panasonic is known for its premium quality products made from the best materials with advanced technology. This elegant silver refrigerator has a 2-star energy rating. The shelves are made out of toughened glass and the fridge comprises wide door pockets. It has a PCM finish with a warranty period of one year for the product and 10 years for the compressor.

This LG fridge has a beautiful scarlet orchid and uses toughened glass shelves. It has a 185 litres storage capacity with 9.6 litres for the vegetable basket. It has features like an anti-bacterial gasket, door lock, stabilizer-free operation. It consumes about 135-290 volt and has a 2-star energy rating.

It has the same features as the previous one but it also includes others like a back stand with drawers, smart connection. This uses about 90-310 volts and has a 5-star energy rating. The storage capacity is 235 litres where 21 litres is for the vegetable tray. It has a 10 years warranty on the compressor.

Single Door fridge:

As the name suggests, this is the standard and the most common one found in most households. Single door fridges come in two models based on their freezer position. There are refrigerators with top freezers and bottom freezers.

This is a top freezer LG refrigerator with amazing features Hygiene Fresh Plus and Fresh O Zone, Inverter Linear Compressor, Door Cooling Plus, and Smart Diagnosis. It has 2 shelves and has a storage capacity of 516 litres. The energy rating is 3 stars.

This is another top freezer refrigerator that has a 2-star energy rating. It has three EA glass shelves, one vegetable and fruit drawer, 5 EA door pockets. It also has additional features like interior LED light, twistable ice maker. Samsung refrigerator has a 255-litre storage capacity and a 2-star energy rating.

This is a bottom-mounted refrigerator that uses an inverter compressor and frost-free cooling capacity. It comes in a beautiful red blossom with a storage capacity of 231 litres and a 3-star energy rating.

Top Sellers

Double Door fridge:

This type of fridge has double doors and is mostly used in large families as it has a bigger storage capacity. Even this fridge has different models like the top freezer compartment, the low freezer compartment, and the side-by-side door. Some of these are listed below.

This French door refrigerator is made of a stunning, elegant black glass colour and runs on an inverter compressor. It consumes energy up to 0.98 units per day due to its defrost cooling capacity. This fridge has a 620 litres storage capacity.

It uses a multi-airflow cooling technology with hygiene fresh and 8 multi-digital sensors. It has other features like express freezing, door alarm, smart diagnosis, water and ice dispenser, exterior LED display. It has a storage capacity of up to 668 litres.

It has a beautiful stainless-steel finish and uses an inverter linear compressor. Like the first one in this category, this also has a French door design and has a storage capacity of 984 litres. Other features include Wi-Fi Eclipse display, Hygiene Fresh, Smart Diagnosis, and SmartThinQ.

Side-by-Side refrigerator:

Side-by-Side refrigerator has a vertical freezer and normal fridge next to each other or side-by-side. They are user-friendly and quite reasonable. Most of the side-by-side refrigerators have ice machines and water dispensers. Some side-by-side refrigerators are-

This Samsung refrigerator has a Mono cooling type and has a capacity of 676 litres. It has a sleek and seamless real stainless design and uses SpaceMax Technology for storing more food.

It has a stunning black glass colour with 541 litres of storage capacity. It uses an inverter compressor and defrost cooling capacity. The material used to manufacture is the best quality one in the market. Thanks to its advanced technology, it only consumes 0.98 units of energy per day.

It comes in a shiny steel shade with other features like Door-in-Door, Door Cooling Plus, Multi Air Flow, LG ThinQ, and Smart Diagnosis. It uses an inverter linear compressor and has a storage capacity of 884 litres.

Things to consider while buying a Refrigerator:

  • Type of Freezer-

    Four designs are available in the market when it comes to the positioning of the freezer. Each has its pros and cons. The four types are top freezer, bottom freezer, side-by-side and French door. Pick one based on your comfortability.

  • External size-

    Most refrigerators have two sizes, i.e standard and counter depth size. One should also consider the area it consumes and the size of the kitchen.

  • Family size-

    Each refrigerator has a specific capacity that it can hold. Adding too much can damage the refrigerator. Buy a fridge with a capacity of 50-200 litres if your household has less than two members, 250-350 litres for a family with 2-5 members and if it is more, go for one with a capacity of 400-500 litres.

  • Energy star-

    Refrigerators usually show this on a scale of 5. The more the number of stars, the higher the energy saving.

  • Other features-

    Most of the newest ones in the market have additional smart features like energy monitoring, built-in camera, temperature and humidity controls, and connectivity. Ensure that the fridge also has basic features.

  • Time and Price-

    Due to the festival season, it is usually during September, October and December that companies bring new models into the market. As a new model comes out, the price of the previous models decreases.

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