Refrigerator buying guide: tips to consider before buying

There are so many life-changing inventions out there, starting from the invention of radio waves by Marconi that redefined communication to the invention of the steam engine by Watt that started the industrial revolution. But from all of this, what sets the refrigerators apart is the way they were able to transform the lives of their users unlike most of the inventions that came both before and after them.

What makes refrigerators special?

Before the invention of refrigerators, people used to make food for their immediate consumption only as there was no way to store these food items for longer durations without them getting spoiled

Just as our hairs will turn white after a certain age, our food materials will also get spoiled after some time. We may not like it but that's how Mother Nature works. When we leave food materials out for a long time, microscopic organisms will start to occupy these food items.

The bacteria present in them will start multiplying because of the presence of water and nutrients present in these food materials. So the foul smell of the food materials can be attributed to these microscopic scavengers. Eating spoiled food will not cause any major illness but still, it can give you an intestinal nightmare.

All of this changed thanks to one guy William Cullen, one day he found out that rapid heating of a liquid into a gas can cause cooling. In order to keep food fresh, we need to maintain them at very low temperatures. So thanks to Cullen and the principles of thermodynamics a refrigerator can transfer the heat from inside to the outside. This explains why we feel warm when we put our hands on the backside of the fridge.

The components that make up a refrigerator:

It's always good to familiarize yourself with the various components of a refrigerator and their basic working,

The Compressor

This is the heart of a refrigerator, the coolant that is responsible for the refrigeration process in a fridge is circulated throughout the fridge by the compressor. The working of a compressor is similar to a bicycle tube.

The condenser-

The condenser is the part of the refrigerator that is located behind the fridge that is usually filled with dust considering its location. It is the condenser that cools down the refrigerant coolant and turns the gas back into a liquid.


The main thing about a refrigerator is its cooling action, and the cooling action of the refrigerator happens because of this part. Through the process of evaporation, the coolant will be turned from a liquid state into a gaseous state. During the process of evaporation, the surrounding area is cooled down thereby creating a proper environment for storing the food.

The capillary tube-

This is the part of the fridge that serves as an expansion device. The liquid coolant is circulated throughout the refrigerator and sprayed into the evaporator by this tube.


If the compressor can be called the heart of the refrigerator then the thermostat can be called the brain of the fridge.

The thermostat controls the cooling of the refrigerator by keeping a check on the temperature and will switch on and off the compressor depending on the temperature.

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How do refrigerators work?

Through the process of evaporation, refrigerators turn the coolant circulating inside them from a liquid state to a gaseous state, thereby causing a cooling effect in the surrounding area. Just like in a body spray when the contents of the aerosol come from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure environment, it turns from a liquid to a gas. The same things happen in a refrigerator also.

To keep the process continuing the gas is compressed under high pressure and temperature back to a liquid. Afterward, the condenser will cool off and turn that hot gas back to a liquid. Later, the liquid coolant is circulated back to the evaporator and the process continues.

Different types of refrigerators:

Top Freezer Refrigerator-

This is the classic refrigerator that has been a near presence in kitchens for over several decades. Despite causing minor inconveniences for tall people this model remains popular owing to its low energy requirements and its affordable price tag

Side-by-Side Refrigerator-

If you are someone who prefers to have both the refrigerator and a vertical freezer side by side this is the model for you.

Despite having some shortcomings like allowing less amount of food to be stored owing to its slim profile and consuming more power than its counterparts, it is still preferred as it is the ideal choice for small kitchens.

French door Refrigerator-

For those people who are into stuff like modern art and aesthetic appeal and all, this will be a perfect choice. These refrigerators come with French doors and drawer style freezers, the French doors when compared to regular refrigerator doors will require less swing space and at any given time we can only open one door, which minimizes the escape of cool air.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator-

This one is a hugely popular model with the masses owing to its innovative design. In these types of refrigerators, both the refrigerator and freezer sections will get good storage space and since the refrigerator areas come first, it will be easier for people to locate things.

Things to consider when buying a refrigerator:

Energy star-

Next to AC and heaters one of the biggest energy consumers in our homes are our fridges. But thanks to the constant innovation that is happening in the field of refrigeration the insulators and compressors started to drain less energy.

According to experts, a 15-year-old refrigerator will consume more energy than a new energy star-certified model. So when you are on the lookout for a refrigerator price shouldnt be your primary concern.

A top-mounted freezer-

When it comes to refrigerators the freezers can come in different places based on their configurations. For aesthetic purposes and to differentiate their products from that of the competitors, in different models the freezer will come in different regions of the fridge like top-bottom and even side by side.

But it's always better to go for a refrigerator with a top-mounted freezer. Out of the different configurations. It is the top-mounted ones that consume the least amount of power, plus they are quite affordable also. If you were to come across a refrigerator with a good energy star rating and having a top-mounted freezer, go for it.

Appropriate size-

When it comes to refrigerators the expression the bigger the better doesn't hold out, the larger the refrigerator the more energy it will consume.In some homes, people may buy a new fridge and use the old fridge for extra cold storage space.

So when buying a new fridge instead of fretting over the refrigerators price, focus on its capacity and whether or not it can meet your requirements. If you can find one that can take care of your requirements ignore the price and go for it.

Go for the right features-

When it comes to fridge price, it is influenced by several things like its capacity, freezer locations, but one of the primary drivers of the fridge price is their features.

So if you are to come across a refrigerator that is having a personal AI, an ice dispenser, etc. Just calculate how much energy it will consume and the price before making a purchasing decision.


In recent years because of the massive discounts and offers provided by e-commerce sites like Moglix, people are increasingly relying on such sites to meet their demands.By going through all this it should be clear to you that the next time you are on the hunt for a new refrigerator the fridge price should be your least concern. Go for a fridge that is both pocket-friendly and meets your criteria and requirements and not the one that was endorsed by your favorite celebrity.

Refrigerator: FAQs

Q. Which is the best brand for refrigerators?

A. LG, Samsung, Haier, Godrej, Lloyd, Voltas, Kelvinator, Panasonic, and Whirlpool are some of the popular brands that are known to deliver best-in class refrigerators loaded with amazing features.

Q. Which refrigerator is best under 10000?

A. Kelvinator Single Door Refrigerators are the best you can find below the price range of 10000.

Q. Which refrigerator is best in Double Door?

A. LG 547L Shiny Steel Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator, Panasonic 336L Grey Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator, Hitachi 415L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator, and Godrej Eon-Vesta 470L 3 Star Platinum Steel Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator are the best under this category.

Q. What does refrigerator mean?

A. A refrigerator is a household kitchen appliance which is used to keep food, vegetables, fruits, and other food items fresh. It uses electricity to preserve the food items and comprises a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump that transfers heat from the inside compartment to the outside environment.