Enjoy seamless stitching experience with these amazing Sewing Machine brands

Sewing is a task that might be tough to some and passionate to others. It is an art that started around 25,000 years ago. Ever since then it has been developing to new levels. In the early eras, needles were the only thing that was used in this process of cloth making or fabric stitching.

With passing time sewing machines were developed and invented. However, the Chinese archaeologists claim to have found needles and thimbles in artifacts from 202BC Han Dynasty Rulers Palace. The exact development of modern-day sewing machines took place much later. Sewing is a mode of income to some and a hobby for others. But it is important to buy a perfect sewing machine as per your need. So let me introduce you to different types of sewing machines...!

Types of Sewing Machines:

Hand Silai Machines:

These handy machines are designed in a way that they can be used as a quick fix in urgent situations. These are more like hand staplers. But, they allow you to stitch fabrics. They can be used to fix bed sheets, sofa covers, denim fabric, curtains, and many other things. These machines are portable and can be used anywhere to mend things quickly. These machines can also be used by beginners to learn sewing as well.

Mini Sewing Machines

These sewing machines are adorable and perform undoubtedly well. Does your job demand you to travel often? Well then how many times have you faced the issue of broken buttons, loosened stitches, or unfit clothes? In those times you need a quick fix. Nothing beats a portable mini sewing machine.

These sewing machines are petite in structure and can perform various functions. Mini sewing machines can stitch around fine curves as well. Apparently, if you rotate your fabric by 180 degrees, you can also create a backstitch! And if you love ruffles then these heavenly machines can generate them for you.

These machines can also stitch cotton clothes as cotton is a light fabric. If you love to stitch small pieces of fabric then you should get yourself a mini sewing machine. These machines are perfect to enhance your sewing hobby. Also, if you are a beginner then these machines will be a great way to start.

Imagine creating your very own cotton summer breeze dress with a mini sewing machine! It would be an awesome thing to try this summer, don't you think so?

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Electric Sewing Machines:

Moving ahead, if you are a pro at stitching then you will need a pro machine as well. Electric sewing machines are perfect for professional users. These have motors installed in them that help in easy operation. Also, they are lightweight and occupy minimum space.

Some electric sewing machines come with LCD screens as well. These screens will show you the types of stitch patterns you can recreate. All in all these machines are exquisite and dainty. They are power-packed with loads of features.

Electric sewing machines can provide many in-built stitches. These stitches are embroidery, hemming, blind stitch, buttonhole stitch, reverse stitch, chain stitch, quilting, etc. These machines can be easily handled by people who are advanced in stitching.

These machines can switch heavy fabrics like denim quite efficiently. This feature is quite unique to these machines. Because in the case of mini sewing machines you can't do this stuff.

Although these machines are quite more expensive than others. Their price totally pays off. These machines can work for hours without much wear and tear. Also, their maintenance costs are low as well.

Computerized Sewing Machines:

In the current era, when everything is getting digital and the internet is the ultimate source of almost everything. Why not use sewing machines with internet connectivity? Yes, you got me right.

Computerized sewing machines are best-in-class machines that have internet connectivity as well. These machines can do a minimum of 50 different types of stitches and a maximum of 200. You can surely imagine the level of patterns these machines could recreate.

But, are these machines good for household use? Well, the choice depends on you. Although these machines are specially designed for industrial use they can be owned by small business owners as well.

These machines are larger than electric machines. The reason for their large size is because they use several needles and spool spinners to create the pattern you desire. Their performance is excellent in industrial areas. These machines can stitch a large number of clothes in no time. Hence, they are better suited in industries than in household areas.

Embroidery Sewing Machines:

If you love embroideries more than anything, then why not purchase an embroidery sewing machine? These machines are specifically designed to recreate beautiful and elegant embroidery patterns.

Although many sewing machines come with embroidery stitches installed in them. But if you want perfection then get a machine that works specifically on this particular section. Embroidery sewing machines look almost similar to any other ordinary electric sewing machine. But the difference lies in their work pattern.

An embroidery sewing machine basically adds designs and patterns to your plain fabric. These can work on any fabric. Be it denim, cotton, chiffon, or any else. Structurally these machines have various needles as they help to recreate patterns of your choice.

Also, needles in an embroidery sewing machine move faster than a normal sewing machine. This helps to protect the fabric and still create mesmerizing patterns. Some embroidery machines also come with multiple bobbins. These help to create a colorful pattern at once.


Speaking of different types of sewing machines we come to know that there are a lot of options to choose from. There is a sewing machine for every need. Different types of sewing machines come with different types of features. Some are portable, some are heavy duty. Some have an LCD display and others have internet connectivity. At Moglix, your favorite shopping destination you can get all of these models at the ease of your search. Moglix assures you to provide the best and affordable sewing machines. Check out our sewing machine collection and get one as per your need..!