Sewing Machine Buying Guide: Tips To Consider Before Buying

Sewing Machine Buying Guide: Tips To Consider Before Buying

Sewing machines are devices that can be used to stitch any piece of fabric. Sewing machines can be electrical (battery operated) or mechanical which need physical efforts. These are also known as silai machines in various parts of India. Sewing is an age-old art and is loved by many artisans. Be it beautiful embroideries or shiny beads. Classic buttoned-up shirts or plain trousers. You can stitch them all if you have the right silai machine.

Be it college functions or school gatherings, fancy-dress competitions, or normal get-togethers. A sewing machine is always better to make those last-moment fittings and stitchings. Whether it be altering a piece of your wardrobe or creating a new dress. A silai machine always works wonders rather than time-consuming hand stitching methods. What are the types of sewing machines? Which are the best models? Why should you adopt a sewing machine? Let's find out one by one.

Uses of Sewing Machines:

  • Keep yourself trendy in a fashion-forward lifestyle.

    Yes, we live in a world where fashion and lifestyle are enhancing at a phenomenal rate. To keep in touch with the latest trends they first need to be manufactured. Nothing is better than sewing machines to do so.

  • Increase your levels of creativity.

    Just as a painter can paint wonders on canvas, a tailor can present to you exquisite fashion outfits if provided with the best sewing machine. Once you start stitching your patterns, your levels of imagination are gonna widen. Allowing you to construct masterpieces easily.

  • It isn't restricted to clothing only.

    Who said a craftsperson needs to design only clothes. He/she can design bags, backpacks, wallets, belts, shoes, bedsheets, and many more things. Remember the famous saying, your only limit is you!. So, go ahead and design the things you wish to.

  • Stitch stuffed toys.

    Well, amidst these tough times toddlers were quite deprived of soft toys. So why not stitch some for your young ones? All you shall need is a soft fabric, cotton to stuff in, and last but not least a good quality sewing machine. You can create your unique styles or watch tutorials from youtube.

  • Repairing of old clothes.

    Old rugs can always be used to recreate doormats or other items. You can even stitch holes or loosened threads from your favorite fabric.

  • Change your home decor as per your wish.

    A sewing machine can easily stitch curtains, sofa covers, dining covers, table covers, doormats, and many more things. Pick a theme that suits you and get it stitched.

  • You can also start your own business.

    This is a quite extraordinary use of sewing machines. With good practice and skilled artwork, one can easily start their own business.

  • Miscellaneous things can be crafted from sewing machines.

    Be it bookbinding, water bottle cases, mobile phone covers, or any other material. They can be easily made with some skills, proper fabric, and a sewing machine.

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Types of Sewing Machines:

Now that we know the uses of sewing machines. Let's find out various types of sewing machines.

  • Hand-operated sewing machines:

    Lets start from the beginning of the sewing era. At that time hand-operated machines were the only option available. Hence, they were most useful. These machines can be considered vintage models and are no longer desirable.

  • Domestic machines:

    As stated earlier, if you wanna start your fashion business then first you will need to practice. To do so, these domestic machines are the best choice. They are miniature versions of sewing machines. You can start with a simple stitch and upgrade to other methods like criss-cross stitch and invisible stitch.

  • Industrial machines:

    Now if you are serious about your stitching business and wish to start a new fashion line. Then, you will need a machine with the least wear and tear issues. In such cases, these machines are perfect.

  • Computer-operated sewing machines:

    These are electronic sewing machines but a modified version. These machines have different modes to choose from. You can choose the type of stitch you want by pressing the button on the machine. Thus, no hassle at all. Also, they have an LCD display that shows you the type of print you can recreate.

  • Miniature sewing machines:

    Are you in a job sector where you need to travel often? In such cases, you will require a sewing machine that is handy and portable. For such circumstances, you can use a mini sewing machine that will easily fix the holes in your clothes.

What to look for while buying sewing machines?

  • Your stitching level:

    Apparently, if you are a beginner then you can't deal with heavily equipped models. You can start with beginner-friendly versions like a mini sewing machine. If you are more professional or advanced then you can select digital versions or industrial versions of silai machines as well.

  • Types of stitches on the machine:

    As you read, the hand-operated versions have now become old and vintage. As a result, most of the versions available now are electric ones. In this case, you will require a machine that comes with at least basic types of sewing patterns. Some stitch patterns that must be available are simple stitch, zig-zag stitch, buttonhole, and blind hemstitch.

  • Dimensions of the machine:

    The weight and size of the machine are the two most important things to consider. It shouldn't be sturdy as it will be extremely unbearable to carry it around everywhere. The size and shape should be such that it fits or slides into your space easily.

  • Budget:

    Lastly, you will need to consider your budget. You must know the sewing machine price beforehand in order to avoid any budget-related issues. Knowing your budget will help you get a machine that suits you economically.


Sewing is a method to help you boost up your imaginative abilities. Sewing machines not only help to build creativity but can also earn you a monthly wage. To get the best sewing machines, check out the ones available at moglix. Sewing machine price at Moglix is most economical. Also, you get the quality tested and best products every time.

Sewing Machine: FAQs

Q. Which is the best sewing machine for home use?

Sewing machines by Usha are quite popular among the Indian consumers. The brands offer various models that are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the customers.

Q. How do I choose a sewing machine?

A. There are a few things to consider before buying a sewing machine such as Smooth sewing, even sewing, drop-in bobbin, ability to backstitch, foot pedal and more.

Q. What machine makes sewing faster and easier?

A. Serger makes the sewing machine work faster. The concept of needles and loopers forming a network ensures interlocking stitches within quick time.