Most popular sewing machine brands in India

Most popular sewing machine brands in India

If you enjoy sewing, if yes then you could have a home sewing machine with some extra bells and whistles in addition to the simple stitches. You might also own a serger.

However, as you become more interested, you begin to see the limitations of your basic sewing machine. You might want and need to buy something bigger and better. Perhaps you'd like to turn your hobby into a career. It's a whole new ballgame now, and you're going to need a lot more. Perhaps a computerized embroidery machine and an industrial sewing machine would turn out to be beneficial for you.

However, people are still not aware and amazed and shocked to hear that there are many more sewing machines than these few mentioned. Many of these types overlap, and some of them you may never consider purchasing but you never know. So there you have it some of the amazing sewing machine brands that have been manufacturing these machines for quite a long year and until now have got the trust of their customers.

Usha sewing machine:

In February 1962, Usha (India) [formerly Usha Rectifier Corporation, India or Usha Sewing Machine] was established and now Chairman Vinay Rai is in charge of the business. The company is known to manufacture semiconductor devices like silicon diodes, thyristors, and low-power devices. Bridges, rectifier stacks, and other semiconductor modules Computers, electro-medical devices, telecom products, and house appliances are all manufactured by the company's electrical division.

Marconi Devices in the United Kingdom, Transfor in Switzerland, and Sumitomo Metal Industries in Japan are among the company's main foreign partners that have made this company quite strong in the Indian market.

Some of the types of Sewing machines that Usha produce or Usha silai machine are:

Singer sewing machine:

Singer India Limited (SIL), an Indian subsidiary was established in 1977 with headquarters in New Delhi. The brand singer sewing machine has become a trusted brand that has a huge impact on many lives in its 140-year history of assisting people in expressing themselves across their variety of goods. You might not know but the 160th anniversary of Isaac Singer's patent for the first practical sewing machine was recently commemorated.

Their mission has been to become and remain the leading manufacturer of sewing machines and other products since the beginning. With time, the firm realized that they wanted to expand their business beyond sewing machines and into home appliances.

Sewing machines manufactured by Singers are:

Juki sewing machine:

JUKI Corporation is a Japanese sewing machine manufacturer based in Tama-shi, Tokyo, that produces both industrial and domestic machines. The company also claimed to be a major manufacturer of industrial machines and is the world's leading sewing machine maker.

The company, which is headquartered in Japan, has manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, and Vietnam, and sells its goods in over 170 countries across six continents. Tokyo Juki Industrial Group, Ltd. was the initial company's name until 1988 until "Mind and Technology" (as in "emotionally open technology") became the business slogan, which also serves as a consumer creed.

Juki sewing machines for the home or hobbyist market are majorly produced by Juki and today the company competes with other well-known sewing brands such as Bernina International, Brother, Janome, and Singer as one of the top manufacturers of computerized sewing machines.

Top Sellers

Brothers sewing machine:

Brother Industries, Ltd is a multinational Japanese electronics and electrical equipment corporation based in Nagoya, Japan. They manufacture equipment like Printers, multifunction printers, laptop computers, commercial and industrial sewing machines, massive machine tools, label printers, typewriters, fax machines, and other computer-related electronics are also among the company's offerings. Brother silai machines are a good investment if looking for a suitable sewing machine.

Umbrella sewing machine:

The use of a single brand name for the selling of two or more similar items is known as umbrella branding (also known as family branding). 1st two Companies with strong brand loyalty are more likely to use umbrella branding (value of a brand in a certain marketplace). There are no additional brand names, symbols, or other identifiers on any of the products.

Umbrella branding varies from brand extension in that it includes the selling of identical goods under one brand name rather than differentiated products. As a result, umbrella branding may be thought of as a form of brand extension. The use of umbrella branding does not preclude a company from using different branding strategies for different product lines.

Vidya sewing machine:

Begun in 1953, "VIDYA" sewing machines are designed and built to be simple to use while producing excellent results. "VIDYA" sewing machines are assembled by qualified fitters and extensively tested by professional staff at every level and at different speeds to ensure that they meet IS 14769:2000 precision, reliability, and sewing specifications.

Every part and inch of the "VIDYA" sewing machines are made from high-quality materials with great specifications. Furthermore, all their models are backed by VIDYA'S legendary stamp of quality and after-sales support through a dealer network, ensuring the user's complete satisfaction. This brand is the only brand in India that is devoted to making High specification sewing machines as it is their only aim.

Philips sewing machine:

The Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation Koninklijke Philips N.V. (literally Royal Philips, usually shortened to Philips, stylized in its logo as PHILIPS) was established in Eindhoven. While the Benelux headquarters are still in Eindhoven, it has been largely headquartered in Amsterdam since 1997.

There was a phase when Philips, one of the world's largest electronics firms manufacturing products, but now has solely focused its center on health technology, with other divisions being sold off. Also, the company is one of the leading in producing equipment like bulbs, fans, tube lights, sewing machines, and a lot more household appliances and claims to have dominated the market.


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