Orient ceiling fans for better air circulation across every corner of the space

Orient ceiling fans for better air circulation across every corner of the space

Ceiling fans are very common in every household. The cold breeze experienced by the user is always good, especially in summer. There are many brands that sell ceiling fans. The buyer may often get confused as to which one to buy. Orient fans have one of the most premium quality fans and have different models and types of fans based on the users needs. Let's delve a bit deeper to find out more information about the type of orient fans in the market for a better judgment for the user while buying the same.

Orient ceiling fan:

Orient ceiling fans work on low voltage and save up to 50% electricity. It has a robust and reliable inverter mortar powered by electronically commutated motor technology. These fans can be easily operated with normal regular and are also available in a plethora of colors to choose from for the user.

Orient table fan:

Orient table fans have revolutionary CTX Technology for smoother, longer and reliable operation. Traditional Tapped winding creates an imbalance in electrical flux which is generated during the operation at 1st and 2nd speed. Concentric winding removes the same and hence, decreases overall vibrations and noise in the motor. This leads to extra high thrust with a super silent and efficient motor. Because of which the user has the ability to enjoy the cold air even at low speeds. These are also orient rechargeable fans as some of the models work on battery. Hence orient rechargeable fans also provide mobility.

Orient wall fan:

Orient wall fan powerful motor ensures high air delivery. The device also has a thermal overload protection device with auto reset and is embedded with unique oil reservoir lubrication so that wear and tear doesn't happen for a long time. Pull cord mechanism for on/off and speed control and aerodynamically designed aluminium blade provides powerful airspeeds. Due to the design of the blades, the orient high speed fans provide high-quality coolness around the room.

Orient electric fan:

Orient electric fans can provide up to 40% Energy Saving - The annual saving calculation is based on an assumption of 4 fans in a household running 8 hours a day for a year with average unit electricity of 6.50/-. The fan is expertly designed with inverter technology which helps in saving 40% energy, thus it is one more step towards building a sustainable future.

Orient smart fan:

An orient smart fan is a remote and Mobile App operated IOT based fan with smart features- fan scheduling, fan time, turbo mode, sleep mode, breeze mode, reverse rotation. Multiple fans can be connected to the same App. Orient aeroslim fans come under this category which provides coolness along with smart features. As these are orient smart fans, orient remote fan also comes under this category, to remotely control the device. Orient remote fans are the way for the future. The orient aeroslim ceiling fan is the smart choice and better investment during summer

Orient stand fan:

Orient offers the best standing fan to provide some relief. Orient stand fans can be bought for having cool air delivery in bigger rooms because it ensures higher air thrust with minimal noise and it is also designed with the latest technology, the pedestal fan has a powerful motor that boasts the air delivery at a speed of 1300 RPM. It also consists of 90-degree oscillation, which helps these stand fans to adjust air delivery towards a particular direction.

Orient stand fan is also called orient pedestal fan and it is made up of polymer ring and powder coated guards that make it more durable and protect from corrosion. To provide you with more ease, orient has launched a stand fan with a remote so that you can operate from any corner of your room so that the user can control the fan without even getting up from the seat.

Orient BLDC fan:

Orient BLDC fan is energy efficient ceiling fans and is considered to be a great option to save energy and money, while these are an environmentally friendly option available in the market. It is effectively operational under a lower energy setting that it sustains its functionality even on the lower voltage of 140 V.

Equipped with a BLDC motor, orient energy saver ceiling fans can help you to save up to 50% energy consumption thus reducing your hefty electricity bills. Orient energy saver ceiling fans come with a remote control facility that doubles the hour of operation even on the inverter.

Orient Aeroquiet fan:

Orient Aeroquiet fan has the highest ever air flow with utmost silence. It features an advanced aerodynamic profiled blade design which ensures maximum air throw while ensuring silent operation. Orient Aeroquiet fan has a 100% rust-free blade made of high-grade glass-filled compounded ABS which provides strength to the blades. It comes with the sturdiest 18-pole heavy motor with a double ball bearing for smooth and silent operation.

Orient exhaust fan:

The Orient exhaust fan has an International design. It consists of a shutter to prevent dust from outside. Resin body blades for easy maintenance. Besides kitchens and bathrooms, can also be used in cabins. Quickly removes stale air to bring in the freshness of spring. Powder-coated metallic in colour.

Orient PSPO fans:

Orient PSPO Fan in your home. With its stylish colour finish and superior air delivery, this fan makes for an ideal addition to your home. The copper motor offers excellent performance and ensures a long lifespan. It has three wide blades that run at a speed of up to 370 RPM, cooling the room quickly and efficiently. The aerodynamically designed and perfectly balanced wide blades provide air throw. Due to these features, orient silent fan reduces noise by a large margin

Orient jazz:

Orient jazz fan which caters to the need of every buyer. The fan helps in circulating cool air around the room and can be an ideal pick for larger bedrooms or living rooms. The powerful motor works efficiently at a maximum speed of 310 RPM and ensures magnificent air delivery. The orient high speed fans such as the orient jazz provide the customer with utmost satisfaction. These fans are designer fans, which are orient fans with light features in some of the models. The orient fan with light features gives it a premium look.

Orient Wendy fan:

Orient wendy fan has a smart, flat design fan to match premium quality fans out there in the market. Provided with downrod cover, stylish blade trims metallic finish dual colour combinations to add to aesthetics of the house. Wide blades for High Air Thrust and High Air Delivery thus providing the room with high-quality coolness in an economical way.


We now have a better understanding of the various models and types of orient fans out there in the market. The features of these fans help the user in their own way. This should help the user to select the type of fans they want to buy. Orient summer cool fans provide the room with coolness at low cost and higher efficiency. At Moglix, you will find different types of Orient fans in different designs, style and color.