Selection guide for fans from Havells

Selection guide for fans from Havells

Fans have always been the quintessential appliance with a limited number of brands offering a variety, but not up to the mark, but with Havells entering this domain, there is a lot more in the offering in terms of quality and pricing. While Havells fan price is comparatively reasonable, its quality is far superior and appealing to a consumer.

A variety of fans ranging from Havells ceiling fans to Havells pedestal fans are all available in the market. Even the most basic ones are marvelously designed for both looks and usage depending on the price range. These fans are highly functional and aesthetically built, especially the high-end ones available in the antique finish. Let us glance through the variety of Havells fans available:

Havells ceiling fan:

Ceiling fans are a necessity in not just homes but also commercial spaces as well, and when a Havells ceiling fan is installed there, one can rest assured of smooth operation and longevity. Havells offers not just regular ceiling fans, but an array of them, like energy-saving fans, high-end under-light fans, metallic fans, or even decorative ones; thus, the consumer is spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a Havells ceiling fan. The color options and their finish are also varied, so it is easy to choose a fan matching the interiors on a limited budget.

Havells exhaust fan:

Good ventilation requires a good quality exhaust fan, and with a Havells exhaust fan, good quality is guaranteed. Havells is well known for providing an excellent range of domestic exhaust fans that are durable and trendy with a lustrous finish. When you buy a Havells exhaust fan for a kitchen or bathroom, you get a noise-free, feather-light body with an excellent performance report. They are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, color and finish. These are anti-corroding and long-lasting with slight maintenance.

Havells stand fan:

A Havells stand fan is another version of a pedestal fan. It is ideal for regulating and blowing the air in the direction of the person sitting in front of it, providing air circulation at a specific height.

Some of its best features include an oscillation controller, timer regulator, and fan speed regulators. The size and body of a Havells stand fan are modern and often cylindrical. According to the user's convenience, both the height and the movement of the fan head are adjustable.

They are usually heavy-duty as they have a broad base to withstand high velocity. Another exceptional feature of this Havells stand fan is that it has weather-resistant components enabling it to be used both indoors as well as outdoors. The Havells fan price range of this model is usually reasonable.

Havells table fan:

In larger homes and gatherings, where the closer circulation of air is required, a Havells table fan is the appliance that can offer optimum relief, as this type of fan is portable and circulates the breeze in the required direction, focusing on the smaller areas. However, for the bigger areas, it has revolving grills that enhance the circulation of air.

In extremely hot and humid weather, you are a winner if you possess a Havells table fan, as it can provide relief by blowing a cool breeze wherever you desire. You have the option to keep it at one position or to oscillate it. It can be used in multiple ways as it is easy to move around. It is available in several colors and designs that can match the interiors of any place.

Havells wall fan:

Havells has an assortment of fans, and yet another variety is the wall fan. These fans are usually used in lounges, waiting areas, and zones with very low ceilings. If you wish to buy a fan that is area-specific, then we vouch for a Havells wall fan as it adds an accent to the design elements of a room, with its exquisite models available in several colors. Apart from that, its functionality is its plus factor, as most of them incorporate jerk-free oscillation and thermal overload protectors.

This modern appliance has both digital panels and remote control for operating it. A few models of this Havells wall fan can also be operated by pulldown cords. The body of wall fans by Havells often come covered in a protective wire guard and are either round or square-shaped. They have an excellent airflow system and are highly recommended.

Havells pedestal fan:

Another Havells product that is popularly used is the Havells pedestal fan. It is the perfect alternative for a ceiling fan. The structure comprises a fan that is mounted on a pedestal and can be kept anywhere. The plus point of this fan is its stable base, with good air circulation. What's more, the height and airflow are both adjustable.

A Havells pedestal fan is a premium product that includes multiple speed settings. Other exclusive features like timer settings, remote control panels, jerk, and noise-free oscillation, and 2000 RPM air thrust make this product worth buying.

These also have a good air-blowing capacity, so they are usually used in public areas like clubs, lobbies, restaurants, banquet halls, etc. Sometimes these fans are also preferred for homes. A Havells pedestal fan can be made transportable, too, as some models have castor wheels attached to their base.


Selecting the appropriate Havells fan essentially depends on the end-users requirement and budget, and there are numerous options available on both online websites as well as showrooms. Do you want to choose a Havells fan or check out the Havells fan price, it is highly recommended to either step into an experience center or save your time, effort, and money and visit Moglix. This is one of the most preferred online shopping destinations that have detailed documentation of all the available models and their best price quotes.