Top fan brands in Indian that provide effective cooling solutions

Top fan brands in Indian that provide effective cooling solutions

In the Indian subcontinent, keeping cool during the sweltering summer months is a challenge. With soaring temperatures and humidity levels reaching up to 45?C/113?F, it can be difficult for many people to stay healthy. So what's the best way to beat the heat? Well, one of the most effective ways is by installing a fan in your home or office, thereby bringing down room temperature by as much as 10 degrees celsius. Ceiling fans are also an excellent addition to any building because they help circulate air throughout the entire room.

But, with so many brands on offer in India that manufacture high-quality ceiling fans at affordable prices, it can be tough deciding which ones are worth investing in. To make your choice easy, we have listed the top 8 ceiling fan brands in India. Let us check them out.

Crompton fans:

Crompton is one of the most trusted brands in India for many reasons. They have been producing quality products since 1932 and are still going strong. This range of ceiling fans is a great example of their work; these fans come with features that make them more efficient, quieter than other models, and will last for years to come. Crompton offers a wide range of fans for all rooms/spaces, including living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallways, etc.

Crompton fans come in a variety of design options that will suit your home's interior. Crompton fans are available in antique, semi-antique, designer styles, retro styles, and contemporary designs that will suit any home. It is not just their looks that set these fans apart from other models - they also come with a range of in-built features.

For example, Enso and Aura Crompton fans are equipped with SilentPro and Anti-dust technologies, respectively, allowing you to relax blissfully in the comfort of your own home. On the other hand, Crompton's Duratech fans are made up of high-quality components that are engineered to give exceptional performance. At the same time, the Air 360 series of ceiling fans outperforms its competitors in terms of air delivery, even when the temperature is at its maximum.

Crompton ceiling fans come with remote controls, which will allow you to control the speed from anywhere in the room. Their sturdy and durable construction means you can easily access the wiring for repairs as well. So no matter what your home's decor is like, you will find a design to match it.

Havells fans:

The company made a significant entrance into the fan segment in mid-2003 by launching a wide range of fans, from exquisite, antique finishes to fans designed exclusively for children. The company also introduced a premium collection of dual-color fans and high-speed fans. Havells offers a number of significant models, including the very popular ES-50 and Opus.

Havells is an ISI-certified firm, and their energy-saving fans are available in a range of styles, including decorative, premium under-light, high-speed, regular, and metallic. Its broader tip blades ensure optimum air circulation, and it continues to work effectively even in low-voltage environments.

In 2020, Havells launched the country's first intelligent fan called Carnesia-I with smart mode. This smart fan is compatible with voice-activated devices like Alexa and Google Home and can be controlled via a mobile app. It comes with a multi-user mode feature that allows many people to control a single fan. Later in 2021, Havells became the first Indian company to launch Stealth Puro Air, a ceiling fan with a three-stage air purifier that filters PM2.5 and PM 10 contaminants as well as VOCs and delivers a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130 cu. m/hr.

Usha fans:

Usha is one of the oldest yet highly preferable when it comes to buying any electronic item, including fans. Usha has pioneered the fan segment with its range available under different categories such as Ceiling fans, exhaust fans, table fans, outdoor fans, and others. The kind of elegance, style, and power Usha fans bring to your space is undoubtedly admirable. Usha has everything you need in terms of color, shape, and efficiency.

Usha fans are known for being aerodynamically designed, low-noise, and high-performance fans. The Usha Striker Galaxy is a popular model that comes with Novel Silane Paint Technology to protect it from dust, oil, and water. Yet another cutting-edge design offered by the brand includes the Usha Aerolux. Catering to the needs of the new-age consumer who prefer a greater quality lifestyle, these Aerolux fans are powered by next-generation brushless DC or BLDC motors for excellent performance.

The brand also offers some lovely collections for decorating your kids' room so that they experience complete happiness in their little world. Usha Chota Bheem, Usha Barbie Dreamtopia, and Usha Doraemon Flyaway are popular variants under this category. Besides offering colorful designs, these kid-centric fans are designed to provide maximum air spread even at low voltage.

Luminous fans:

Luminous Power Technologies is one of India's premier power and home electrical specialists and an industry leader in inverter and battery technology. The brand has been delighting its customers with style, design, and innovative technologies for decades. Luminous was the first company in India to introduce a designer fan with lighting (LED) attachment, developed by its in-house research and development team. Besides offering high performance and maximum air spread, these fans also accentuate the beauty of your space.

Luminous fans are distinguished not only by their attractive appearance but also by their efficiency. Furthermore, these fans are not only pleasant to look at, but they also save energy. This means that by lowering your electricity bill, you are simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

Luminous offers the largest selection of designer fans in the country. A few popular models in this category include the Jaipur Mahal, Jaipur Ghoomar, Jaipur Bandhej, Jaipur Minakari, and Jaipur Sanganeri. These fans are made using a revolutionary foil and tin printing process that adds glamour to traditional design models. We recommend purchasing these designer fans if you want to make a bold aesthetic statement in your living space.

The Luminous Audie IOT Enabled smart ceiling fan with remote and app-controlled features is the finest choice for folks who enjoy having convenience at their fingertips. These fans can be controlled using the Luminous SmartLife App, which allows the user to adjust the fan speed on a five-step scale as well as turn them on and off. It can also be operated by voice using Amazon Alexa.

Polycab fans:

This is a leading electrical company with a long and successful history dating back over four decades. Polycab is known for being the fastest-growing company in the Indian cable industry. In addition to wires and cables, the company also manufactures and sells electric fans, solar equipment, LED lights, and more. They are best known for delivering affordable fans without compromising on the quality, style, and features.

From ceiling fans to table fans, exhaust fans, and wall-mounted fans, Polycab offers a comprehensive set of fans for every purpose and application. All these fans are available in a wonderful range of colors and finishes that will not only last for years but will also perfectly blend with any decor theme.

Polycab's NANOVA technology, which employs an effective mix of metal nano-particles, claims to provide four-in-one protection: anti-dust, anti-rust, anti-fade, and antibacterial, thereby keeping the indoor environment clean. Additionally, Polycab fan blades are technically designed to push maximum air supply downwards. The asymmetrical blade alignment, along with the wider blade width, ensures greater air delivery.

Polycab fans are designed using the highest grade of pure copper (electrolytic grade copper) for motor winding, which is thermostatically balanced, has great electrical conductivity, and is extremely energy efficient. Double ball bearing that supports both the motor and the fan shaft further ensures reduced friction and brilliant performance in any orientation.

Almonard fans:

A specialist in air technology, Almonard has a substantial presence in India's household and industrial markets. The brand has created a strong presence for the past five decades by offering various fan variants like wall fans, pedestals fans, table fans, and ceiling fans. For industrial purposes, the brand offers sophisticated heavy-duty exhaust fans, medium-duty fans, ventilation fans, in/out fans, and so on.

Almonard is an ISO:2008 to ISO:2015 certified company and is a leading manufacturer of a premium range of industrial fans, including air circulators, that are designed for optimum ventilation. Almonard heavy-duty exhaust fans are designed with an Energy Efficient engine and dynamically balanced impellers for quiet, vibration-free operation. The turbo profile blades supply more air, while the aluminum pressure die-cast motor casing with fins ensures improved heat dissipation.

On the other hand, the air circulators manufactured by Almonard use double ball bearings that are lubricated effectively for longer life. The blades' aerodynamic shape ensures maximum air delivery with minimal noise. The powder-coated close mesh shields ensure corrosion resistance per safety regulations. The air circulators provide maximum oscillations thanks to a thermally insulated motor and a heavy-duty gearbox.

Polar fans

This is yet another powerful household brand that has built a national reputation for providing excellent quality products and creative fans for every budget and purpose. Polar has a stellar reputation and proven track record for manufacturing a wide range of domestic fans, including table fans, ceiling fans, pedestal fans, and more. Besides, the company is widely recognized for its utility-based heavy-duty air circulators and high-performance exhaust fans.

Polar fans are meticulously constructed as per industry standards and have aerodynamically created aluminum blades for maximum air thrust. Available in different variants, these fans are also environmentally friendly, promising reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Polar Air Axial fans include a high-grade thermoplastic polymer body and blades for long-lasting durability and low-noise operation.

Polar aspires to satisfy customers by providing new solutions that make life easier and smoother. Polar is now regarded as an industry leader, having pioneered new concepts that have redefined categories and set trends that speak excellence.

Sujata fans:

This is a leading brand of juicer mixer grinders in India. Over the past 38 years, it has earned a prestigious reputation for producing durable, affordable, and timeless products. The company began manufacturing fans in 2018 and has quickly established itself as one of India's top eight ceiling fan brands. This is because of its affordable price range and, of course, high-quality products that meet the industry standards.

Sujata fans come in a range of sizes, styles, and, of course, prices to fit the customers' individual budgets. This company offers a wide range of fans, from three blades to four blades and small ceiling and wall fans. Additionally, the company excels in providing high-performance exhaust fans, which are typically ideal for domestic kitchens.


As fans are one of the most commonly preferred appliances, there are many different types and ranges available in the market. As a result, deciding on the best fan in India can be challenging. All of the top eight brands that you may choose from are mentioned above, on the other hand, were picked you may pick yours based on our extensive research and customer feedback. We recommend purchasing one of these brands from Moglix if you want to get the best deal.