Types of fans: Uses, applications, and specifications

An integral part of designing the interiors involves selecting the right type of fittings: fans, lights, and other fixtures. Amongst the myriad choices of ceiling fans, how does one make the apt choice? A lot depends on factors like the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, the surrounding decor, personal taste, budget, and fan price.

Apart from this, fans are also available in various shapes and sizes with different specifications like the size of the blades, the airflow capacity options, CFM rating, to name a few.

So, when one enters the market to buy a ceiling fan, detailed research on the various aspects of the ceiling fan is highly advisable. Some of the most prominent questions that strike our minds and their possible solutions are mentioned in detail below.

In the scorching heat of the summers, what is the one compulsory appliance that practically every household will have? You’ve guessed it right! Every household will have fans installed in each room, albeit of different companies, sizes, and specifications, depending on the status, income, and area of applications.

People prefer installing a ceiling fan in their bedroom and living areas but prefer putting an exhaust fan in the kitchen and toilet areas. Those in the lower-income group often compromise and prefer using a table fan that is pocket-friendly and portable.

Ceiling fan:

The most common device that every- one uses for cooling is the ceiling fan. These fans are mounted on the ceiling, some directly while others on a rod. The fan has blades attached to it, which circulates at a good speed, and generates airflow. Thus, it facilitates evaporation of the sweat and simultaneously cools the body. The efficacy of these fans depends on the number of blades, wherein the more blades, the higher the efficacy.

Uses of a ceiling fan:

  • The ceiling fan is one of the most cost-effective ways of cooling a room and making it airy, even if there are no windows for ventilation.
  • A stylish ceiling fan with an opulent design is often used to create a style statement and enhance a room's decor.
  • Ceiling fans consume less power as compared to an air conditioner; therefore, in case of load shedding, they can be operated by generators.
  • Keep away nuisance like flies and mosquitoes.

Applications of a ceiling fan:

  • Ceiling fans have a broad range of applications that include residential spaces as well as commercial spaces like offices, clinics, centers, and others.
  • Larger spaces like auditoriums, halls, and warehouses also incorporate a ceiling fan, not one but many; however, ceiling fans with long rods are preferred due to the tall ceilings. These fans work very well in industrial areas too.

Mentioned above are some of the basic specifications that differ from each other, depending on their sizes and finishes.

Exhaust fan:

Domestic areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and small stores require proper ventilation. An exhaust fan is used for such areas with small dimensions. This type of fan uses a motor to move the blades and is operated by a switch. An exhaust fan comes in various sizes; while the small ones are used for domestic purposes, the larger ones are good for industrial uses.

Uses of an Exhaust fan:

  • Its primary use is to pull out excess moisture and hot air, thereby improving the air quality, thereby enhancing the air quality.
  • Removes humidity and bad odor.
  • Provide cooling in areas that get heated up due to activities like cooking or showering.
  • Aids in ventilation and clears any kind of congestion in the air.

Application of an Exhaust fan:

  • It is best for residential areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, pantries, and other small areas like stores.
  • For larger spaces like warehouses, godowns, factories, and others, bigger exhaust fans are applied specifically for industrial use.
  • Exhaust fans like propeller fans are specially used in the functioning of ships, airplanes, and others.

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Table Fan:

This fan is one of the most commonly available portable fans. A table fan is an excellent cheap substitute for a regular fan. It is primarily used for cooling the surrounding area by providing a good amount of airflow.

Uses of a Table fan:

  • It is portable thus easily movable from homes to offices or any other place of need.
  • It is a viable option for providing substantial cooling
  • Available in various designs and colors, it can be used to enhance the aesthetics of any room.

Applications of a Table fan:

  • Any indoor or outdoor space
  • Works well in smaller spaces

Tower fans:

This category of fans is a good substitute for air coolers as they have a powerful airflow and can distribute air evenly in the given area as they oscillate at an angle of 90 degrees.

Uses of a Tower fan:

A tower fan doubles up as an air purifier, as it has in-built filters that remove pollen and other dust particles, providing a better quality of air.

  • It works well for providing cooling evenly at all levels
  • These look good with any type of decor
  • Space saver
  • Eliminates sound

Applications of a Tower fan:

  • A tower fan is usually used for areas with a good amount of gathering as it has a strong cooling capacity.
  • Small commercial areas like libraries, conference rooms, offices, and so on

Pedestal fans:

This fan is another cooling appliance that is known for its portability. Unlike a ceiling fan, it has a sturdy base with castor wheels. Pedestal fans are excellent for circulating air evenly around the space it is kept in. It comes in set standard sizes, with adjustable height.

Uses of a Pedestal fan:

  • Primarily it is portable
  • It has a smart body hence can fit into any kind of interiors
  • It provides excellent cooling and air circulation

Application of a Pedestal fan:

  • Viable for both residential and commercial use.
  • Large areas like auditoriums, conference rooms, etc., require more than one pedestal fan to provide cooling.

Wall fans:

A fan mounted on a wall is a wall fan. These have a wire mesh cage for protection around them, as, unlike ceiling fans, they are mounted within reachable distance. Though they oscillate in different directions, they have a limitation of circulating air in one direction at one time.

Uses of a Wall fan:

  • A wall fan, like a table fan, is quite affordable and is a good cooling device.
  • It is very useful for small areas with low ceilings, so it is essentially a space-saving smart appliance.
  • Since they consume less electricity than any other fan, they are economical.

Applications of a Wall fan:

  • Wall fans are meant for more compact spaces and especially work well in areas like underground stores, cozy lofts, and niches where a ceiling fan might not fit.

Cooling fans:

Built within cooling appliances like air conditioning units and others, this fan is actually an air blower that is installed within a cooling coil. Its main purpose is to lower the temperatures of the surrounding parts.

Uses of a cooling fan:

  • The basic use of a cooling fan is to pull cool air into its compartment
  • It also throws out warm air created within the unit
  • Cooling the motor parts of the device within which it is installed.

Applications of a cooling fan:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Motor vehicles
  • CPUs
  • Military and aerospace products

Misting fan:

This fan is generally a good replacement for the bulky coolers, popularly used in the extremely hot climate, where everyone goes to lengths to reduce the soaring temperature. It includes a misting kit that lets out drops of water, causing evaporation and subsequently quick cooling.

Uses of a Misting fan:

  • A misting fan is used for efficient cooling, as it lowers the surrounding temperature quickly.
  • Cost-effective
  • It prevents dehydration amongst children and animals who sweat profusely in the sweltering heat.

Applications of a Misting fan:

  • Residential cooling
  • Garage cooling
  • The portable ones are excellent for commercial and industrial uses like warehouses, open-air restaurants, and others.


A fan is one of the much-needed commodities in every establishment. To buy the most appropriate one, go through the information mentioned above, and you are sure to make the best choice confidently. Fans, when used correctly, can enhance the look of your home's interiors. At Moglix, you will find a massive collection of fans from highly acclaimed brands that guarantee best-in-class products with an excellent warranty period.

Fans: FAQs

Q. Which brand fan is best?

A. Some of the popular brands offering high-performance fans include Orient, Bajaj, Havells, Crompton, Luminous and more. But we recommend buying Bajaj fans, which are the number one choice among Indian households.

Q. Which type of fan is best?

A. Tower fans are the most popular form of fan in the world today because they have advanced features that no other fan can match. Tower fans are incredibly light, compact, and stylish. They are lightweight and easy to transport. You may quickly relocate this device from one room to another.

Q. Are fans made in India?

A. Practically all electronic products are manufactured in China, then imported to India and sold under different Indian brands such as Crompton, Usha, and more.