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Spirit Levels

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The Concept of a Flat Surface vs. A Truly Flat Surface

When it comes to the art of precise measurements, no area offers more of a struggle than deciding the flatness of a given surface. The logic behind it may be simple enough – if it looks straight, it must be straight enough, right? Not necessarily. Determining the accurate alignment of a surface in contrast to just a rough estimate makes a world of difference in the realm of building. Improper alignment of surfaces may lead to major accidents or even go as far as to compromise the structural integrity of the whole construction.

An easy solution to this and similar problems is simply adding a spirit level tool to your arsenal of building instruments.

A spirit level often called a bubble level indicator or generally a level, is a simple instrument used to determine if a given surface is level and/or plumb. In other words, it can be used to gauge if the given surface is sufficiently straight (horizontal) and/or upright (vertical).

The tool’s traditional structure is comprised of a vial filled with spirit or alcohol (hence a spirit level tool) made of glass with a slight curvature that traps a bubble. The bubble naturally rests at the center of the glass and moves away even at slight inclines, indicating an uneven surface (hence a bubble level indicator).

Types of Spirit Levels Available at Moglix

There are different types of spirit levels depending on the type of material to be measured and the nature of its use. For example, a traditional Carpenter’s Level looks like a small, wide plank of wood with a bubble tube. In contrast, an Engineer’s Precision Level is usually a pre-calibrated digital system that allows for more accurate readings.

For more general use cases, a Torpedo Level is optimal, consisting of three vials grooved into a metal or plastic body. If the air bubbles are centered, the object being measured is level. If they are on the left or right side, the object is higher on the left or right side, respectively. These are affordable, allow swift measurements, and are perfect for measuring in tight spaces like those hard-to-reach household nooks and crannies.

What is the Use a Spirit Level Tool?

The stereotype for handymen on TV carrying around a bubble level indicator exists for a good reason – they are by far the most reliable instrument that can be used to make swift and precise decisions about a certain site for further building. Knowing whether a particular surface is completely flat and stable is crucial when planning any kind of construction above it. In many situations, inaccurate assumptions regarding the level of the base can deal with disastrous results.

Therefore, the spirit level tool is used more as a precautionary instrument than during the actual construction process. There are many unique spirit levels available to fit their various use cases, but it is widely agreed that one is always recommended when planning out construction above a site.

Buy Spirit Level Tools Online at Moglix

Moglix is a remarkable B2B e-commerce site that provides industrial, mechanical, and business-oriented products of admirable quality and to customer preference. Major brands, including Freemans and Taparia, offer precisely crafted spirit levels online on the Moglix website, just waiting to be delivered to your doorstep!

Frequently Asked Questions about Spirit Levels

How accurate is a spirit level?

The vials in a spirit level typically have a yellowish-green hue and additives for UV protection and optimum operation in temperatures between -20 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The most precise spirit level has a tolerance of plus or minus 0.5 millimeters/meter, or 0.005 inches/inch.

Why is spirit level fluid green?

The bubble edges reflect the green

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