Surgical Instruments

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Alis 11cm/4 inch Castraightoviejo Straight, A-GEN-273-11
Alis 15cm/6 inch Towel & Safty Clamps Mayo, A-GEN-863-15
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Morris with Ring Handle 2 inch, A-GEN-407-22
Forgesy GSS30 7 inch Stainless Steel Sharp Dressing Scissor
Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Deschamps Sharp Left Hand, A-GEN-108-20
Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Debakey-Allis, A-GEN-078-20
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Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Kocher Ochsner Curved, A-GEN-071-20
Alis 18cm/ 7 inch Duval, A-GEN-084-18
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Alis 26.5cm/10 1/2 inch Adson 3: 4: Teeth Blunt, A-GEN-491-26
Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Spancer Wells Straight, A-GEN-017-20
Alis 30cm/12 inch Deaver Md. 1 1/2 inch, A-GEN-428-30
Alis 15cm/6 inch Delicate Scissors Fine Patterns Kelly Straight, A-GEN-145-15
Forgesy 7 inch Stainless Steel Straight Tonsil Scissor, FORGESY102
Forgesy 6.5 inch Stainless Steel Hegar Needle Holder, FORGESY224 (Pack of 4)
Alis 15cm/ 6 inch Standard Curved Blunt+Blunt, A-GEN-130-15
Forgesy GSS71 9 inch Stainless Steel Veterinary Castration Clamp for Animals
Alis 13.5cm/5 1/4 inch Micro Forceps 0.3mm, A-GEN-254-13
Forgesy Stainless Steel Mosquito Hartman Mosquito Arterial Clamp, FORGESY257
Forgesy 4.5 inch Curved & Straight Iris Scissors, X62
Forgesy 9.5 inch German Steel Mayo Curved Scissor, FORGESY121
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Forgesy Carbon Steel Scalpel Surgical BP Handle with 10 Pcs Blades, SUNX19 (Pack of 2)
Alis 12cm/4 3/4 inch Atrauma Bulldog Clamps De-Bakey Straight, A-GEN-605-12
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Langenbeck 8x35mm, A-GEN-394-22
Alis 11cm/4 1/4 inch Stevens Vessel and Tendon Scissors Curved, A-GEN-158-11
Alis Finocchietto, A-GEN-484-01
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Alis 10.5cm/4 1/4 inch Scissors Mod. Usa Umbilical Scissors, A-GEN-185-10
Alis 25cm/ 10 inch Satinsky Tangenital Occlusion Vascular Clamp, A-GEN-613-25
Alis Gosset, A-GEN-480-01
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Alis 14.5cm/6 inch Metzenbaum Curved, A-GEN-312-14
Forgesy Stainless Steel Curved Hemostat Locking Clamp, X53 (Pack of 2)
Forgesy 4 Pcs Stainless Steel Utility Forceps Surgical Instruments Set, X1
Forgesy Stainless Steel Allis Tissue Forceps, FORGESY212 (Pack of 3)
Forgesy GSS36 8 inch Blunt Dressing Scissor
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Alis 18cm/ 7 inch Dissecting Scissors Mayo Straight, A-GEN-139-18
Alis 19.5cm/ 8 inch anderson-Adson 4: 4 Teeth Sharp, A-GEN-492-19
Forgesy 7 inch German Steel Curved Surgical Operating Scissors, FORGESY125
Alis 15cm/6 inch Nerv-Praparierschere Nerve Dissecting Scissors Curved, A-GEN-148-15
Alis 25cm/ 10 inch Russ. Modell, A-GEN-236-25
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Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Standard Curved Sharp+Blunt, A-GEN-131-20
Forgesy 4 Pcs Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments Set, FORGESY233