Best steam and dry irons brands available in India for smoother press

Best steam and dry irons brands available in India for smoother press

An iron press, also known as an clothing iron is an appliance used to remove creases from clothes. The iron press gets heated up which when pressed and moved over clothes leaves them smooth. Wearing crease free ironed clothes can definitely make you look groomed and put together. Right from the school days, we are taught to wear ironed uniforms and polished shoes. The purpose of this is to inculcate the idea of cleanliness and discipline in our personalities right from the start.

People who take time to iron their clothes give off the statement that they put efforts in their appearance and want to be taken seriously, it is a representation of professionalism and discipline. A lot of us send our clothes out to get ironed, which requires proper scheduling and money. A lot of people also like to iron their clothes at home or at least have one at home for emergencies. Whichever is your reason to get an iron press, one thing is clear that you need one!

So, if you are willing to buy an iron press but are unable to reach a conclusion due to confusion and lack of knowledge, we will help you to get to your purchase by giving you all the necessary information.

Types of Iron Press-

First of all let us look at all the types of iron present in the market.

  • Dry Iron-

The most basic kind of iron that is used widely is a dry iron press. It comes with basic features, like controlling the intensity of heat. These are lightweight and economical. These are best suited for households, where less ironing is required. Oftentimes a little water is needed to be sprinkled on clothes to get them moist. These are good at ironing thin materials like silk, but for thick materials like wool or jeans you will have to go over a number of times.

  • Steam Iron-

Steam iron comes with a small container that contains water which produces steam to moisten the cloth. This moisture helps in giving a smoother result and faster too! These are the best suited for commercial shops. Steam iron generally comes with many advanced features like automatic shut off and self cleansing. These can work effectively on any cloth type and hence, will righteously quote more dimes.

  • Portable Iron-

A portable iron, as the name suggests, is the one you can easily carry around and travel with. Portable iron can become a traveler's best friend. This can be of either type steam or dry and also has a cordless option available. Indeed a saviour for when bags have wrinkled your pretty clothes!

Top Sellers

Best Brand for Iron Press in India-

Now that you are well aware of the types of iron press available and also the key features to look for, you might still get confused when you will witness all the brands that can be seen on the shelf. So to take away this dilemma we will discuss some of the best brands in India.

  • Bajaj Press Iron-

Bajaj is an established name in the country when it comes to electrical appliances. Thus, their irons are also living up to the standards set. Bajaj press stays true to their motto Tension free ironing for wrinkle free clothes. They offer both steam and dry irons. Their irons come with ceramic coated soles. These heat quickly and consume less energy. The steam irons come with thermal protection. These also are equipped with a self cleaning option. Some of their best sellers are Bajaj Dx7 Neo 100W Blue Dry Iron and Bajaj Majesty 1000W Blue and White Dry Iron, DX11.

  • Maharaja Press Iron-

Maharaja Whiteline is India's second most renowned small appliance brand. It offers kitchen appliances, home appliances and garment appliances. Maharaja press is quite popular in the category of dry iron. These are low maintenance irons, which come in two variants 1000 W and 1200 W. These are lightweight and have a non-stick soleplate. These also come with adjustable temperature knobs and have attractive appearances. Maharaja press prices are quite affordable and are one of the best options for regular usage.

  • Usha Press Iron-

Usha is one of the most trusted brands in India, it has become a household name over the years. Usha products guarantee you of the quality at very reasonable prices. Usha press comes with three major options, dry iron press, steam iron press and steam station. Usha irons come with 360? Swivel Cord and non stick soleplate. These also come in a design that enables them to stand vertically easing the ironing experience. With so many options Usha has something for every use, commercial or household.

  • Havells Press Iron-

Havells is another one of India's beloved and trusted brands. They provide products in almost every category. Havells has iron options in dry iron and steam iron both. Havells press are stylish looking, lightweight and effective irons. These have features like auto shut off, ceramic coated soleplate, stealed steam generator and Teflon coating. If you have a very specific idea about what you need with advanced features, Havells will serve you best.

  • Philips Iron Press

Philips is a brand that established its feet in India with its classic radio box, since then it has diversified and come up with many useful appliances Philips iron press comes in both options dry and steam. These irons use OptimalTemp technology which eliminates the need of adjusting temperature. This technology also ensures no burning of clothes in any case. These also come with features like non stick soleplate, ceramic coated soleplate or American heritage soleplate. There are many features to shuffle between and you will surely find the one that suits you here.

  • Singer Iron Press-

Singer is a brand especially known for its sewing machine, but another one of its worthy products is its iron press. Singer iron press comes in both options- dry or steam. These are highly economical iron presses with some of the best features. These have features like adjustable thermostat, self cleansing, swivel cord, Teflon coated plate and so on. All these features being available at very low prices makes this brand highly popular among Indians.

Tips to buy the right Iron Press:

Now that you are aware of the major types of iron press, you must also enlighten yourself about some basic aspects that you should keep in mind while buying an iron.

  • Design-

Nowadays irons come in many shapes, sizes and materials. These are generally made of plastic body and a metal plate. Look for a press that is comfortable to hold. The handle should fit perfectly in your hand. It should also be properly insulated and be resistant to any kind of breakage.

  • Power-

Another important factor to look for is the power consumption. An iron with high wattage will get up heated fast and give better results. You need to decide whether you need a high power iron press or can do with less.

  • Soleplate-

Soleplate is the heating pad that is fixed underneath. A good iron press must have a wide area soleplate and a thin width which can get heated easily. Different metals also conduct heat differently, so that must also be kept in mind.

  • Temperature controls-

Do look for all the levels of temperature the iron comes with and the mechanism it uses to adjust between these, as this will really come in handy when you are ironing clothes of different materials.


This was all about iron presses that was a must have for anyone wanting to buy an iron press. Whichever brand you go for, make sure the model matches every requirement of yours and if possible also comes with a decent warranty, so that you can look your best for a long time..!