Get perfect wrinkle-free clothes every time with Pressing Iron

Get perfect wrinkle-free clothes every time with Pressing Iron

On the day of an important meeting the thing that you will need is a pair of ironed clothes. Well-ironed clothes not only make you aesthetically pleasing but also boost self-confidence. No one wishes to carry a messy look around, do they?

Pressing irons are one way you can get clean and wrinkle-free clothes anytime. Using an iron press not only provides a fresher look but also prevents shrinkage of the fabric. Ironing of clothes is an age-old task. Wearing ironed clothes is considered to be pure class and sophistication.

Well, then you must be wondering about the types and tips to keep in mind while purchasing a pressing iron. We are here to help you get the best iron press in your budget! Keep reading to find out. Before that lets take a quick look at the benefits of using pressing irons.

Uses Of Iron Press

  • Perfect wrinkle-free clothes every time. Daily ironing or pressing of clothes leaves you with neat and clean attire. Be it an important rendezvous or a casual meet. Everything feels good in a classic dressing. A nicely ironed shirt or blouse will provide you with the confidence to walk-in in style. Stay chic and sassy with ironed clothes.
  • Get those hard to remove chewing gums off your clothes. Yes, you heard that right. How many of you have suffered the pain of not being able to remove those sticky gums from your favorite outfits? Well, a pressing iron will help you get rid of it. Simply, place the cloth with chewing gum side down and then iron the fabric. It will be as good as new.
  • It also helps in designing clothes. If you are in a clothing profession and love to create your own clothing. Then you can create patterns like pleated skirts using pressing irons. Every time you sew a pleat, iron it with the pressing iron to get a neat clean look.
  • Electric irons have become more convenient than ever before. Long gone are the days when people used coal irons or charcoal irons. Now we have modern irons that heat up quickly and work efficiently. Be it a silk saree or a dainty shirt. You can get rid of wrinkles in no time.
  • Miscellaneous uses: Apparently, using iron for creating DIYs has become quite common. Be it grilling a bacon-wrapped in aluminium foil or creating other crafts. Irons are quite handy to fix most things. You can use them to press flowers between sheets effectively. The school project papers of your toddler might be a bit wrinkled. Iron them and they will be perfect.
  • Types Of Pressing Irons:

    Pressing irons have modified with passing time. Earlier they were difficult to use and needed huge amounts of charcoal to generate the heat. It also caused air pollution and was immensely risky. There were chances it would slip off from hands and cause severe burning injuries.

    But now we have electric irons. They generate heat from electricity and heat up within seconds. So, what are the types of pressing that can be used in day-to-day life? Do you need a heavy iron press or a small iron press would be enough? And what are the benefits of using a mini iron press?

    The heavy iron press was used back in the days. But because of its heavyweight, it becomes uneasy to use. Therefore, it is replaced by a small iron press. There are further types of the small iron press which we will see in a bit. A mini iron press is perfect for stitching clothes for dolls and toys. It heats up real quick and irons the finest wrinkles giving you crispiness in the edges.

    Clothing Iron

    This type of iron can be found in every household. It is small, easy to use, and has several modes that can be regulated using a dial on it. It is the most inexpensive and good to use model. It allows you to iron your clothes in those last-minute rushes real quick.

    Steam Iron

    Okay, so if you are tired of spraying water on your clothes to get a clean finish while ironing. Then let the steam iron do it for you. These types of irons have a small compartment to add in water. Once you start the iron it will start generating steam thereby, providing a clean ironing effect every time.

    Travelling Irons

    These irons are for those wanderlust souls! Or if your job demands you to constantly travel from one place to another. Then you will need a handy iron in case of emergencies. These irons are petite in design and work presumably well.

    Tips while buying a pressing iron:

    Well, before buying that best iron press let me tell you some basic things that need to be considered.


    Irons are usually made from plastic and iron. But you must consider their design and build as well. Iron should be comfortable in your hands when you are holding it. So before buying do check if you are comfy holding it. Otherwise, it would be extremely inconvenient to hold it and use it.


    The reason why we shifted from heavy iron press to small ones is simply because of the reduced weight in small iron press. A lightweight iron can easily rotate on the edges and give you a neat look. Lightweight irons are easy to use and give less load to arms. But being light they come with a drawback. You will need to apply pressure and force every time you are using them.

    Size of the heat plate

    Well, we often ignore the base of the iron. And that apparently is the most important thing to be considered while buying a pressing iron. The larger the area the greater is the heating effect and the nicer is the ironing done. Heat plates can be made from different materials like aluminium and ceramic. Aluminium soleplates generate heat quickly but get scratches after some years. Ceramic ones are better than aluminium. Stainless steel plates are the most durable ones.

    Water containers

    In the case of steam irons, check that the water containers are easy to fill. Also, look for the steam vents.

    Temperature controls

    Although most of the irons have these, make sure you still check it. The iron should have temperature modes for different types of fabrics.


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    Iron: FAQs

    Q. What is a pressing iron used for?

    A. It is a commonly found household appliance that is used to press the wrinkles out of clothes and make them look clean and smooth.

    Q. Which iron press is best?

    A. Havells, Philips, Bajaj, Usha, and Orpat are considered some of the most leading brands when it comes to choosing the best iron press for wrinkle free clothes.

    Q. Which is better steam or dry iron?

    A. Steam irons have a small water tube inside to produce steam while pressing onto the clothing. This makes the entire process effective and quick when compared to dry ironing. However, there is always a risk of water spilling out and leading to electric shocks with steam irons. On the other hand, dry irons are considered safe to use.

    Q. Which iron box consumes less electricity?

    A. Philips Classic 750W Dry Iron is regarded as one of the best and high performance iron boxes. It consumes less power and has a uniform heating panel to evenly distribute the heat and produce smooth and wrinkle free clothes.