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Meet Araldite That Holds Your Bonding Tight

Gone are the days where toxic adhesives and resins were used, by which lifelong hassle is coming along with those dangerous toxins and serious ill effects on health and the environment. Now meet the Araldite, which offers a versatile range of products that are completely toxin-free and eco-friendly. Whether it be any industry including marine, rail, heavy vehicles, wind energy, aerospace, green energy & general industrial applications, or whether it be any type of surface including plywood, wood, laminates, veneers, MDF, particleboard, blockboard, stone, rubber, metal, ceramic, glass, concrete, and most plastics, Araldite Adhesive Core Range Products will cover all your major bonding needs by 80%.

Araldite is one of the advanced materials product lines from Huntsman International LLC, a safe, straightforward, and streamlined bonding solution. With its special limited and well-tested multi-purpose products with epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane technologies, this maximizes your flexibility with minimized special stock, which can simplify your product selection and simplify your procurement process, thereby ultimately saving you valuable time and energy.

Flexible Options Available According To Your Needs

Whether you need an adhesive with super-strong bonds, a hardener that is toxic-free or a resin that is eco friendly, or a strong binding agent to mix in mortars, Araldite has it all. For even more specific tasks, huntsman offers 200 other speciality adhesives only crated for you. Let us look into various options in bonding agents they offer with diversified applications.

Araldite Adhesives And Their Numerous Uses And Benefits

Be it any industry or any surface; this has got your back with high-performance non-toxic adhesives. These adhesives will top the list for tight and longevity bonding along with extreme resistance to weathering and dynamic bonding.

  • Their numerous uses and benefits are as follows:

  • Their colourless, odorless and transparent adhesive gives you the aesthetic finish to all your DIY needs.

  • The medium viscosity and solvent-free properties ensure every time the same rock-solid strong bond.

  • These adhesives can be used on various surfaces, including glass, ceramic, jewelry, metals, marble, granite, and other stones.

  • You can literally bond anything to anything and experience lifelong durable bonds.

  • The additional adhesive features, including waterproofing, heat resistance, versatility, and chemical resistance, will ensure the surfaces are corrosion-free and everlasting.

Araldite Hardeners & Resin And Their Various Advantages

For larger DIY projects and industrial usage, these hardeners and resin can be used for even stronger bonds than adhesives. For increasing the resilience of the mixture, the hardener can be used. For epoxy resin to be cured properly, mixing both the resin and hardener together prompts a chemical reaction for transforming them into a solid.

The unlimited advantages are as follows:

  • Their waterproof and anti-bubble feature with advanced high grab builds strong bonding within just 2 hours of setting time.

  • These are non-toxic, odourless with no pungent smell, and come with 20% more coverage area in advanced blue colour.

  • For good clarity & clear cut aesthetics, these can be used on artificial jewelry, handicrafts, glass furniture, etc.

  • Their additional advantages include curing underwater and in high humidity and being suitable for underwater marine repair.

  • These are suitable for all kinds of wood and provide a firm grip across all materials, from hot press to cold press.

  • This can also be used across various industries and complexes, including schools, offices, hotels, etc.

Araldite Mortars And Directions To Use them

Mortar can be defined as a bonding agent used between bricks, concrete blocks, and other masonry materials. This mortar can also be a thick paste made from mixing cement, water, sand, and some bonding agent, which increases the flexibility, adhesion, and compressive strength of the fine paste of mortar.

For Adhesives and Synthetic Resin, the directions to use are as follows:

  • Firstly, roughen, dry, and degrease the surfaces to be bonded.

  • Squeeze out the required amount of adhesive.

  • Mix thoroughly until desired consistency is reached.

  • Apply a thin layer on both surfaces.

  • Clamp joints overnight or keep them under pressure for 2-4 hours as needed.

  • And lastly, the important thing to be taken care of is to use the mix within 45 minutes from opening.

  • Shut the container tightly to avoid skin formation for further use.

For Epoxy Hardener & Resin, the directions to use are as follows:

  • Firstly, roughen, dry, and degrease surfaces to be bonded.

  • Pour out equal amounts by volume from both containers of hardener & resin.

  • Mix them thoroughly.

  • Then, apply a thin layer on both surfaces.

  • Clamp joints for 2 hours.

  • And finally, the super-strong bonding is created between materials which last for a lifelong period.

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