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Create an Unbreakable and Everlasting Bond with Fevicol

Recalling the good golden days when we were kids and used Fevicol for working with DIY science projects where creative juices are overflown to be at the top of science fair and parents usually borrowed this glue by referring to it as “Fevicol” from their kids for office work to stick paper to paper. This is the kind of strong bond created by this company in the millions of people’s hearts and earned their trust. Later, there are various products offered besides the famous white glue. Fevicol is one of the famous brands of Pidilite, which offers a wide range of products, including glues, adhesives, joineries, woodwork adhesives, and many more products. Not only by households but also by carpenters and woodworkers, this famous brand kept its reliability.


Launched in 1954, it initially started as a company that manufactures pigment emulsions used in textile printing. Later on, in 1959, the Parekh brothers came up with this brand with a unique and bold move. Its famous engaging TV advertisements, which are witty and humorous with real-life scenarios and creative product innovations, created the 50 years strong bond of trust by winning 1 billion hearts. Their products range from adhesives useful in Flooring & Footwear to Foam & Upholstery.


Flexible Options Available With a Wide Range of Variety

Whether you want a speedX glue or Anti-Bubble waterproof adhesive, a heatproof adhesive, or glue in spray form, Fevicol has it all. Let us look into the various products available in different sizes crafted with premium quality and reliability.


1. Fevicol Glue And Its Unlimited Uses And Benefits

For fixing the broken things with this glue and creating a bond in a quick, easy, and comfortable way with even spreadability and economical in the long run with the budget-friendly option, this is the go-to brand without any second thought.


Their major unlimited uses and benefits are as follows:


  • Their multipurpose glue with efficient heat resistance and with no benzene can be used in flooring and footwear.
  • The water-based glue with non-inflammable features makes things easy and safe for both the health and the environment.
  • Their no residue feature ensures the glue to be used till the very last drop.
  • Their additional benefits like better productivity, less wastage, and low cost per unit bring high bonding strength and coverage.
  • They are also known as white glue in blue and white packaging, which comes in better design for fuss-free usage.

2. Fevicol Adhesives And Their Real-Life Applications

Be it Rubber Based Adhesive or Resin Based Adhesive; whether it’s Waterproof Or Heatproof, which can be used in bonding from chairs, sofa to the modular kitchen, these features are only achievable in this brand which is durable and quick.


  • Their invisible glue line with high heat and moisture resistance enables the adhesive to be applicator friendly and eco-friendly.
  • The waterproof feature keeps the furniture strong enough even if soaked in water for 48 hours, and the heatproof feature can withhold the temperature from 140 to 160 degrees Celsius.
  • The latest Nano Magnet Technology brings down the settling time to 2 hours by enabling quick-dry and use.
  • Their variations in these products enable various users to use this, including carpenters, PVC users, woodworkers, households, and various industries.
  • Due to their high grab and use of sustainable materials, this ultimately increases the life of the furniture and other kitchen shutters.
  • Their foam fix feature makes soft foam and keeps the shape intact with no stains due to its pale yellow colour.
  • These adhesives can be used in laminated doors, solid wood furniture, PVC membrane doors, and industrial applications.

3. Fevicol Wood Work Preservatives and Their Ultimate Features

Various chemicals are used for wood preservatives to prevent the wood from decaying, especially by fungi or insects. However, to keep the wood bonding strong and tight, this calls for The Ultimate Wood Work Preservative, which is the adhesive type and offers a super-strong bond. Here this has got your back with easy application and high coverage suitable for all climatic conditions.


  • This can be used for bonding plywood, wood, particleboard, hardboard, laminates, veneers, etc.
  • Also applicable in various industries including furniture, pencil manufacturing, paper tube, wallpaper, sports products, paper labeling, etc.
  • Their water-resistance feature enables the use of this in water-prone areas, including bathroom, kitchen, and wall units, and water resistance can be up to 5 days.
  • Their anti-bubble feature reduces the chance of bubble formation and acts as a best-in-class water-resistant.
  • Their heat resistant feature enables a quick bonding time of 10-15 minutes and does not require masking tape, clamping, nailing, or bonding pressure.
  • Their proband feature is highly compatible with PVC and acrylic materials and has resistance against rapidly changing climatic conditions.
  • These features make this time-saving and highly productive with years of longevity.

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