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Fevicol: The Ultimate Adhesives

The company was started in the year 1963 and the manufacturing plant was set up in Kondivita named Fevicol. After some years, it became a generic household name in the white glue category. Then in 1970, they had been introduced as a consumer brand and instead of selling it to the stores, they started selling it to the consumers. Soon, they became popular in their simple blue and white packaging.

Fevicol has become a household name today and has become synonymous with adhesives. The brand has introduced many innovative products that have helped in transforming the way carpentry trade operates in India.

In the beginning, the company started small with a single factory and a simple product – Fevicol. This was a white synthetic resin adhesive that was very helpful to the carpenters and woodworkers. Today, they have a range of products for various applications in the woodworking and carpentry space.

Features of Fevicol Brand

Fevicol is a very popular name in the adhesives industry and from carpenters & woodworkers to people in homes use this product. Due to the trustworthy performance and quality, the product became a reliable name in the industry.

The adhesive is made with high-quality materials and with the latest technology. The company has a particular team that ensures the quality and reliability of the product. It has been manufactured with innovation in the form of Fevicol – path-breaking synthetic white resin adhesive. The product remains the first choice of carpenters and then re-launched it in an innovative ‘tube-pack’ to reach end consumers. Today it is integral to every household in India and will be providing new variants of Fevicol to suit our diverse markets in India and abroad.

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