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15 HP Submersible Pumps

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15 hp Submersible Pumps: Cost And Energy Efficient

A submersible pump (also known as a sub-pump or an electric submersible pump ESP) is a fully enclosed motor linked to the pump body. The entire system is submerged in the pumped fluid. The main benefit of this type of pump is that it eliminates pump cavitation, which is a problem caused by a significant elevation difference between the pump and the fluid surface.

Submersible pumps, as opposed to jet pumps, which generate a vacuum and rely on atmospheric pressure, push fluid to the surface. Submersibles are deployed in heavy oil applications using hot water as the motive fluid. Fifteen hp submersible machines are an ideal choice when you are looking for an efficient motor. These pumps are suitable for 6-inch Borewell. These pumps are known for their durability and high performance.

Brands Offering The Best 15 hp Submersible Pumps

These submersible motors can be employed for various applications, including construction sites, tranches, mines, power stations, water supplies, flooded cellars, etc. Some of the top brands offering these submersible pumps are:

Lubi submersible pump: Lubi pumps present sustainable, sturdy, and intelligent pumping solutions with over 50 years of unmatchable experience and expertise for industrial applications across the spectrum.

They provide pumping solutions from more than 5000 different models of pumps that can be customized in raw materials or designed based on the field application.

  • -->Lubi offers 15 hp submersible pumps in various stages, including four stages to 24 stages and further.

  • --> Fifteen hp submersible pump bore size is usually 150 mm.

  • --> Lubi, these submersible pumps cost around 60k to 1.05 lakhs differing with different models. It is pretty reasonable.

Wilo submersible pump: The Wilo Group is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing pumps and pump systems for the building services, water management, and industrial markets. They have evolved from a hidden champion to a public and connected champion over the last decade. Wilo now employs roughly 8,000 people around the world.

Their creative solutions, innovative products, and customized services transfer water-smart, efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions. Wilo specializes in 15HP Water Filled Borewell Submersible Pumpsets.

  • --> The discharge range varies around 0-1250 pm or 0-2100 pm.

  • --> The power rating is quite feasible, which is around11 kW, varying slightly from model to model.

  • --> The number of phases is usually 3 in these pump sets.

  • --> The price range starts from 85k to 1.02 lakhs.

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) submersible pump: Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a pump manufacturer that develops and manufactures fluid management systems. KBL is the flagship company of the $2.5 billion Kirloskar Group, founded in 1888 and incorporated in 1920. KBL, the fluid management industry leader, provides fluid management solutions for large infrastructure projects in power plants, water supply, irrigation, gas & oil, and marine & defence. The product descriptions for KBL are as follows:

  • --> KBL offers both horizontal and vertical 15 hp submersible pumps

  • --> All models are usually three-phased.

  • --> The price ranges from 52k to 63k for KBL15 hp submersible pumps.

Some Advantages Of 15 hp Submersible Pump

Cost-Effective: Huge savings in electrical consumption. These pumps are more efficient, high-performing, and feasible than other electric pumps. They last longer and also help in saving energy and money.

Durable: Capability to withstand wide voltage fluctuations. These pumps are less likely to get damaged in the case of voltage fluctuations. They are safer and much easy to handle.

Energy Efficient: Non-overloading power characteristics protect the motor. The inbuilt feature of non-overloading power characteristics protects the motor from potential threats. It is safer and saves a lot of energy. It can be used with less electricity also.

CED Coating cast iron components long life & rust-free: These pumps are usually made up of cast iron components that are durable and rust-resistant, which increases the life of the pump.

Buy High-Quality 15 hp submersible pumps Online

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