Everything to know about Chimney Set up, Installation And Repair

Everything to know about Chimney Set up, Installation And Repair

If you adore cooking then you are surely used to the aroma of spices and flavors of all kinds! Cooking a perfect meal isn't as easy as it may seem though. Correct selection and chopping of veggies and meat, combining them together along with perfectly blended spices to create a decadent and mouthwatering delicacy.

And if you are a baker you probably know how to play with those dry and wet ingredients separately. And then combine them together in order to be baked in perfect proportions. Then top it off with some cream and choco pieces and oh the heavenly taste!

Well, these things sound easy and fun. But how often do we care about all the streams coming from your pans and those radiations coming out of your ovens? I bet almost none of the time. But why worry folks? Here is a guide for the most perfect chimney installation and service. Check it out..!

Why go for chimney service?

Now many of you might be thinking about why you should opt for chimney services? Why not settle with the regular ventilation in your kitchen areas? What's the harm in not getting a chimney fitting into your cooking areas? Let me answer all of your whys!

The number 1 reason why I would suggest you get a chimney installation done is to keep the surrounding air clean and fresh. Imagine guests coming to your house only to smell those strong spices right from your kitchen! That feels a bit annoying you see. Getting a chimney will suck all the aroma and steam coming out of your pans. Thus, allowing clean air to flow in your kitchen.

Secondly, getting a chimney fitting will prevent you from sneezing and wheezing due to the spicy chilies and sweet cinnamon. As they often get inhaled in our respiratory tracts while cooking. A chimney service will make the cooking process a bit more comfortable and refreshing.

Furthermore, a chimney has powerful motors that suck in all the soot particles. Thereby, preventing the tiles and walls of your kitchen from blackening. Trust me we all know the pain of removing those tough black stains that are next to impossible when it comes to eliminating them.

Some chimneys also come with lights that are pre-installed in them. These lights are a better way of looking into your pans with more precision. As they are at right angles to your cooking area they provide maximum lighting. Thus, you can work effectively every time.

Aesthetically, getting a chimney installation changes the looks of a plain boring kitchen to a modern and sleek one. Who doesn't want their homes to look beautiful and pleasing? Get yourself a nice and powerful chimney set up so that you can get a clean and healthy kitchen.

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Types of kitchen chimney:

The types of kitchen chimneys can be classified on the basis of two categories. The type of material and the pattern of the chimney. Chimneys on the basis of type of material used for the filter are as follows:

  • Mesh Filter:

These are the chimneys with filters made from aluminium or stainless steel. The filters have a mesh-like pattern which allows the air and smoke to pass. But the soot particles. As far as the noise is considered, it isn't very noisy. However, you will need to clean it properly once a month.

  • Baffle Filter:

These filters are made from stainless steel and have curved panels. These curves allow easy catching of the soot particles, oil, and grease in the atmosphere. It is apt for Indian kitchens and is easy to maintain. Chimney cleaning is also not much of a problem in these chimneys. Also, the sound or the noise is much less as compared to mesh chimneys. As far as price and durability are concerned both are high. The durability of these chimneys is unbeatable and hence, the costs are high as well.

  • Carbon Filter:

These filters are made of charcoal slates. Charcoal is a natural adsorbent, and hence adsorbs all the particles from smoke generated in the kitchen. It can easily adsorb oil and grease particles as well. It is surely suitable for Indian kitchens and yet the drawback remains the same. It is a bit noisy as compared to the baffle filters. But it comes with a bonus point, that is you don't need to clean it! However, you will have to replace them after every 3 to 4 months. Plus they are expensive.

Based on the type of kitchen the patterns of chimneys available are as follows:

  • Wall mount chimney:

The wall mount chimneys are located or fitted against the wall and above the cooktop. These are designed for traditional Indian kitchens where the gas stoves are usually located near the walls and windows.

  • Island chimney:

These types of chimneys are directly attached to the ceiling. They can be attached against the wall, above the cooking area, and over the hob as well. The island chimney basically hangs from the ceiling.

  • Built-in Chimney:

These chimneys are made and built when you make the furniture in the kitchen areas. These chimneys are placed inside the wooden furniture and they won't be visible from outside. They look sleek and minimal.

  • Corner chimney:

These chimneys as the name suggests are located on the corner of the cooking platform. It is best for those corner L-shaped cooktops. However, these are still rare in India because we follow the traditional cooktops more frequently.

Features to consider before chimney installation:

There are certain things you must keep in mind before buying a chimney. Wanna know what are they? They are listed below.

  • Chimney Sweep Area:

    Chimney sweep area is the amount of area that the chimney will work on. It is measured in a meter cube per hour. An ideal chimney should have a sweep area between 400m3/hr to 1000m3/hr.

  • Chimney Filter Design:

    As discussed above, the chimney filters are equally important as well. These play the most important part in sucking in all of the impurities. Pick a filter that suits your kitchen the best.

  • Chimney Size:

    Chimney size depends on the size of the cooktop. Normally, they are available in a range of 2-3 ft. But you must consider the length of your stove first.

  • Chimney repair and maintenance:

    Chimney repair and maintenance might be sturdy tasks but they need to be done. Look for ones with the least maintenance.


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